Eternal From Birth

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Black and White Wolf Myth

Great now we are learning about Mine and Dans wolf. What type of class did I sign up for? I looked down at my school schedule. Mythology. You have to be shitting me. And the first thing for us to study is Black and White wolfs.

Mrs. Owen begin reading us the first few chapters of the Black and White wolf prophecy. Some it was the usual stories about how the mythological creatures came about. However, because this one was a little more personal to me I paid closer attention.

The story pretty much went like: long ago the God and Goddess decided it was time to great a great path between two strong species. The first being that of the White wolf and the send being the Black wolf. Most of the time the species could live in peace around one another. However, small little battles would cause break outs and lashes at each other. Jack was apparently the leader of the black wolf and there was another man who was a leader of the white wolf Danny was his name. It didn't take me long to realize that Danny must be Dan's father. Or relative. Considering the name similarities. Wolves can have a bunch of litters so their is no telling how many generations will pass. Anyways apparently these tribes survived around each other for centuries before one or both decided to push buttons. Jack had been trying to fight for equality on the grounds while Danny wanted to have more and more land. The money Goddess refused to step in for a while considering Jack kept letting Danny take the space. However, like all great wars start, the lose of way to much land Jacks pack was getting restless for a fight. Jack agreed to the fight as long as the goddess would approve. After all they where her creation. So he walked down to the middle of the pond during a full moon. He originally came in human form while he prayed to the moon goddess and asked her a specific question. He asked if it was ok for him to go to war with his old friend Danny. However, if he did so he wanted to step down from being Alpha to his pack as long as he won and she knew he was ready to step down.

The moon goddess then turned him into his midnight black self and stated: "If you shall when the war my child, I will allow you to step down. You will step down as soon as your child will be born and when that time shall come you will forget some of the events that form. Including that you ever had a child till the time is right. Your pack will still listen to your command but they will no longer see your wolf because it shall not exist after the first meeting of your child. It will be transition into a small wolf and in your Alpha child. Your child will have the blood of all three originals and be immortal from the start. She will grow up not knowing who she is until it is time." The moon goddess explained.

"What about the other pack if we win or lose," asked Jack.

"Your gift from me is that you will no longer possess your wolf. You will still be immortal till you decide to ask other wise or until your child takes it upon themselves to became Alpha. As for the White wolf clan they refused to come together united so it will be up to the two seeds of both yours and Danny's to come together to unite the pack as one. As a whole, as equals." The moon goddess stated.

My mind begin to wonder....why did grandfather want me to kill one of my parents that can't even fully shift? And say that I am the only one who can do so? And if he had all the answers why did he refuse to raise me and just allow me to grow up in the system and be one of those crazy statics'?

Dan squeezed my hand to reassure me all I felt from him was warmth. Happiness. Could his father be the evil person in all this? Where did that lead my mother? And my fathers? What does this mean for Dan and our future together?

"You see when these two wolves became fully united their is no stopping them. They have immortality over every one and everything. Their aim is on point. Like knifes chiseling away at the wood to make a sharp point. The black wolf will be a tribrid while the white wolf would be a hybrid. Together they balance each other out. It is a deadly reunion and they will face many challenges to come. That is if the legends are true." Mrs. Owen stated.

Great so much crap we have to put up with. And now that is the only thing that racks my brain. Not if we will die but how our mental health we be after all this.

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Great it's almost time to leave. At least this class.

BRing! BRIng!

The girls and guys all start screaming. People with heightened smell can smell the smoke for a good bit away. You have people walking and running all over each other. Its ridiculous the flames they smell close by so I try to scope it out to see where it comes from.

The smell it is coming form the supply closest where all the chemicals are. I open the door thinking I am about to see a huge pile of flames when in reality all I see is smoke. What is behind the smoke is my main focus two individuals who clearly glad to see who opened the door. Damn it! You would think all my years of isolation would have done me some good. And not go looking at what caused the issue.

"Grab her," one said.

While other hurried and put a sag over my head.

I had no choose but to listen at this point. I couldn't show my strength right now because I do not know who I am up against. Pissed is what I am. I can only hope Dan finds me soon.

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