Eternal From Birth

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Head banging as I wake in the middle of the woods. Mind you I forgot clothes so I'm naked bare bottom. And same as Dan. A growl rips through him as this female lays a kiss on him.

"How dare you Daisy!" Dan snarls.

"How dare you Dan! You know we have been hooking up on again and off again throughout the years. And all of a sudden you want to act brand new. And what for a distraction from the real thing! You aren't marked by her yet. So you shouldn't be mates. Unless y'all are waiting for some huge announcement. You know I am the only one who can handle you." Daisy ranted.

Man I already couldn't stand this barbie on a stick. The total opposite of my look. She had the bleach blood hair Blonde eyes. Looks perfecting standing next to Dan. Ugh I want to ripe her throat out. I growl without meaning to at the girl.

Her wolf whimpers and she looks in shock. Rage feels her eyes. I can tell this is not the last time I will deal with her. But, for now, its enough to get her to back off and the others to stop asking questions. Now I have questions for Dan. We follow the group in a line most of them run a head. Daisy has the head start not wanting to be around me as of right now. Which I'm thankful for the space.

"Now how was the annoying blonde? And why did she react to me that way when I growled?" I asked.

"Daisy is an ex who also thought that I had the mate bond with her. Which I never felt way. I would know if I did. She is also my beta and was a friend until she pulled that stunt. I have a feeling it won't be the last you or I have to deal with her trying that stunt. She also had to listen to you because you are in alpha in your own way. And hopefully in time you will be my Luna. My mate. I can feel you and smell you. You are apart of me. But I will be patient with you considering this is all new to you. And I need you to be focused on your training." Dan stated.

We finally arrived at our destination. Loudness all around and happy cheers. Well expect Daisy. I could already feel her plotting and thinking against me. From this day on I will have to be careful around her.

"Dan my son you brought your mate? You found her and yet haven't marked her yet?" A lady who resembled Dan replied.

"Yes mother. She is new to the wolf thing so we are taking our time." Dan said.

"Yeah not new enough not to have been clearly shaped and naked in the woods with you for so long," Daisy snarled.

I have almost had it with this bitch at this point.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your fantasy with Dan. I can not help who the mood goddess chose to match as lovers, as mates. Oh and as partners in a better future. A promise we will keep to protect our pack," I said.

I kind of caused a stir. She just makes me so mad.

"What is she talking about?" One pack member asked.

"Who is her territory anyways and why did she make our whole pack quiver when she got mad at Daisy?" Another asked. Fear in half of their eyes.

"Is this about the prophecy?" Another asked.

So Dan begin asking as many questions as he could. Including our journey to the other world. Our tattoos. And then he explained my the story about who my parents where. But made it clear that I have not had any type of conversation with them other then seeing them in the woods. Some looked more relieved. Some looked more scared. And others looked more scared. And one looked more pissed. I could tell she wouldn't ease up. She hated the fact Dan had a mate. Or at least hated the fact that I was his mate.

Dan's mom looked a bit sad. I asked him later if he would ask what is bother her? If it was me? Or if it was the prophecy. Dans mother said I could take either the room with her son. Our have my own. For now I choose my own room but it was next to Dans. I was wore out so I decided to go bed. Dans mom is amazing. I never got to ask about his dad. But being Dan is Alpha his father is either dead or step down. So I didn't want to reach a sore subject.

As I lay down I can smell Dan. Pine needless and fresh grass. However, I can also smelly Daisy with extra strong perfume and trying to sneak into my mans room. I am assuming she has a key cause the door opens but I didn't hear Dan get up. And it feels as if he is still asleep. I know he must have been equally wore out. Part of me feels like barging in, the other part wants to see how this plays out. So I just sit up and listen.

I hear her climb on top of his unconscious body and I hear her tell him "You know you want me. You know you need me. I can give you the world." Daisy says.

You know the words of a disport woman trying to slip in a mans arm.

Dan stirs and unto my suprise I feel how mad he his. He slams her against the door and tells her to get out. Then with my bond I feel the bitch kiss him. And he kisses her back hard and strong. I almost fold with pain. And I can hear him say. Its not her I want it's you. That is all in my head.

What he says out loud and the whole house can hear is "get out Daisy!

I fall to to floor eyes in tears. He runs over opens my door. And gives me sweet kisses. "It is you! Always has been You!" he says.

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