Eternal From Birth

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God. I must be still in dream land. Sisters? How could that crazy slut be my sister? And how can I fix her? Do I want to know the lady? Yes and No. Those are my answers. Man how do I tell Dan this. And better yet what about Kacey? Does she deserve to know?

"We can kill her." Daisy said. Then whack with that damn crow bar. Is she that spiteful she hates me? And what for? A man who doesn't want her? Honestly the pour girl takes after her father. Now my question though is whose older? Me or her? And if me how did my mother manage to hide this from her crazy ex lover?

Man exhaustion has taken over. I feel weak and my eyes still refuse to open. I have had so much shit thrown at me lately. I am so confused. Ugh. Dan help wake me up!Dan...

I can hear her screams. Her pleading for me to wake her up. However, I just can't. I try and then she shuts me out. The doctor said it is just shock taking over her mind right now. They did the rape test so we could get the DNA on who touched her. We couldn't get much on the head injury. We could only assumed who touched her did this as well. Doctor told me she is pregnant as well. We don't know if it is mine or from the rape. However, I will be here no matter what she decides. To keep it or to not. That is on her. I will support her either way it goes. We just have to make it through this ordeal. Man I want to kill those bastards. Every last one of them. I can feel her. Why didn't the moon goddess let me look and find her in time? My child for goddess sake could have been endanger. I can feel her stir.


Great where am I? I can feel monitors hooked up to me. And I can feel someones' presences next me. Wait not one, but two. I can feel the heart beat growing inside of me. From my lover. But I can not tell who this person is. I can't imagine him and I can't see him. I haven't slept with anyone willingly as far as I am concerned. Below my waste hurts. I know this feeling all too well. I also can smell the room thick with bleach and this cold room. I know which type I'm in. Flash back after flash back hits. I'm the girl standing in the corner of the room, barley dressed. "We have a shy one here?" someone asked. Laughing at me. Looking me up and down. Then pain. Tears. No coming back from this. "Take her to go get checked. And tell them we caught her with the other one over there. They refuse to do test that way." The other said. Little did they know this time the doctor did just that. This was my escape.

"Ugh!" I shouted out in pain. I can't remember much. Just Daisy. A sister I never knew I had. Crazy little thing.

"Daisy? Why me? Sister?" I started mumbling as soon as I woke up. Great now I am getting a crazy look from a stranger who I can feel but don't recall meeting him. He looks nice though blonde hair blue and silver eyes. Great why am I thinking this about a man. I never let anyone get close to me. I put my hand awkwardly on my neck. "Do I know you," I asked. And when I feel it. I realize this guy is not human. "How dare you touch me? How dare you do this to me? I....I. Did you touch me with out permission?" I ask. Thinking why would the doctor let a man in that did this to me. Knowing they wouldn't. But why am I here? And why can I feel him?

He looked at me with such sad eyes. "You do not remember me? I am your mate. My name is Dan." He said. Slowly members begin to flood back about the ceremony. And also when we where at his pack house the first time and how I might Daisy. Great the slut. Then the memory of being whacked in the face by crazy and the Eric mumbling stop. How did I get out? Eric probably.

"Have you seen Eric or Daisy?" I asked. Dan looked at me like I was crazy. Like he had seen a ghost. "Daisy should be long gone. I banned her from being on our territory when she tried coming on to me right after I felt you being raped." He said with just a tone that made his whole body flinch. "As for Eric he brought you here. Said he found you. While you where unconscious so you shouldn't have been able to remember him unless you where awake." Dan informed me.

Dan said his good byes for a while considering the nurse was about ready to drag him out kicking and screaming for asking a girl who just pretty much woke up from a coma. I been out for what felt like days. However in reality it had been three months. My body was sore. I hurt all over. I felt betrayed. And all I could think about was sister. A sister I never knew I had. Great what is wrong with me. Feeling empathy for the girl who was ready to take me out.

The doctor stated it was best for me to stay in the hospital until I gave birth. Seeing these white walls where driving me crazy. I have never liked the hospitals due to my past. Dan and the nurse where trying there best to make me comfortable. I finally told Dan the story about my kidnapping. He seemed shocked finding out Daisy was my sister. However, we agreed I would stay in hiding until our twins where born. Twins. Two girls. Dan is going to let me decide Daisy fate. I haven't given it much thought yet.

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