Not All Rogues Are Evil

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Chapter 7


I woke up the next day in a comfy bed for a change. I looked around and I was confused at first until I remembered yesterday's events. Helping Millie, running from the pack, getting ambushed, finding my mate etc. I was angry at myself for not trying to escape fast enough but, I couldn't let that both me right now since I needed to get the hell out of this pack.

I got out of bed and then I got changed out of Matthew's clothes that he lent to me last night. The outfit that picked for today is a navy blue jumper, a black hoodie, grey jeans, combat boots, black fingerless woolly gloves and brown combat boots. I looked in the mirror and I brushed my hair until it didn't look like a bird's nest anymore and then I put on my beanie.

I rummaged through my rucksack to make sure I had everything I needed before leaving the pack. The only items that I need is more scent concealer, food for the road and a first aid kit. I'll need to ask Matthew if he can provide me with these things before I leave. Aurora was whimpering sadly when she heard me say that.

"Don't start, wolf. You already know that our so-called mate doesn't want us."

"I can't help it. Why can't his human side not want us? what have we done to deserve this kind of treatment?"

"Duh, it's the rumours and the stories about rogue wolves raiding other packs and the Alphas and Lunas don't care about our reasons for turning into one in the first place."

Aurora whimpered again before curling into a ball and I had a feeling she was going to be in a sulk for a while. I picked up my ruck sack and then I headed down the stairs to find Matthew sitting at the table with two plates of food for us.

"Oh, Good morning, Riley. Leaving already? don't you want some breakfast?" Matthew asked me before I glanced at the food.

Matthew made some pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs and toast. I glanced at the food and even though it looks tasty, I wasn't going to fall for that old trick.

"Uh, no thanks, I'm not hungry. I need to get a few things before leaving," I told him but, my stomach had other ideas.

Matthew and I heard a very loud grumble from my stomach. I blushed and I looked away from him when he started laughing.

"Oh come on, kid. You need to eat something. You can't leave the pack on an empty stomach besides, when was the last time you had a decent meal?"

"I always find ways to have a decent meal without having anyone to cook for me."


"I don't want to sound rude after putting up with me for the night but, how do I know you haven't put wolfsbane or some other drug to knock me out?"

Matthew looked shocked when I asked him this and then he said to me.

"Hey! whoa there, why on earth would I want to do that?"

"I'm a rogue remember? I have met a few of them when I was out there living in the woods. They told me what they went through when they got captured by people like you. You use wolfsbane to knock them out or hurt them even more while they're still in chains that are made from silver. If you think I'm going to eat food with you and let you do the same to me, forget it."

Matthew was surprised when I told him this before I adjusted my rucksack.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'm out of here."

"Wait! don't go!" Matthew shouted before he got in front of me. "You can't leave, Roman needs you."

"Yeah right, your so called Alpha doesn't need me. He made that perfectly clear yesterday. Why should I stick around and wait for him to change his mind? He's not going to change his mind about me and there is no way he's going to listen to you or his wolf."

Matthew didn't know what to say when I told him this. I opened the front door and I left his home to get the supplies that I need from the shops without having to steal anything this time.


I was shocked and surprised at Riley when she told me she heard about the things we did to rogues. I tried to stop her from leaving when I told her that Roman needs her but, it looks like she's just as stubborn as he is. I've got to do something to stop her from leaving because everyone knows that if a werewolf finds his or her mate they will become inseparable. If they distance themselves from each other it's going to be painful for them and their wolves will start pining for one another.

"We've got to do something," Jacob spoke up.

"I know but, what can we do? Both Riley and Roman are not going to listen to reason. Plus, Roman hates rogues and he doesn't want Riley around."

"I have an idea, why don't you tell Riley that she can stay a bit longer."

"She doesn't want to join us, Jacob."

"I know but, think about it. Depending how long she's been a rogue for, it's going to get hard for her to look for a job so, if she hasn't had any education maybe she can attend school here."

"Jacob, you're a genius!"

Jacob wolf grinned at me before I followed after Riley. I followed her scent and she was at the local shops. I watched her observe her surroundings before she picks up a bottle of scent concealer and then she hides it inside of her jacket pocket. I clicked my tounge at her before she jumped in fright.

