Eternal From Birth

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Finding Selene


In my state of mind one of my older pack members, my mother to be precise reminded me of the old ruling of a pack law. "Any member of your pack wither it be of old or new, beginning or coming to an end you can not put to death but only exile."

I was so pissed but didn't really care for this law. Everyone could tell I was in my rage and no one ever knew my temper could be this bad. Not even I. I was pushed to my limits. Every member of my back though wanted me to stay Alpha and this was one rule I had to follow to protect my mate. If I didn't follow it I would be having to start as a lower ranking. Which would not help me out in the long run.

God with my hands still tightened against Daisy's neck I managed to let her go. "You are exiled from this territory and banned from being near me or my mate." I said. As I dropped her to the ground. I saw what to be the tiniest hint of a smile spread across her face and just as quickly as I saw it, the smile vanished. She left out a low laugh and turned to run. Under her breath, I heard you have not seen the last of me. However, no one else seemed to have heard her mumbles.

My concern now was to find Selene at all cost.


As Drake and Kane decided to pull and tug me which ever way I started hearing water trickling and the smell of sewage claw at my nose. We started to slush around in the water. I almost threw up with each step. "Surly you guys could have taken a better route to go where we are going" I asked.

"Shut up, we choose this way for a reason," said Kane.

The only reason I can think for taking this god awful route is I must be close by my mates territory for them to figure covering our tracks would be good enough through the sewage pipes. God why am I even hear? And what on earth did my mother get herself into? After several hours of walking in this filth we finally came to a holt.

"Guys get her dressed and let her rest for about an hour or two. This journey surely has been far for her long travel. Said a male voice. The only one who I can think of that might be Eric.

The guys put me in what felt like warm clothes a dress that I could feel go all the way down. I was still shaking from their touch. And flinched at every last second they wasted to put on my clothes. I still had this stupid sag on my head. I knew my eyes where blood shot. I was steaming mad. However, sleep at this point was unavoidable. I needed to gain strength. I quickly feel asleep.


"Wake up you slut!" said a voice that sounded familar. God I knew that voice. But from where? "You know your lover boy sold you out. Kacey, I should say. He told Eric you are here. Now I can go back to loving my man. Who sold you under the bus. What do you go by anyways? Kacey? Or Selene? Which name is your real name?" Asked Daisy.

I was to upset to care about her ramble. A part of me believed what she had said about Dan. But the better half of me knew better. So that just brought more questions to my mind. Who is Daisy really? And how did she know about Kasey my mother? And does she really believe I'm Kasey?

"Now Now darling do not going playing with our guest. Your mother, may not remember you at all. She thought she had miscarried you when she had considered leaving. Little did she know I managed to put you in another's body before she could take off." Eric I could only assume said.

Now I really am confused. If him and Kacey had a child together why did she run. And why did Eric had this from Kacey? Could they have not lived together in peace? Why move keep it hushed for so long. Ugh. I really can't stand this and not being able to see.

"Move her sag honey." Eric said.

Once my sag was off my head all I could hear was Eric gasp. He slowly let out "impossible." Then another couple of seconds he managed to speak. "You should not exist. I made sure after our child she would never reproduce again. This is something that should not exist. You are not Kacey but the mirror image of her expect the eyes and even the hair is off. How did those idoits not see the difference?" Fear skipped across his face.

He looked as if he couldn't tell what needed to be down. "Lets kill her if she isn't the one you are looking for." Daisy said with a crazy gleam in her eyes.

"No we can not kill her. Not know. It is not her time." Eric stated.

Next thing I know Daisy picked up a metal piece off the ground and started swinging it. I heard the crack from the bar and my eyes blacking out. Before I finished blacking out Eric grabbed the crow bar from her and slapped her across the face. Ugh!


I felt the shock and the hit across my head and couldn't register what had happened. Then only of a suddenly I felt fear grasp me. Our bond was still there but I couldn't feel her awake. Just had a massive headache. Ugh! What is the point of a bond if its useless? Great. Next thing I know I smell her. Blood pouring. I know its close to stopping but that fear of losing her pulls at my heart.

I look over to my right passed the trees and I see her. In one of my mans arms. Eric.

"Sir I found her. She was hit pretty hard in the head. I couldn't get to her in time before she passed out. And I didn't see who did it. But they left a strong scent of vanilla on their way out," Eric said.

While he was talking I noticed a bit or two that his heart skipped. At his point I didn't care. I had my mate back. And I was going to get revenge on every last one that hurt her.

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