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Forced into the world of Darkness and Light, Cherry, along with her friends, has to battle the forces of Darkness, which are trying to destroy the Earth. Or so it is on the surface. Is Darkness really conquering the Earth out of it's own will? Is Darkness evil? Does Light have a dark side? Is one of them a traitor? Are they even doing what they want to do, or are they being controlled by someone? The puppeteer is behind all of this. The one controlling everything. I am the puppeteer. And this is the tale of the last Deerys... The last protectors of the Earth.

Fantasy / Thriller
The Puppeteer
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Chapter 1- The wildfire of Hate

Blue Roses don't exist.

It was a simple fact, something so obvious that even a child knew that. After all, no one had ever seen such a rarity.
But, as Cherry's numb hands stroked the cold, blue rose, she knew that some inexplicable things... weren't impossible.

Chapter 1
Cherry would have preferred sleeping, she really would. No matter how many times she was forcibly woken up, she couldn't get used to waking up at the crack of dawn.
But, Cherry would always greet the new day with joy and hope.
For a 14 year old like Cherry, a new day was a tremendous feat. It showed that she'd survived another day.
After all, World War 2 had ended just a month ago, and surviving the greatest war in the history of mankind was an accomplishment greater than most.
"Cherry!" A voice called out, breaking Cherry's train of thoughts, "Are you awake yet?"
Cherry rubbed her beetle black eyes, lazily, and peeled herself off the bed. She yawned, still wanting to sleep a little longer. But, Cherry suppressed that urge and looked out the window. Whenever Cherry was tired, she'd always glance out the window and just look at the nature around her. It always made her feel a little more fresh.
Cherry sighed, and stuck her head out the window to take in the fresh air. Cherry lived in a clearing right in the middle of a forest. She couldn't even call it a forest, it was just a bunch of trees surrounding the house. There weren't many animals, nor people living there. It was strange... Cherry had seen the effects of the World Wars, and the place where she lived was the only place where not even a single scar of the devastation and war was visible. No bombs, no fighting. Just Cherry, her little family, and dead calm around her.
"Morning, Cherry!" Cherry turned around, and grinned at her sister, Periwinkle. "Good morning, Peri."
Periwinkle smiled, merrily, like she always did.
"Had that nightmare again?" asked Cherry, concerned. Her elder sister, Periwinkle, may be the happiest person in the world, but she had to suffer quite a lot in the war. But, Peri would never say exactly what happened that time. She'd keep it a secret, despite the fact that she'd have recurring nightmares due to that memory.
Periwinkle was in the middle of combing her blonde hair, but, stopped abruptly. She didn't exactly like being reminded of that time. "I- Yes. I.. did have that nightmare again." Periwinkle stuttered, her smile vanishing for a second, "But it's okay! I'm not as scared as how much I used to be. You don't need to worry about me, Cherry."
Saying so, Periwinkle turned to leave the room, slightly uncomfortable. She grinned before turning around and leaving, but, her gray eyes didn't exactly reflect her happiness.
-I really feel bad for them, I really do. It's sad that they have to die in such an unfair way. Ahaha! That's the sad thing about being the puppeteer, I guess!-
Cherry blinked, confused. Well, Periwinkle might have her secrets. And it would be best if Cherry didn't interfere much. Ruffling her messy scarlet hair, out of her eyes, Cherry proceeded to look out the bedroom window.
The lush green grass and the fragrance of flowers were beautiful, that was true. But, for some reason, Cherry's eyes would always fix themselves upon the two twin mountains in the distance. The mountains stood tall, unmoving, no matter what the war, corruption, and disease, had done to the world. They just stood still as a statue, as if boasting how they could never be moved from their spot.
Periwinkle glanced at Cherry, who was looking out the window. She yawned, also sleepy, but afraid of the nightmare.
She could still remember the sound reverberating in her lungs, and the choking feeling of knowing that all was lost.

Suddenly, a sharp knock could be heard on the wooden door. Periwinkle rushed to open it, eager to hear the news.
"Morning, Periwinkle..." A dull, almost emotionless voice greeted Periwinkle as she opened the door, "Morning, Cherry."
Cherry stopped looking out the window as soon as she heard that unfazed voice, and she rushed to the front door.
A tall woman in black stood there, her face almost completely covered with her coal coloured hat. She took off her hat and black gloves, placing them on the coffee table in front of her. There were many things strange about the woman, apart from her weird obsession with the colour black, and the fact that the woman hadn't smiled since she was 10.
She had yellow skin, eerily bright blue eyes, black lips, and three fingers on each hand.
The woman's name was Sophie.
And she wasn't a human, she was a Martian.
The last of her kind, though she didn't act like it.
- The last of her kind, huh? That just makes me feel guilty for breaking her mind like that... Ahahaha! But, it is fun! That's what the Puppeteer has to do anyway!-
Sophie slumped onto the couch, wearily, as she immediately handed Periwinkle all the rations she could buy. "Why do I always have to buy food for you guys?" Sophie complained, "I can't eat human food, and I'm allergic to synthetic fabrics and silk. It is really uncomfortable for me to buy food for you all the time. I'm lucky that no one noticed that I am a Martian too."
Periwinkle chuckled merrily, after listening to Sophie's little rant. She was always the pessimistic, worrying about the slightest of things.
"Sorry, Sophie... But we had to send you outside." Periwinkle apologized, "You are the only one among us who can read and write, so we don't have a choice."
Sophie grumbled, not arguing with Periwinkle, but still muttering how unfair it was for a Martian to serve Humans.
"So, what's the news?" Cherry questioned, curious, "Is it exciting?" Sophie shrugged and immediately started narrating all the gossip she could have collected in the outside world, "The price of bread is rising, and so are the tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. A famine just struck, and people are fighting amongst themselves for food and water."
Periwinkle gulped, scared. The world outside their safe haven was turning terrifying. At the core of it all.. was hate. Burning, raging hate, which reminded Periwinkle of the fumes that she had inhaled, which had burned her throat. It all happened during that day-
-No, not yet, Peri. Don't think about it too much, it'll be harder for me to puppet you of you're emotionally unstable. Don't worry, I haven't controlled you completely, you can still have some free will. But... Not for long.-
Periwinkle shrugged the thought away from her mind. Maybe best if she didn't remember that day.
But, it was still scary. Why was all the hate spreading like wildfire?

Sophie remained quiet, a look of fear flitting across her face for the first time in weeks. She'd seen things like that happen before, in her childhood. She'd seen her planet Mars fall the same way Earth was falling. It was a mysterious, evil force driving this hate.
There was only one word to describe all the hate floating around...

To be continued...

This is my first time writing a book.. please tell me how it is, and whether there are any changes I can make :-)

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