Eternal From Birth

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Unseen Marriage

"My name is Ann. And I am here and I am there. I see it all. I've seen both of y'alls meeting with y'alls own parents. You both are unique but equal. And yet y'all are the same. You are both made with unique powers. With equal abilities. But the Gods have chosen y'all in an eternity of marriage as long as you both may live." she said.

"Ok lady you are crazy? What God would force a marriage upon people who have never met? Who know nothing about each others life?" I asked.

Not that I didn't find the man in front of me attractive. I highly did. It's just that I have been through enough shit this past year. And yet this mans eyes' was piercing to say the least. The blue and the silver mixing together with each other dancing. Almost like the flames in a burning candle. I can not deny my attraction with him.

Ann looked at both Dan and I with a questionable look. "Do y'all not feel the constant attraction between the both of y'all? Do you not wonder why you both have an automatic attraction between each other?

I looked at Dan and I could feel his presence here and now and I know she was speaking the truth but in this moment I was just so confused. What is the whole truth about Kacey, Jack, Zane, the letter from Grandpa Gene, and now Dan.

Ann at least seems to be speaking the truth on Dan. I mean what else am I supposed to do under these circumstances?

"Um lady I can feel the attraction but don't you think the normal think between marriage is getting to know each other I don't know maybe for more then a year as friends then date each other?" asked Dan.

Ann looked like she was indeed deep in thought...

"As soon as you two decide to move on with this holy reunion created by the Gods then y'all can both leave. And also live the life almost the way you want to with a few exceptions." Ann stated.

"Great what type of exceptions?" Asked Dan.

"Yeah like what?" I chimed in.

She looked to the right of the trees, and up at the sky almost like she was waiting for an answer to give. Or maybe a blessing.

"You see wither you both want to admit it or not you two are both in danger. Of course that danger lays closely then you would think. I understand you both have had traumatic events when it comes to your foster/adoptive parents. And I under that you may not trust people that easily. However, the Gods chose you because of your past, but also you have promising future a head of you. You will find answers about your own parents. However, those answers could lead you into danger. You need each other. And when you guys are connected in the Holy reunion then you guys can feel each other when you too are in trouble. This is a unique bond you see because you will be able to feel when the trouble is near. Now if you use the other abilities to grow closer your magic and bond will be magnified. By how much I do not know." Ann stated.

Great I don't know if I was honestly believing her words at this point or if Dan was believing it but we began to go a head with the program as one would say. I honestly don't want to see some go through as much pain as I did. But, I also don't want to know someone is going to struggle and if I can help I will.

"Do you Dan take Selene to be your betroved? Do you hope to help her in times of trouble? To come whenever she calls? And to give her your strength whenever she is weak?" Asked Ann.

"I do." Said Dan.

"Do you Selene to Dan to be your betroved? Do you hope to help him in times of trouble? To come whenever she calls? And give her your strength whenever she is weak?" Asked Ann.

"I do." I said

"Great with this holy matrimony I give you guys these heart shaped tattoos with a key attached to it. If one of you are in trouble then you answer to the others call. Now if something goes wrong. Which is almost impossible you both die." Said Ann.

Apparently I missed that during her speech.

"What do you mean if one dies we both die?" yelped Dan.

"What do you mean almost impossible?" I asked.

Considering everything must live and die. Well expect Gods. However those are rear now days because no one is pure and naturally made unto a God any more. You either have to be chosen specifically which is mostly unheard of. However, the other way is less likely to naturally be born a God. Almost impossible in it's on sense.

"With due time you both will learn who you truly are. And in the mean time y'all will have each other to lean on. Now it is time for y'alls to descend back to Earth. And find each other again this time physically. Fair warning. Y'all would have each other attractive either way it goes however with this bond it may make it stronger. And this is also the first time in over a thousand years this bond has been preformed. Also the first time of y'alls specific speices being created without default so I do not know how things will work out. Just looks brighter in y'alls cause. Good luck with your new journey." Ann said.

Great with that a loud thud and our bones cracking. Ugh what the hell was that? Where am I? All I see is blackness. How long was we gone for? All I can smell is woods, pines, and the smell of a sweet smell near me.

I can feel and hear his heart beat. We are no longer on top of one another but beside each other. The moon is light up. So now I can see the man, or should I say the wolf in front of me. White hair so huge and to the average eyes he would be dangerous. To me his my other half. My whole.

Damn I never knew I was a wolf. So I don't know how to shift. He's going to think he has a weak partner in all this mess. He lifts his nostrils up to meet mine. And before I know it I look in his eyes. We are the same height.

Um. Something is not right. But in this moment it feels perfect. I look down, and I see my own paws.

"First shift," He ask?

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