Not All Rogues Are Evil

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Chapter 9


Today was the day that I start school. I know some people would think that a rouge like would be brainless or stupid but, when I was still living in the streets/forest I met a few rouges who used to be teachers before they were kicked out of their pack they taught me a few things like Maths, chemistry and they also taught me how to read and write.

I’m also self-taught in art so that used to be another way for me to make money until I ran out of paper and pencils. Since I couldn’t create any more artworks to sell on the streets, some rouges taught me how to steal, fight and a few tricks to escape from the pack warriors who were chasing me.

Aside from that, now that I’m finally starting school it might be weird at first but, I hope things will be okay because the last thing I need is unwanted attention from those pack members of the Dawnguard pack.

My outfit for today consists of a grey beanie, a matching scarf, a black leather jacket that has elbow length sleeves, fingerless gloves, a dark purple t-shirt, dark blue denim jeans and brown combat boots.

I looked at myself in the mirror one last time before I adjusted my beanie and then I headed downstairs. Matthew had already made breakfast for us and then he smiled at me.

“Morning Riley. Excited for your first day?”

“You make it sound like I’m a little kid or something,” I spoke with a frown before sitting down on the seat.

“Oh come on, don’t be like that. You should be happy that you’re finally going to a school that’s filled with werewolves.”

I smiled a little and then I said to him.

“I am but, I’m not exactly welcomed here, remember? Roman hates me and that includes his pack. There’s a high chance that I might get my head kicked in for not only being the new girl but, also for being a rouge.”

Matthew shrugged his shoulders and then we tucked into our meal. Thankfully it wasn’t poisoned but, I didn’t say it out loud to Matthew. I took my empty plate and I cleaned it up before grabbing my black shoulder back that contains my notebooks, my pencil case, sketchbook and my phone.

“I’m out of here,” I told Matthew.

“Hold it, I made this for your lunch.”

Matthew told me as he gave me a packed lunch box. I thanked him before I headed to school. Once I got there, I could feel the glares from the pack members but, I ignored them after I put on my headphones and I played my music from my phone. I kept my head held high as I grabbed my class schedule and I headed to my first class of the day, Modern Languages.

This class teaches us how to speak French, German and Italian. I was surprised that Matthew signed me up for this class but, at least this was something new for me to learn. I have met a few foreign werewolves and they taught me and Mom how to talk in their language.

I got to the classroom and then I sat in the back of the room next to the window so I wouldn’t get pestered on my first day. While waiting for the class to start, I decided to draw for a while. I drew a wolf standing on the edge of a cliff and it was howling at the moon.

“Look who decided to join us for class,” one of the pack warriors spoke but I ignored him.

“Heh, why the Alpha decided to let her into our pack and in our school I will never know.”

“What a freak.”

“Rogues don’t belong here.”

“Disgusting, filthy creatures.”

I continued to ignore their little insults because I have heard them all before and they don’t even affect me in the slightest. They can even try and poke me like a lion in a cage but, I refuse to snap at them just to be their little entertainment. I will show them that even rogues like me can remain calm and smarter than them.

The bell rang and then our class started.

“Bonjour Class,” A woman in her 30s with brown hair and red glasses came into the classroom.

“Bonjour Madmoselle,” The class replied back.

“Before we start today’s lesson, we have a new student joining us today. Miss Riley Brooks?”

I stood up from my seat and I spoke up.

“Here Miss.”

“Welcome to your first day. My name is Mrs Dexton and I teach French, Italian and Spanish.”

C’est un plaisir de vous rencontrer, Madame (It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ma’am)” I spoke with a smile.

The students were shocked and surprised that I suddenly spoke French. Mrs Dexton looked impressed when she heard me.

Impressionant. Tu connais le français? (Impressive. You know French?)

Oui, mais seulement un peu. (Yes, but only a little),” I told her before switching to Spanish.

“También hablo un poco de español. (I also speak a little bit of Spanish too).”

¡Asombroso! Definitivamente será una inspiración para los otros estudiantes, Srta. Brooks. (Amazing! you’re definitely going to be an inspiration to the other students, Miss Brooks)", Mrs Dexton spoke in a happy tone.

