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Hi there! This is my first story on here. But huh I don't know how much i like this app yet so I wrote a little story here I hope you like what I have so far. Huh I write about really love and romance things also I do have suicidal thing but I always leave a disclaimer before it so if you don't like that type of suff you can skip it. Huh please do leave comments but be nice to me and each other. You can call me M or Rae. If you do like what i have let me know and I'll continue on this app and with new stories Oh if you have any ideas please do let me know! Ok sorry have fun reading, Reader!

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

The sun sets down I'm on my back porch sitting just looking around and smelling the fresh air blow around me. And not only a few minutes go by and the moon us up. I move my hand up in front of me I look at my the palm of my hand and see a blue fire come from it. I take my hand and wave it neatly and calmly to the left side of me. The blue fire slowly but beautifully morphed into a beautiful young lady dacing around. And another girl appeared and the two girls started dacing and laughing together the laughing was fadded almost in the distance but you still could hear it. Tears start to form until I heard a " Raven!" I jump from hearing this I trun my head and see my older brother Josh looking at me. I smile " S- Sorry Josh." I smile and walk inside.

" Go to bed sis you have school tomorrow." He says I nond my head and leave to my room and shut the door. I lay in my bed and close my eyes drifting off to sleep.

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