Eternal From Birth

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Mate Bond

My tears fall on his chest as his kissing my forehead. Kissing my pain way. "It's you. It's always been you. I love you."

I didn't care. I just needed him. After thinking he kissed that hoe. And pushed her away and rushed in here. I need him. I need him in all forms. He closed the door and locked the door with one swift had. Pulling my hair exposing my neck. Oh god. this man is going to be the death of me.

He lead his lips down over my neck breathing and taking it in. Then he lets out a bite. Blood falls down not a lot just a small amount. I pull him down and do the same.

Next thing I know his got my legs hiked up against the wall. And pulls my clothes off with one swift mood. And the thrill of it all. My very first time. He is gentle and firm at first. The rough. A passion I have never felt before. I can feel every muscle in him. And at the same time I can feel the pack bond. And I moan out loud as I reach my climax.

"Learn to control the mind link" one shouted out

"Whoa another shouted." another shouted.

I lay in bed face flushed with red from embarrassment and pleasure at the same time.

Sleep calls to us.

Sleep has even begin to became an adventure this time I am meet with Dan in the forest but an unseen presence. They are dressed and cloaked in black.

"Good y'all have the mate bond. And the bond between the gods and goddess. Y'alls mission has just started. However, y'all are going at a faster rate then we expected. It is time to dig harder for y'alls truth. Both of y'all are connected in more then these way's. These are just the beginning of your jounrey. Find your truths and no one else's. With each truth you will find a gift much greater in return." the figures in black side.

With that our minds begin to blend in to one. Looking into our mind almost for the first time. However, this was different. We where seeing inside each others mind. From our first love. To the betrayals we endured. Our own insecurity. With him on this journey, I felt safe. Safe, to travel this world.


The next morning the light shined throw the room. Waking us both up slowly but surely. I could feel his energy. Our energy mixed together as one. He was excited to be up and full of energy in the morning. It put a smile on my face. However, I just wanted more sleep so I kept my eyes closed trying to avoid waking up. Next thing I know he pulls me close and begins to tickle me. Oh god! I wanted sleep but now he has me up and with laughter of all things.

We hurry and get dressed and go down the stairs. For a moment I had forgotten about the mate bond. However, all the wolves in the home either full on avoided me or showed appreciation. Thankfully Daisy wasn't in the room at this moment.

Dan pulled me closely. Admiring me. His mom came down. "Well I see that didn't take long for you two to officially take each other off the market.

Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm of the stove started sounding.

Crap. I'm late for school. I raced out the door without a second that. I forgot to be careful of my speed.

"Slow down speeder," Dan said.

Crap I forgot all about him. And about wolves. Great. I'm sucking at this. Years in those instution have down played my thought on the real world. Why is it that super naturals have to hide out anyways?

"Because If we where just out in the open we would be a target for hunters, doctors, and scientist. It is our duty to stay hidden. So we do not cause fear." Dan said as if reading my mind.

"And yet we have to fear our lives for them? How is that fair? Could we not co-exist peacefully. Maybe build a school to normalize this if it becomes in option?" I asked.

"We eventually want to get there. However, you see we have came into issues each time that we have tried. Four centuries' we have indeed tried this myth only to get hunted down by the hunters who think that we should not exist. They get their allies to belief a single lie each year to try to knock the species down. The last time there was a huge blow out it was around the time frame that your parents meet or during the process." he stated.

"But how do people know of our existence then if they don't want to belief or try to belief?" I asked.

"Throughout history, our stories exist. Passed down from one generation to the next. You see sometimes the goddess, or god decides, to leave a family members gift out. So they can go under the radar. It doesn't mean the blood line ends for all just some. However, they are told their families stories down to the last notch before it no longer exists. And so we have history upon what has been told." Dan explains so calmly.

I barley noticed that we reached the school entrance. And at this moment I realized we both missed our first day of class. So I can only imagine what the teacher will be teaching. Ugh! I hate being late.

Ring! Ring! Ring! The bell sounds off.

Great first second day of class and my ass is going to be late. I rushed by the lockers and pushed my way into class. Not looking to see who are where I am going to be seated. And then I smell It. The smell of a fresh hooker. Daisy. She is almost as pissed about me seating next to her as I am for seating my ass down.

"Class pick up seats move over one and the right." The teacher said.

Thank God. Now I'm by Dan which is reasonable. Hopefully we stay this way but I doubt it. I think this teacher has a thing for moving seat.

"Now class todays lesson is the Myth between the Black and White wolf along with their baby" the teacher said......

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