Eternal From Birth

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A girl who was adopted wanted to learn the truth about her biological parents. Selene the main Character was ready to find who killed her mother only to learn a family secret. From her biological side. She has two fathers. Zane and Jack. Kasey is her mother who she thought was died. Turns out she was wrong. Her mother is a witch meaning Selene has her moms qualities as with any parent. With Selene having two fathers one being a vampire and the other a werewolf she is made of three supernatural qualities. Which she just learned about. P.S. Knew at writing to just bare with me. Thanks

Fantasy / Mystery
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The Start of Everything

As the branches from the trees slap across my face. I feel each sting. The sting not only from the branches, but from that of the wind. The bitter winters down here are unbelievable at times.

What was I thinking? Walking the woods alone at night. Now my heart is racing and I have no clue which way I need to head next. A fear just suddenly came over me.

As I franticly look around to explore my options I catch a glimpse of him in the moon light. His light blonde hair shimmers like nothing I ever seen. His blue eyes are iced over. However, as soon as I see him, his gone.

Maybe my panic state of mind is playing tricks. So now I'm worse in a hurry then I was to get of the woods. I'm clearly going crazy. Somehow I managed to run straight into the pond that is dead center in the woods.

However, I am not alone. I see two man. One the blonde hair blue eye mystery guy. As for the other, his tan dark eyes, dark hair muscled tone.

"I thought you agreed to stay away from here man," said the blue eye guy.

"Zane you knew I had to come back. For her. To see if she's still alive. To see if she's safe. After all we both love her and thought she was dead." said the tan man to Zane.

"Jake I know but trust me she is safe on my land."

"Why do you get to keep her all to yourself? Why can't we allow Kacey to decide for her self?"

Next think I noticed was the men eyes where changing. Zane the blue eye guy had red eyes and the dark eyed man Jack eyes changed to gold.

Jacks whole body begin to shift. Fur covering him. Intoxicating him. Black just pure black is all I could see from him.

Zane his teeth begin to grow. And here I am stuck in the middle. What am I going to do? How did I end up in the middle of this chaos.

"Hey men! Grow a pair and stop fighting please! Your gonna scare the poor lad!" A lady that resembled me down from the freckles on her face to the dark skin. The only differences we're our eyes. Hers was brown and mine they where fragments of blue and red with a dust of brown around the eyes.

Strange eyes. That is what some would call. The tellers eyes. You know I am different apparently by just looking in them. However I was raised to be an ordinary human with a few expectations of running into the supernatural world due to my eyes.

Whoever the lady was managed to get the men to form back into there regular forms. As bad as this sounds apart of me still thinks I'm going crazy. I've seen it all and have heard quite a bit. In my younger days I tried explaining the things I saw to my parents. However, that just got me in an instution. The people there they where nice. However, I knew I had seen the real world. Not just one form of the dimison. I seen all. The places where fairies hide. Vampires come out to play. And yet I'm labeled as crazy when I talk on it. So I gave up and accept that I am crazy but refuse to talk to anyone on the subject. Expect for when I can see them.

"Who are you talking about Kacey?" asked Jack.

"The young lady over there. Can you not smell her presence? She smells as if she is human however, a part of her smalls like a part of eternity almost immortal. I don't know what she is. But she is indeed here.

"You mean that wasn't you we where arguing about the girl has your looks, however the only difference is her eyes. They a have three colors in the them. Blue, red, with a bit of brown. Interesting." Stated Zane.

As I look closer all three are eye-balling me. However Kacey, She is as pale as a ghost. A mirror imagine of myself almost. She has a touch of sadness in her. And at that moment. I know, I know in my bones that we are all indeed connected.

The men take a slower time to realize the bond that is there. The thing about why they couldn't hear me when walking up like vampires, or werewolves should be able to. The men don't realize the instant connection and contrast me and Kacey. Have. In this moment I'm in utter most shock the lady in front of me with these man, she is my mother.

The mother I once had thought passed. The one I was trying to avenge her murder. I was taught that two strong men where the cause of her death and these men are those I am for sure. The ones who I am supposed to kill.

A while back someone sent me a letter, the one I hold in my pocket. With a sketch of these men.


Dear Selene, I understand that you have been in and out of Instution well it is time for you to begin your training. You see the men in these photo, well you see, they caused the death of your birth mother Kasey. Kasey she was a furious woman with so much spit fire running through her you couldn't tell. She is a witch who can control all five elements which my dear, that means you have her qualities'. If you find these men can you end them? Your the only one who can bring justice to our family. I'm sorry I couldn't raise you myself. Your grand father is getting old my dear. Witches and warlocks we are meant to live and we are meant to die. If you run across your mothers spirit, give her my best wishes.

Love Grandpa, Gene.

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