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The Place On The Otherside

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Life had changed and jumps all the time and we all have a past, Dolyia had a journey to unveil and accomplish feats she had never known before. Set in the early 1800’s starting on the family farm her journey starts.

Fantasy / Mystery
Roxie Chaffin
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Chapter 1 - The Beginning

 Outside a small village named Haren, with only a few nearby farms, not far from a dark forest that is said to be enchanted by evil. Dolyia was wandering along the edge of the forest with a deep, yet odd feeling of being drawn to something. Though she has been told very firmly several times to NEVER go into this forest for any reason. So she kept her distance as she followed the line of trees. The padlock of sheep and goats lay on the right side of a large barn, on the left and behind the barn were the pigs mud pen and the dandelion covered field where the horses grazed. Inside the barn housed the hens and a rooster, with only one cow.  

  ~It feels like I'm being called. As if I need to find something important.~ She thought as she turned and ran home to help her Ma who was a short woman with very long light blonde reddish hair that was done up into braids wrapped around her head, she wore a hand sewn dress and woven shoes.

  As she ran around the barn she saw that Pa was in the barn packing the carriage and horse away after his trip to the village that was almost a half days' time away. Pa being a tall slender man with five a clock shadow on his face, wearing his straw hat and suspenders, a brown flannel shirt, and boots. Dolyia met up with him after he was finished, they went and washed up at the water basin together, then sat at the dinner table as Ma laid plates with potatoes, elk steak, and corn down in the respective spots with forks and a knife. She went back and grabbed our cups with tea, then sat with Dolyia and Pa. They held hands, prayed and ate the wonderful meal Ma had made.

  The cottage windows in both the sitting area and kitchen were large letting in the evening light, there were two sitting chairs next to the wood stove that was burning hot keeping the home nicely warm in the cold autumn months. The cottage as you walk through the front door only had a few small rooms, the sitting area straight ahead with a dining table to eat at, a chair with handmade cushions that Ma had made on it to sit in for reading and Ma's sewing and knitting. On the left is the tiny kitchen area with an open fire pit and cooking pot, shelves for storing small food items, and cupboards Pa built for large food items. Outside in a cellar type room was a "cooler" as some would call it. where Pa stored Ice from the village to keep meats, and liquids cool for a short amount of time. Dolyia and her parents had a bedroom each down a very short hallway to the right.

  Dolyia's room was the smallest, her tiny bed, dresser and writing desk barely fit in it, but she managed it. She only had her two sets of sheets, one comforter, and pillow that her Ma made. Her desk Pa built for her so that she could write her stories and draw as she loved to do in her spare time, though she hardly had that with daily chores on the farm.

  While eating supper Dolyia had thoughts and questions come to her mind, she couldn't resist asking Pa about it.

   "Pa, what lies beyond the forest edge?" Dolyia asked.

  Lowering her voice she added, "I had a strange feeling as I walked along the tree line."

 Pa's face turned into a confused look and sternly replied, "You are not to go into those woods ever, it is not safe and you can easily get lost."

  Then added with an angry expression, "The forest is OFF LIMITS!" he looked back at his plate and continued eating as if she didn't say anything in the first place.

 Dolyia hadn't gotten the answer that she was hoping to hear, and surely was not about to argue with her Pa. She finished her supper and went straight to bed that night with odd feelings and not much to say to her parents. Pa and Ma sat at the table still finishing their supper, quietly looking at each other with worry about their daughter.

  The whole next week went well, Dolyia kept up on her work around the farm and cottage, Ma and her had picked many wild flowers that Saturday afternoon after feeding the animals and tending to the morning chores. They sat together in the field weaving the flowers into their hair, looking out into the distance towards the forest. Again Dolyia's mind began to wonder, she looked to her Ma after weaving the last flower she had into Ma's hair.

  "Ma, I was hoping you could explain to me why I feel such odd feelings when I'm near the forbidden forest." Dolyia sheepishly said to her Ma as she looked to the ground as she asked.

  With a concerned but understanding type of look Ma responded kindly. And wrapped Dolyia up into her arms in a big hug.

  "I can not explain the reasons for your feelings as they are not my own. But I can be understanding as I get many feelings from the forest as well that I can not explain for myself."

  Dolyia interrupted "But that means you do share the fact that the forest causes us odd thoughts and feelings"

  ~I'm sure she feels the same as I do. A calling, a Need to go past the tree line and find out more, I'm sure of it.~ Dolyia's mind was wondering again. Ma spoke again, stopping Dolyia's thoughts.

  "We do have that in common, I don't remember most of my childhood. To be truthful I don't even remember how I met your Pa. I love the man, but have always felt I am meant to be somewhere else and with someone different."

  Ma spoke these words with pain in her eyes, it seemed she hadn't told anyone those feelings before now. Dolyia was seeing her Ma's true side, she hardly spoke so openly to anyone. Dolyia sat and listened to every word intently, finding out more about her ma was very helpful.

  "I remember after meeting your Pa, shortly later we found out I was pregnant with you. I remember having you and being so happy your Pa and I had a daughter one I could teach the ways in and out of the home. To make cute clothing for you and Pa. I loved making dolls for you." Ma continued, then added, "but that's enough of my memories, let's head home to fix up supper before Pa comes to wash up."

  Dolyia and Ma got up, brushed themselves off, turned around and raced each other home. They managed to get supper made up and served on the table as Pa walked in. They sat and ate in silence that night, Ma and Dolyia's minds off in another time thinking of the past, present and what may lie in the future and what all was said today.

  Pa went straight to bed after finishing his supper, Dolyia helped Ma clean up supper dishes and the dining table. Afterwards they sat together near the wood stove, and started pulling the flowers out of each other's hair to get ready for bed.

  ~I wonder how Ma could have forgotten her childhood, and where she was really from, how had she forgotten how she met Pa..~

  Dolyia's mind was racing, she was getting quite tired with so many thoughts and questions she's been having, and the feelings from the forest growing stronger everyday. The two of them finally went to bed after finishing up their hair and getting dressed, and washed up. Both with good but weary thoughts.

  She didn't sleep well with many mini dreams of who her Ma could really be. Over in Ma and Pa's room, Ma also tossed and turned that night with dreams of her past and where she Ma came from.
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