"Don't you know that shoplifting is bad?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Riley spoke with a frown before I reached into the pocket where she hid the bottle and then I held it up.

"Ugh, okay fine so I have some bad habits. What are you going to do about it? lock me up?"

"No, of course not. Riley, have you thought about maybe sticking around a bit longer?" I asked her before she frowned and glared at me.

"No way. We agreed that I would stay for one night and that was it."

"I know but, if you leave won't you be worried about the other packs? I mean, you got lucky this time but, if come across another pack you won't be."

"So what's your point?" She asked me in annoyed tone.

"My point is, if you want to find a place to live without having to steal or go through someone's bins then you should at least try and a job."

"How can I? I have no education or grades for that matter. I was born and raised as a rogue and I had to get some help with my reading and writing from some fellow rogues."

I wasn't surprised when she said this.

"I figured as much so, that's why I propose a new deal. You can attend school here, get the grades that you need and once you graduate, you can do whatever you want."

"How do I know you're not making this up?" Riley asked me.

"I'm not besides, you're young Riley and with the right lessons in school you can stick around here and look for work or go elsewhere. Think about it, if you earn money instead of pickpocketing from someone then you'll be able to sleep where that's not a hard floor or on the ground where insects can get into your sleeping bag."


Matthew does have some good points there but, I still couldn't trust him or this pack of his.

"Aurora, what do you think about this?"

"I have to agree with him. If we try and head into Florida with enough money, the pack won't care for our reason there unless it was for a job interview. I think you should take up on his offer at least that way you'll have an education. You didn't get that when Mom raised us in the wild."

"All right but, I'm still a little distrustful around this guy and the rest of the pack mates. I think it's for the best we kept our distance from them. The last thing I need is unwanted attention."

Aurora nodded her head in agreement before I snapped out of my thoughts. I looked at Matthew and I told him.

"All right, I'll stick around a little longer but, it's only until I get some good grades but don't expect me to get along with any of the packmates."

"Fine by me, I'll get you sorted out for school meanwhile, you can go and get some new clothes instead of those rags."

"Hey, for your information, they're charity shop clothes."

"Whatever. Here, use the money this card to buy new clothes and some school supplies. Don't even think about running off with it. I've got two of my men following you since the Alpha doesn't trust you," Matthew warned me as he gave me his bank card.

Once Matthew left the store, I headed over to the clothing stores to see what they have for sale. As I searched through the tops, someone tapped my shoulder and then I grabbed their hand before pinning it behind their back.

"Ow! ow! ow! easy!!" The woman with brown hair shouted in pain.

I looked at her and she looked similar to Matthew except she has grey eyes and brown-blonde hair.

"Who are you?" I spoke with a frown.

"I'm Lisa, Matthew's sister. Now can you let go of me please?"

I released Lisa and then she shook her hand a little after I held onto her wrist so tightly.

"Sheesh, that's quite the grip you have there."

"Well, when you're out in the wilderness you can't let your guard down."

"I guess that's understandable since you're a..." Lisa stopped right there.

"Whatever. Anyway, why are you following me? I thought Matthew told me he was sending two of his men to follow me."

"He was going to but, when Matthew told you were going shopping, I figured I'd tag along with you so we can burn hole in that credit card of his."

I rolled my eyes and mumbled.

"Ugh, she-wolves and their money spending ways..."

"What was that?" Lisa asked me.


I told her before I continued to look for some clothes to wear. I picked up a top that's dark purple along with some elbow length fingerless gloves.

"Hey what do you think about this?"

Lisa asked me as she showed me a mini skirt which disgusted me. She was surprised when I turned down that choice for bottoms.

"What is up with you? you should try and find something to wear that will get your mate's attention."

"No thanks, I'm not one of those she-wolves who wears revealing outfits. I hate skirts."

Lisa was shocked by my statement as I continued to look at jeans and shoes section.

"Okay, well can't you at least pick something else that will get your mate's attention?"

"Shut up!!" I yelled angrily which scared Lisa. "I don't care about that man and he doesn't care about me! now drop the subject!"

"Okay..." Lisa told me before mumbling. "Loner.."

I shrugged it off since I much preferred to be alone. I don't need my mate, I don't need friends and I don't anyone to look out for me. I look out for myself and no one else.

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