Eternal From Birth

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The Realization to the Letter

The letter and the thought that holds near and dear to my heart and soul. Why did my grandfather want me to kill my mother and my fathers. Did he know we are all three connected. Did he know it would almost be impossible for me?

I turn and I run. Out of the woods for now. Hopefully for good. I had so many questions. Unanswered. Like why could the other two not feel my presence but my mother Kasey she could. I'm I going worse crazy then I thought? Why did my grandfather not tell me the men they where at least werewolves and vampires. I was going into this blind.

Why am I supposed to kill them? Why do I have all three eye colors? My hair is dark brown like Jacks and my Skin is light pale like Zane. My skin face is shaped like my mothers.

Tears stream down my face. What I night and to make matters worse is no one followed me. To make sure I am fine. I am sure Kasey is doing damage control to let the men know a part of what happened.

Broken that is how I feel. Finally in the comfort of my home, I allow the tears to come on down. They refuse to stop. Is there hope for me this time? I found them. Not just one! Not just two! But three parents! How could they all abandon me?

When I was adopted and had to worry about the men coming in and out at night trying to have their drunken fun with me. Some night I could fight them off. Other nights I would scream out in pain. But each time no one would come.

Did they know about the torcher I went through? How could they not? After all my mother is supposed to be a powerful witch! Tears stream down my face as I took my head between my legs on the bathroom floor. Will these nightmares ever escape my mind?

I try to pull myself up and snap out of it. Tomorrow is my first day back to the real world. You know where supernaturals don't exist. I am going to college and hopefully get my degree but I can't focus when all I feel and see around me is negativity.

Normally when I go to bed, I take the letter from my pocket. Only to realize that I lost it. I assume it is lost in the woods. So it is lost for good...


Dreams they invade my night from the people in the woods. My mother, and both fathers. Questions are surrounding them each. I watch Kacey closes as the dream picks off where we eventually left off.

Kacey spots the note they fell out of my hand as I was running with tears on my face. I spot a hint of sadness around her. However, she quickly folds the paper back in her pockets to go speak with the men.

"Who was she and why did she look so familiar and she felt safe." said Zane.

"Yes her eyes they looked like all three of ours," said Jack.

Kacey just kept looking over her shoulder looking as if she wanted to explain to them what happened. But didn't know how. She looked panic and pale. I couldn't decide if it was from the note or my presence that set it off.

"In due time you guys will learn the truth. Just stop fighting amongst y'alls self. An old prophecy I'm afraid is going to be fulfilled real soon. Which I was hoping for but just not this way. Please leave in peace.

As she held tighter to the note she clenched I could hear the men lashing out in anger among her.

"Kasey I do not want to hurt you but we must know what this is about. You know something we don't tell us. Please I beg you. You know neither one of us could hurt you, begged Jack.

"We must go and go now!" Kasey tried yelling.

Her voice was suddenly cute off. A think layer of darkness engulfed her.

"You must run and protect her my dears," she got through to the dark shadow to tell them.

You must let them watch you until you truly know how strong you are Selene. My child. My daughter. Do not let them know until the time is right.

You are more powerful then you know my dear! Ugh! Darkness darkness is all around that is all I feel right now.

Beep Beep Beep!

I wake to the sound of my alarms beeping so many questions race through my mind. But who am I? That is the main question. Who am I? Why me?

I hurry through the crowd to get to school. I'm an early bird nerd. I hate being late. As I'm rushing through the crowd, body slams hard against another, but we are no longer in our school.

Trees form around us making a heart shape with leaves spiraling down. Where are we? Great more questions! And who did I slam in to?

Standing in front of me now is this guy with amazing freckles blonde hair and blue eyes with a hint of silver. Dreamy.

"Are you real," I ask

"Yes my name is Dan," he says.

Well great I have more questions again. Like how is this even possible. Why are we near what looks like a wedding tree? And as I'm looking down I realize my clothes are not the same. I am indeed in a wedding dress. What the hell is going on here?

"I see you two have finally meet, now yall's souls are eternally connected. You to are in great danger and have to help the other one out." Said a lady a purple robe.

Great I'm officially crazy!

"I can not get married! Do you know what I have been through in the last twenty-four hours!" I stated.

"Of course I do. I know all and see all!

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