Eternal From Birth

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I can feel her rage I can feel she is being held by two different people. But why did they take her. She is my everything. We know very little about one another but I have learned our families have always been connected. Where are you Selene? Does this have to do with the prophecy or something else? Did my father kidnap you and know about you just yet or just know the rumors. I can feel that you are not scared. Just pissed. How can you not be scared?


What do these assholes want? Is it me? Or is it my mother?

"Do you think Eric would be happy to know we have Kasey with us?" The guy up front asked.

"I am sure he will. He asked for her to be taken to him in one whole piece Kane," said the guy in back.

"But why was she at a school and how come the witch hasn't aged?" Asked Kane.

"You know witches they have their tricks," said the other guy.

Great the fools think I am my mother. Does it matter anyways? And what does this Eric guy want?

"You remember Eric don't you? You know the one who you was supposed to marry and create a great nation between witches and warlocks. You know when you left Me, Drake, and Eric at the alter. He had his best mans waiting for him. And what do you do? You go off with other creatures of the night to never be heard from again. Well your wedding is still on, your dad is plotting of a way to get rid of those vile creatures you tend to love." said Kane.

Great what type of people kidnap a run away bride? And what father would want that for his child? To plan to make his daughter suffer her lovers lost at the sight of her own child. These guys are pure idoits, lunatics, and I can't stand the thought of one of these sleeze balls touching me. They just reek of the creeps.

Next thing I know one yanks me down. Tugging at my clothes. "Remember bitch when you couldn't control your powers. And you didn't know what to do. How me and my brother forced ourselves on you. Then you went running to Eric. We got our asses beat for touching you then. However, this time he said we can have our fun with you. You just have to be brought back alive. After you carry his child he will let you go. Or kill you who knows." Stated Drake.

He holds me down pins me to the ground and all I feel is his breath on me. I know this is not the end for me. And I know that I am not in any deadly danger yet. They still don't know the real me. However, I am about to lose it. Be forced upon this torcher and I can not escape this fate. I am sad. I am angry. I am hurt. My emotions in over load. I can feel the other tugging at me now slimy hands and all. How could I let this happen? Am I going to suffer the same fate as my mother?

One slams be against the wall as I yank and pull away to no relief. Both now against me. I feel sick. I feel hopeless. I feel ashamed. What will my mate think? God no. Help. I whimper and plead stop. But those words are muted as I scream in pain.

Memories flush back. From the cages I got put in. When in those instution. We had one guard that was proud to make us his sex dolls. No one believed the crazies until someone walked in.

Good. They stopped they left me alone to cry. That is all I could do right now. As I still couldn't see anything. I felt the blood rush between my legs. How could I have been so stupid to let this happen to me?

I cried for what seemed to be an hour before they rushed me to my feet.


I felt every agonizing moment of my mate suffering their touches. I was in the mood to kill every last bastered that touched her. And in her state of mind all she could think about is would I want to touch her again. Of course I would. I just couldn't and wouldn't try so soon. I would hold her. I would love her. But I couldn't force or try to ask her for months until she healed. This was something that she wouldn't come back from in a while and I knew this. But I needed to find her. My pack could feel my rage my urgency. However, I couldn't do anything right now. I could try tracking her the old fashion way. However, these assholes put a spell to mask their scent. I couldn't find her unless she called out to me or was in serious danger. In this cause I don't know why she didn't yell. Why I couldn't get to her. I just knew I couldn't. With my pack feeling every emotion one person over stepped their boundaries with me for the last time. Daisy. She came inside the back house with such glee at my sadness. She was so happy Selene was gone and she thought she would just move in on me. She had her little short shorts on and low cut shirt. She came over putting her arms around me. At first I was in shocked and couldn't move. Then Daisy planted a kiss right on my lips in front of everyone then pulled me close and said "She left you and she couldn't handle you only I can. I am yours." While her hands was still around my neck I blacked out at this point. All that was in my mind was my mate getting raped and nothing I could do about it. And this slut that is right in my face. In my space. In my mates place trying to run her way. Hell was breaking lose. And I was ready to kill.

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