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Not so Wicked!

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Cassidy Black has always dreamt of having a quiet, normal life. Desperately hoping that Cedar Creek will be her second chance at being a regular teenage girl, she can finally look optimistically towards her new life. With her plans of blending in and getting through high school unnoticed, she can’t help but think, “What could possibly go wrong?” However, all her plans shatter into a million pieces when Halloween draws in an unwanted visitor to her new home. Now, Cassidy must desperately try to keep her head down from the unwanted attention she’s suddenly receiving from popular guy Collin Price. Racing against time and secrets of her past, Cassidy desperately tries to keep Collin out of trouble and as far away from her as possible. But how much longer will she be able to keep him at arm’s length when fate has other plans for the pair? Cedar Creek has always been just another quiet, boring town in Collin Price’s eyes. So Collin always seeks his own fun when he can. Like breaking into the old abandoned house on the hill Halloween night. What was meant to be a night of proving his friends wrong quickly spirals into something spellbinding that he will soon not forget. After all, it’s only a matter of time before he realizes the price of being part of Cassidy Black’s life is much steeper than one would think.

Fantasy / Romance
B R Woods
4.5 2 reviews
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~ Chapter 1: The Girl and Her Day ~


October. The month of magic and secrets untold. The month where everyone prepares for one witching night; All Hallows Eve. The night where everyone can be anything they imagine. The one, singular night that everyone raves about and waits impatiently for 364 days. Impatiently waiting for it to roll around. For me, however, I absolutely hate this one night out of the entire calendar year. Why? You must be wondering. Well, you see it’s quite simple. Not much to it really. After all, October 31st is my birthday. And what a terrible birthday it is. Some would say it would be “the coolest” birthday. Well, I have news for those people, for someone who is not into this whole creep fest, it is probably the worst day to have been born. Why couldn’t I have been born on November 1st...

Peering out the second floor bedroom window, I watch the giddy children running around the street without a care in the world. Racing over to their friends just so they can show off their costumes and discuss how much candy they all plan to devour. Completely unaware of how sick they will become before the night is through. Focusing my attention on another group of children I notice they dress one little boy up as Count Dracula himself. With the a pair of fake white pointy teeth and droplets of “blood” to complete the facade. “How original....” I think out loud while glancing at another child with their parents. This one decided to dress up like an astronaut with the “official” space helmet and the fake NASA patch to finish the look. “Wow, haven’t seen anyone do that in a few years...” I mumble under my breath. Scanning over the multitude of costumes and treats, I laugh to myself at the endless amount of skeletons, Disney princesses, Harry Potter characters and fairies that are out there. It always seems that no matter how old I get, people seem to stick to the “classics” when this time of year comes around.

Then out of the corner of my eye, I spot a little blonde headed girl with a broom in hand, running towards her friends. “Speaking of classics...” rolling my eyes, I can feel the disgust boiling up in the stomach. Wearing a spider-webbed witch's hat and a black tutu skirt with a purple lace top and a large green nose. This little girl puts the capital B in “Basic.” “I swear...” I mumble with disdain lacing my voice. Turning away from the window, I peer down at my grey Chartreux cat. “Can you believe that Cleo?” Staring deep into Cleo’s strikingly orange eyes, she meows in response. Crossing my arms, I lean against the windowsill.

“I know, you’re absolutely right. It is tacky. You would think by now they would look at witch’s imagery differently…” Studying me with a tilt of her head, Cleo meows before gracefully leaping onto the stack of boxes next to me. Rubbing her velvet smooth face against my arm, she purrs. Smiling down at Cleo, I instantly feel better. “Don’t worry about it. I just really hate Halloween.” “Meow,” Cleo states with a swish of her slightly striped tail. “You’re right, just a few more hours and people can stop this Halloween madness for another year.” Glancing back through the thin fabric of my white curtains, I watch with hope for a mostly quiet night.

“Hey Cassidy, are you just going to stay up there all night or are you going to come down to say bye?” a voice calls up to me from the first floor. Peering over at my barely opened door, I sigh to myself before making my way over to the second-floor railing. “Coming!” I call down. Glancing back at Cleo, who is now sitting upright on the packed boxes I shake my head. “You coming?” I ask. “Meow…” she responds with slight annoyance in her voice. Leaping off the box and into the hallway, Cleo trots down the stairs ahead of me. “Okay then, I’ll take that as a yes,” I say with a hint of confusion. Walking up to the opening of the stairs, I pause for a moment to look at the bookshelf next to me. “Great, looks like she found those ugly things” I utter with annoyance. Taking in the edgy details of the grey stone gargoyle book holders before me, my chest fills with disappointment. “I thought it would take her at least a week to unpack them. Guess I was wrong,” sighing to myself, I slowly make my way down the dark wood staircase where I am greeted with warming grey eyes.

“Took you long enough Kid,” my aunt lovingly says with a smirk. “Sorry Seraphine, I got distracted.” Pulling her layered brown hair into a ponytail, Seraphine readjusts her freshly ironed black scrubs. “I can see that. Have you finished unpacking yet?” Taking a few steps to the side, she looks in the mirror next to the stairwell to make sure she looks decent. “No, not yet. I’ll be done before you get back from your shift tonight.” Clipping on her nurse’s badge to her scrub pocket, Seraphine nods to herself before looking back at me. “Ok sounds good, as long as you are done before you start classes tomorrow.” Saluting to her, I jokingly say “Aye-Aye captain.”

