Eternal From Birth

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Day and Night

My pregnancy has been pretty normal a few scares here and there. However, I have been stuck in the hospital for protection. It is kind of starting to feel like a prison. Finally though the nurse decided I could walk around the garden center. It is still indoors. However, it is in the center of the building with lights and trees. The lights are from the open sky. This has been my happy place for a few weeks. The babies are going to be here any day now. Dan is excited. I am just ready to go home. I will be stuck here one more week. To monitor to make sure the kids are fine. And I am supposed to keep doing my therapy for my emotions due to the pregnancy and past trauma the doctor believes I may suffer a depression that most woman get when giving birth. Lovely. It is night but it is day. I can feel both know. Which is cool but pretty strange. As I lay on the cool ground I feel the breeze pick up. Man I am glad they have a place where I can feel nature again. This is my happy place. As I close my eyes I drip off in sleep. The nurses normally want me back by a certain time. However, I always get lost in my mind here. They always find me though. "It's time. Your destiny is about to kick into high gear. The twins they are coming and coming now!" "Wake up!" I hear. It sounds almost like two different voices. Man.


I decided to go check on Selene. She has been off for days. In and out of a dream like state. Her days and nights have been all over the place. Sometimes she sleeps during the day all day long, other times she sleeps at night. We have been all over the place during full moon nights she has stayed in human form but during the full moon nights during the day that is when she shifts. I don't think she has realized how her body has reacted. We couldn't bring ourselves to discuss it. Or at least I haven't. Seeing her like this in a daze and not shifting is new. This has been going on for months, with her being able to shift. But now, now she can't. She is flinching in and out of this reality. "Wake up! Wake up now!" I keep screaming. The doctors racing in and pushing me out. "Hurry Hurry! We have to get her to the labor room and get her to the room now!" says a doctor shoving me out the way. As soon as my hand stops touching her hand all I felt was cold and I feel alone.


Great I can feel my body being up lifted on this damn thing again. "Hello Hello? Can anyone hear me?" I ask. Knowing my mouth was unable to move. Great I am in a dark place. "Help!"

"Calm down my child. It is time. Rest! You will meet your day and your night. You will meet your joy but for right now you need your rest.." Said a familiar voice in the distance. Back to the darkness with a sunshine of light in the end. I feel joy tugging at me. I am holding not one but two little buddle of joys in my hand. I begin to cry. This feels so real. However, it can't can it? Once again I am dragged back down into my darkest days. "She suffered a lot of damaged. She will be lucky by a miracle to carry any kids. They destroyed her organs when they took advantage of her," the doctor said. "No this can't be? How can this happen? Why didn't they take proper care of her and how come no one knew what was going on?" Asked a woman from a distance. At first I thought it was my adoptive mother but when I turned the corner to see, it was Kacey who was asking the questions. She looked very upset and even in tears. "I'm sorry my child. I'm sorry. I can not interfer not emotionally anyways. I will try to take some of your pain away and get you a new home. I am sorry I couldn't protect you," she said in tears.

Wow she came and visited me here. And protected me from a far. I couldn't even remember this part of my life. But wait kids. I can't have any? That doesn't seem right. I am pregnant I think? Maybe not? "Wake up!" A screeching pain passes right through me with this annoying yelling I double over in pain. Blood gushing between my legs. 'Ugh!" I realize I am no longer on the ground but in a hospital bed. What the hell is going on? "Her water just broke! Get the meds now! And hook her up to the IV and get extra blood incase she looses to much." The doctor yells. I look over and I see Dan with blood shot eyes. I must have scared the shit out of him or something is wrong for him to look this way. He looks like he hasn't slept in days. How long have I been out for? "What's going on I ask?" My own voice sounding weak and fragile even to me. As soon as Dan heard my voice he was about to run straight over but someone managed to slam him down before he could speak. "She has been out for a week! We have to make sure she is fine before you come near her." Someone said. At first I thought we had been captured again however when I looked at Dan he just seemed relieved and worried but not angry. I knew we where safe. "Push! Push!" What felt like hours of tears, sweat and pushing each one of my daughters was out. They where like Day and Night. One had blonde hair and light color eyes. The other Dark hair and dark eyes. Luna is the name of my night child. While Sunna is the name of my day child.

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