Not All Rogues Are Evil

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Chapter 8


"You did what?!" Roman shouted angrily after I explained to him about Riley staying a bit longer to attend school.

"How could you allow that Rogue to stay here and attend school without my authorization?!"

"I'm sorry Roman but, as your friend had to do this. Riley was born rogue and she has no education. How do you expect her to survive out there with no grades, no experience and no job?"

"I don't care, she's a rogue!" Roman argued.

"She's also your mate!" I argued back.

"No she's not. Lindsey is my mate and she'll be the Luna of this pack. Not some street rat."

I was shocked when he called Riley that name. I shook my head at him with a frown and I asked him.

"What happened to you? you used to dream of meeting your one true mate before Lindsey came along. So why have you turned into this heartless Alpha who hates the one she-wolf who is meant to be with you?"

"I turned into this heartless Alpha after rogues attacked our home. They murdered some my pack members including children and they near killed my mother. My father had every right to hate them so why shouldn't I?"

I frowned when he said this and then I decided to provoke him.

"You know what? Riley was right about you and all the other Alphas. You jumped to conclusions about her kind without even asking them why they decided to turn rogue or the reason why they didn't want to join a pack. If you ask me, you don't even deserve her. She would have made a better Luna than Lindsey anyway."

I told him before I turned around to leave the office. However, I didn't get very far. I heard Roman growl before he grabbed me by the shoulder and then he punches me in the face. I groaned in pain when he did this and then he shouted at me.

"Don't you EVER say that about your future Luna!!"

I didn't say anything when he yelled angrily and I knew that I had made him mad.

"Your little Rogue can attend school but, if I find out that she's a spy or a traitor to this pack, then I will lock her in the dungeons and beat her senseless."

"Understood," I mumbled before I left the office while clutching my face.


Lisa and I got back to Matthew's place with our shopping bags. I bought some new clothes, school supplies, accessories and some scent concealer to hide my scent. Lisa was still walking on eggshells around me after I told her not to talk about my so-called mate since we were not on speaking terms and we hate each other's guts.

"So...what subjects do you want to do at school?" Lisa asked me as she drove the car back to Matthew's place.

"..." I didn't say anything as I looked at my new Samsung phone.

"Not much of a talker are you?"

"..." Again, I didn't answer her as I downloaded a new app onto my phone.

Lisa sighed in defeat after we finally reached Matthew's place. I left the car and then I grabbed my shopping bags before heading upstairs to my room. I dumped my stuff onto the bed and then I heard the front door open and shut. I headed down stairs and I saw Matthew and he looked like he had been in a fight.

"Bro! what happened to you?!" Lisa shouted in a shocked tone as we watched Matthew get an ice pack and then he places it on his eye.

"The Alpha wasn't in the best of moods I can tell you that."

"Oh boy, what happened?" I asked him as I folded my arms.

"I told Roman about you going to school and he was not happy that I didn't get his permission but, it doesn't matter. I'm his second in command and you're also my guest here as well."

"But doesn't explain why you got his in the face," Lisa pointed out before Matthew sighed in defeat.

"I tried to convince him to change his mind about Lindsey becoming his Luna because he found his mate but, he was having none of it. I ended up provoking him and to make matters worse...I may have said something about Riley being a better Luna than Lindsey."

"What?!" I shouted furiously.

"Sorry, I had to change his mind about rogues so he could be a little nicer but, no matter what I say he won't listen. In the end, he agreed to let Riley to go to school but, he also said that if he finds out that she's working for an evil pack or for any other rogues for that matter...well."

"He'll treat me like every other rogue that he has come across or in worse case, he'll kill me," I finished his sentence in an emotionless tone.

Matthew nodded his head while Lisa looked shocked, horrified and angry.

"Why that no-good-bullying-Alpha!! what the hell is his problem?! doesn't he realise that he can't survive without his true mate?!"

"I tried telling him that but, as I said, he's a stubborn fool that won't listen to reason or even realise that he needs Riley at his side."

"No he doesn't," I spoke bluntly with a frown making Matthew and Lisa look at me with shocked expressions.

"He doesn't want me and he had made that perfectly clear. Also, I don't want him either. I never asked for a mate in the first place and as for this Lindsey, she's welcomed to him. I don't care."

"How can you say that?! the Moon Goddess paired you two for a reason!"

"That's simple, to make a joke out of it. If she thinks that prick and I were meant to be then she's wrong. I didn't need him when I was out there in the wild and I don't need him now," I spoke with a frown.

"You can't be alone forever, Riley. Sooner or later, the two of you will realise that you can't live without each other. Being away from your true mate hurts."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," I mumbled before I headed back to my room.


After Riley left, Lisa growled in annoyance and she then said to me.

"Riley and Roman are so stubborn!! First he said that he doesn't want her because she's a rogue and now she's saying that she doesn't need him! why can't they see that they're destined to be together?!"

"They will realise in time but, I don't blame Riley for not wanting to be anywhere near him. Think about it, she's been a feral wolf her whole life without anybody to look out for her aside from fellow rogues. What can do to make her see that she needs her mate?"

Lisa didn't say anything when I asked her this because even she has no idea how we're going to get those two stubborn wolves to see that they were meant to be together.


The next morning, I was going to start my first day at school. I was excited because I couldn't wait to get started with my classes but, I told myself not to get too close to anyone especially that annoying Alpha. Aurora couldn't wait either because she would be able to meet some new wolves as well but, I told her that I had to keep her a secret because...well, I did mention that my wolf special and Mum made me promise to never shift in front of anyone unless it was necessary.

The outfit that I chose for today's lessons consist of a black beanie, a dark purple top, a black jacket that has elbow length sleeves, grey fingerless gloves, denim grey jeans and combat boots. I picked up the scent concealer and I sprayed it all over me so the other pack members won't smell my rogue scent.

I fixed the beanie on my head before I grabbed my shoulder bag before putting in some of my school supplies which are notebooks, my pencil case and my sketchbook. I picked my phone and I plugged in my headphones before placing them over my neck.

I headed down stairs and I went into the kitchen to make myself some breakfast since I didn't trust Matthew and his cooking. I know I've been living here for two days now but, I still don't trust him. I made myself some scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. I sat down at the table before Matthew came down the stairs and he said to me.

"Morning Riley, excited for your first day?"

"Kind of. I am happy that I'm going to school but, I'm also worried about the other pack members. There's a high chance I might get harassed by one or maybe more of them."

"Don't worry, as long as you keep your head down and not causing trouble, you'll be fine," Matthew sniffed the air and he asked me. "I can't smell your scent. Did you use the scent concealer again?"

"Yeah, I figured it was easier to keep it hidden from the pack members. No scent, less hassle."

Matthew looked impressed before he went into the kitchen to get some breakfast. After I finished eating my food, I grabbed my bag and then Matthew said to me.

"Hold it! here some money to buy lunch."

Matthew gave me some money for lunch and then I left the house while hoping that I won't get harassed on my first day.

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