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This is a submission to a game and I want critique and more outcomes for each multiple choice and ways to make this more creative

Fantasy / Children
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Chapter 1

After wishing on the fountain, a glimmer catches your eye. After following the glimmer, you notice the glimmer was from a little box tied with a metallic golden ribbon with hearts sitting on a bench. You open the box to notice that there are sparkly heart hoop earrings inside. Wondering how such a nice gift for Valentines Day could be forgotten, you decide to….

A.Search for the owner of the earrings

B.Sell the earrings

C.Keep the earrings

D.Leave the earrings there

A1 (Loose diamonds)

You decide to find the owner of earrings since the earrings seemed to cost a ton of diamonds! Walking up and down the pavement of divinia park, you ask everyone in sight. Only to find that the earrings had not belonged to a single person you asked. Frustrated, you sit down on a bench and take a nap out of exhaustion. When you wake up, you realize that the earrings and some of the diamonds from your pocket have disappeared!

A2 (Gain XP)

Feeling bad to leave such an intricate gift sitting on the bench, you are determined to figure out who the owner is. You decide to ask Butler Demetrius since he was the first one in your sight. You ask Butler Demetrius if it was his gift to which he replies with, “Oh, it couldn’t possibly be mine. None of the Butlers talk to me and I don’t really have any friends to give that magnificent gift to”. With sympathy for Butler Demetrius, you offer to be his friend because that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, which he graciously accepts. Although You didn’t find the owner of the earrings, you earn XP for teaching someone what Valentine’s Day is all about!

B1 (Gain Diamonds)

Seeing how detailed these earrings are, you decide to not pass up the opportunity to make some profit off of the earrings. You head to earth to sell the earrings. You are a little disappointed to see that not many people were too interested in the value you were asking for and others didn’t have enough diamonds leftover because of their Valentine’s Day shopping. You finally decided to lower the price and a sweet woman named Kateka gives a large bag of diamonds for your earrings.

B2 (Nothing)

You eventually decide to sell your earrings to get the most benefit of your new find. With hopes to sell the valuable for bags of diamonds you head to the trading hub. When you arrive you feel confident that you will be able to sell your earrings since you only see people selling teddy bears and chocolate. After finally setting up your stand, someone else comes in and is selling the exact same earrings as yours but at a cheaper price! All the buyers end up going to their stand leaving you with no more or less diamonds than you had from before.

C1 (Gain XP)

Looking at the earrings you imagine all the outfits you could make with so you end up keeping them. You then start to get ready for Royale Luna’s Valentines Day party! When you finish getting ready you feel something is missing. You realize that the new earrings you found would be the perfect match with the rest of your outfit. Arriving at the party, you get a lot of compliments from the guests and even some of the butlers. You also gain XP for winning best dressed at the party for the night!

C2 (Loose Diamonds)

You end up keeping the earrings thinking “Finder keepers, losers weepers”. You walk away staring at the sparkly earrings in awe. All of a sudden a random arrow appears in front of your feet. You look to see that it came from a cupid! The cupid flies down to exclaim “How could you steal someone else’s Valentines Day gift! That’s not very traditional for this holiday!” You apologize to the cupid and quickly return the earrings to him. He says “ In order to keep silent and not make the head cupid cast a curse on you, I will need some diamonds please.” Unwillingly, you give the Cupid the rest of the diamonds in your pocket and walk away feeling guilty you would do such a thingy

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