Eternal From Birth

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First Shift

Unbelievable. I couldn't tell that I had shifted till just now. My world of hurt, with going through those years in facilities to be classified as crazy mentally ill. And yet in this moment I am here. To be something that I was called crazy for. Beaten and broken.

Its my happy spot. When I can forget about the other world. It would be easy to stay like this forever. How could I have not known about this life until know. Magic I felt that in my blood. However, not like this. This was new. This was life.

Dan slowed down by the little pond. Full round circle in the center of the pond calling to me. Calling to us for us to slip in and dance and swim in the center of her eye. Almost like the calling of someone's heart calling. This is my life. Our life. Has he always known this side of him?

"You never knew this part of you until now?" he asked.

"No I never knew it existed." I said speechless.

Staring at him in the moonlight his hair dancing with the breeze. White all around like snow. Then I look at my reflection standing their in the breeze. Black. Black like the night. Our reflections dancing with one another. Man I never knew this life was for me.

My thoughts begin to wonder. How will I be able to kill my fathers? Will I be able to after learning more about myself and about them? What does the moon goddess want with our reunion? And taking a look at our wolf more closely engraved in a beautiful mark is our tattoo of a key and a heart one of each on our fur. Close to our heart.

Word can not express how I feel in this moment. Dan suddenly leaps in the pond with a big splash. Egging me on. So I follow. Man this is life. We swim and we laugh. Amazing. I have missed this my entire life. My wolf is clearly attracted to him. However, I show control. I am in control.

"I'm shocked a first shifter and you can handle your urges. You must come from a powerful blood line he says."

Well he can clearly read my mind.

"No. Well, I don't know. I only met my mother and fathers once. I knew my mother was a powerful witch. But I only found out recently that I take after all three of my parents. One being a Vampire, the other a Werewolf, and well my mother the Witch. I only just met them the night before." I explained. Now feeling exhausted.

"Wait the rumors we're true about a tribrid? I'm only a Hybrid. And I can not believe I got lucky to be partnered with a strong individual who not only has relations to a powerful witch, but the oldest of Vampires one of the originals and an original witch, and the original werewolf. You would be the most powerful, immortal creature alive if its true." Dan said all excited.

Great am I going to miss being normal again. A grandpa who wants me to kill two of my parents who are immortal apparently. Then apparently myself from an original original who is immortal as well. What about the foster homes and adoption systems I went through? How many people are in those facilities that need the supernatural world. Can I break them out? Can they be good allies? And what about this theory about Gods? I mean it can't be that far fetched since my parents are all immortal. But if they aren't Gods then why would God want to have a goddess or god made of impure race?

"Yes, I'm a tribrid. However, I'm not sure about my history or the story behind my family. All I know is my grandpa wrote me a letter stating that he wants me to kill my fathers. Expect he left out the fact they are my father. Until I ran across them in the woods, talking to Kacey my mother. Then that is when I learned the truth. I believe the guys are still close. However, I could feel my mother learned the truth." I stated.

"Well I wouldn't be shocked about why your grandpa wants your fathers dead. After all, your fathers made your moms life a bit difficult. However she choose love. And in your moms love triangle story some put her at fault for being a temptress and putting the man under a spell. Others, will argue one of the man had their own blackmail to keep your mother in love with them. No one truly knows what happened. We all heard they had passed and was dead due to the love that tore them apart." Dan stated.

But what I saw that night, no one hated each other. They respected each other. Both men seemed in love with the women even at first they thought the woman was me. I could hear them arguing from the distance. But once mother got close they seemed fine. Respected her. I did not feel fear from any of them. Only love. Like they would do any thing for each other.

"What I felt in the woods that night, no one was under a spell. They respected each other. They loved each other." I stated.

Great now I need to find out the truth under this.

"Ugh!" Bones began to break again! We swim will our bones break. And Dan is shocked I can move during the pain. We got lost in the time and didn't realize it was time for us to change back. "Ugh!" Crack! "Fuck!" Man my world fades in and out of blackness.


"Whoa whose this girl you got with you Dan?" a girl says in a sassy voice.

I already hate her. I can't even see her. But I can feel her attention toward Dan is more than just friends. I still can't see. And my hand is pounding. Next, thing I feel is rage radiating off of Dan. And I feel happy. The sassy bitched planted a kiss on Dan.

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