"Grazie insegnante. (Thank you, Teacher)," I spoke in Italian which took her and the other students by surprise.

I was about to sit back down until I noticed that my chair was missing. I stood up straight again and then I pulled my chair back into its position making the guy next to me groan in annoyance.

"Nice try, Idiota (Idiot)," I told him with a frown.

"What did you just call me?"

"That's enough. Class is now in session," Mrs Dexton told us.

The class went silent as the teacher started her lesson. I learned new phrases in French and Spanish today. I could feel the jealous stares from the other students since I was a fast learner. A few hours later, the bell rang and I was about to leave the classroom until the teacher called for me.

"Miss Brooks."

"Yes, ma'am?" I asked her.

"I was impressed with your work today. I was wondering, how would you feel about taking advanced lessons?"

"Advanced?" I asked in a surprised tone.

"Yeah, after seeing most of your work I don't think you should be taking some of the basic classes. You have already learned most of the phrases so why not try the advanced classes."

I smiled when she suggested this to me and I nodded my head.

"Thank you so much. Of course, I'll take the lessons."

"Okay then. I'll send ask one of the teachers to see if they will take you into one of their lessons tomorrow and then we'll see what happens."

"Thank you again," I told her before leaving the room.

I stepped into the hallway and I headed to my next lesson which was chemistry. I was looking forward to this because I have one or two tricks up my sleeve when it comes to chemistry.

I got to my class and just like in my language class, I sat in the back of the classroom so no one can bother me. However, that little moment was short lived as someone sat down beside me. I glanced and there was a raven haired girl with sapphire eyes and she was wearing a tank top, denim shorts and converse shoes.

"I know about you, rogue," She spoke in a disgusted tone.

"Stay away from the Alpha, he's mine."

"If you're worried about that, then there's no need. I'm not interested in that guy. I'm a lone wolf type and I don't need him or anyone else for that matter."

The raven haired girl looked at me surprised and she asked me.

"Seriously? you're not going to fight for him?"

"Why should I? he's not my type and like I said, I'm a lone wolf," I told her with a frown before I got my notebook and then the teacher came into the room to start the lesson.

Our lesson was to make a chemical reaction based on the ingredients that were placed on the table. Some of the students had some success but, the others weren't doing so well. The girl next to me managed to make the liquid change colour so it looked like alcoholic drinks like red wine.

"Impressive Lindsey," The teacher spoke with a smile.

"Thank you, see if you can beat that rouge."

I ignored her as I added some powder and then I picked up the beaker that's filled with the liquid that I made earlier before pouring it into the glass. Suddenly the foam shot up from the bottom of the glass and then fireworks came out of the foam.

"Whoa!" The teacher shouted in a shocked tone.

"A little chemistry trick that an ex-professor taught me when I was still living in the streets. It's used for display purposes and cheering kids up."

"Amazing. You're very talented Miss Brooks," Mr Smith spoke with a grin.

The raven haired girl glared at me while some of the other students looked impressed. After chemistry was over, the raven haired girl shoved me against the lockers and she looked angrily.

"Listen Rogue! if you think that you're going to be miss-hot-shot around here then you're dead wrong! I am going to be the luna of this pack and I'm going to make sure you suffer!"

"Why?" I asked her in an emotionless tone while the onlookers watched us and I think they were expecting us to fight.

"Why? why?! you're goddamn rogue that's why! your kind don't belong here and like I said, I'm going to make sure everyone knows that."

"Go ahead, taunt me, insult me, beat the crap out of me and everyone else involved, I don't care. I've been there and done that including some of my friends and other fellow rouges. I already knew what I was walking into and if you think I'm going to snap so that your Alpha has an excuse to throw me out then go ahead and try but, I'm telling you now, it won't work."

The raven haired girl looked at me with a shocked look before she released me. The onlookers were surprised by my statement as I walked away from her. I bet those guys weren't expecting me to be so calm in a conflict with a pack member. Well, they're about to get even more surprised once they finally learn that not all rogues are evil.

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