“Aren’t you funny,” she states with a small laugh. Quickly losing her smile, Seraphine studies me one last time. “Now are you sure you don’t want me to stay? I could call in and start work tomorrow. Sarah would understand.” “Yes, I am sure,” I answer with certainty. “All I’m going to do is unpack and watch TV.” Reaching out to me, Seraphine lovingly rubs my arm. “I know kid, but it’s not every day you turn 17. I just hate the idea of leaving you here alone all night. Especially after we just moved in a few days ago.” Leaning against the railing, I pat my aunt on the top of her head. “I’ll be fine, and anyway I won’t be by myself. Cleo will keep me company.” As if that was some sort of cue for her, Cleo pounces up onto the table next to Seraphine and meows loudly. Giggling at the two of us, Seraphine pets Cleo behind the ear. “Okay, I see I am leaving her in good hands then. Just make sure not to answer the door to any strangers ok? I’m leaving a bowl of candy outside with a note not to ring the doorbell so they shouldn’t be a bother. Also, dinner is in the oven and should be done soon.” Peering down at her watch for a second, Seraphine nods as she confirms her guess.

“Oh no, you cooked by yourself,” I sarcastically say while leaning back. Crossing her arms she narrows her eyes at me, “what’s wrong with my cooking?” “Nothing...” I mumble innocently. Looking down at Cleo, Seraphine asks her the same thing. Cleo flicks her tail before turning her head to the side. “Come on guys, it’s not that bad!” “Sure it’s not... last time was just a fluke. And then the time before that was just an accident. Oh, and the time before that... gosh, I swear I have never seen anyone turn so green.” I remind her while skipping down the last two steps of the stairwell. Walking next to Seraphine, I give her an innocent smile. “Just remember, we love you regardless of if you can cook or not.” Glaring at me for a moment, she ruffles the top of my head. “Aren’t you just so sweet?” She sarcastically asks while pinching my cheek. "Why do I even try with you? Little miss kitchen witch of the family. Here,” rummaging through her purse, Seraphine pulls out a $20 bill. “I’ll leave this with you for pizza if you find my food to be so inedible.” She says ever so dramatically. Placing a kiss on her cheek, I hug Seraphine tightly. “Thanks, Seraphine, you’re my absolute favorite aunt ever.” “I’m your only aunt kid,” she laughs as she returns the gesture.

Pulling away, I smile back at her. “I know you are. But you are still the best.” “Now don’t you forget it,” she states with a smile. “I have to get going here is the address of the hospital I’ll be working at,” she states while handing over a small cream piece of paper. “You can find me in the trauma department if you need me.” Pausing for a moment, she looks down at me. “Please try not to need me besides for non-emergency issues and because you miss me.” Trying to hold back a laugh, I nod. “I will try my best.” Satisfied with my response, Seraphine smiles. “That’s all I ask for.” Pausing for a moment I watch as her smile fades, “Are you sure you’ll be ok. I can call Jack to come swing by so you aren’t alone on your birthday. I am sure he would love to visit.” Placing my hand on her shoulder, I try to reassure her, “I’m positive. Also, Jack would only love coming over because he could see you if he stays late enough.” Turning pink, Seraphine turns back to the mirror, “I have no earthly idea what you are talking about.” “Right...” I sarcastically say as Cleo’s head perks up from our conversation..

“All right,” she exclaims in hopes to shift the attention off herself. “I’m off. I love you, I’ll come to kiss you good night when I’m home” placing a kiss at the top of my head, Seraphine bolts for the door before coming to an abrupt stop. “Oh, I forgot one thing,” she exclaims while running past me into the other room. Interested by the sudden excitement, Cleo and I round the corner to watch as she grabs a tiny, decorative hairpiece of a witch’s hat off the coffee table. Clipping it to the top of her head, she smiles back at me. “Now I’m ready.” “Oh god, not you too Seraphine!” I exclaim. Shrugging her shoulders she walks past me. “What, they require us to dress up and this was the easiest way.” “Gosh, small towns and their love for Halloween,” I say while throwing my hands up. “Hey, Halloween is my favorite day of the year. After all, it is not every day that my favorite niece is born.” Crossing my arms, I glare at her. “I’m your only niece.” “I know, and you are still the best one.” Giving me one last kiss on my cheek, Seraphine smiles at me. “Have fun tonight and don’t stay up too late watching TV. We don’t want it to rotting your brain.” Throwing open the door, Seraphine prances off. Letting the door close loudly behind her. Approaching the door, I am inches away from locking it when it swings back open. Nearly hitting me in the face. “Oh and happy birthday sweetie!” She exclaims while handing me a card. “Thank you Seraphine, now go before you’re late.” Giving me a sly smile, she nods. “Okay. Bye Cassidy. Bye Cleo! Take care of Cassidy for me.” Not even needing to look back at her, I can feel the annoyance in Cleo’s eyes as she meows. “What a weird cat, anyway have fun.” Officially vanishing beyond the wooden door, I lock it and turn back to Cleo.

Wasting no time, I carefully open the smooth cream envelope to reveal a handmade birthday card. Reading the elegantly written words on the cover, I can’t help but laugh. “I hope your birthday is on point…” I mumble as I look down at a picture of a silly cactus. “How original...” opening the card I am surprised to find a small gold chain necklace with a subtle deep purple amethyst dangling from it. “Oh wow, how gorgeous,” I mumble to myself. Gently taking the necklace off the holder, I examine it. Walking in front of the mirror, I pull my loosely fallen brown curls back and put the necklace on. Allowing it to fall daintily around my neck, I admire the vast purple sparkling off the gold. Looking back at my reflection, I smile back at the pair of amber eyes staring back at me. “Wow, it even makes my eyes sparkle more than usual.” Peering back at the card, I finish reading what Seraphine scribbled at the last moment. “To my little gem, may this amethyst protect you on your next journey in this new town. Love always, Aunt Seraphine.” Peering over at Cleo, I show off my new necklace. “Look at this Cleo, isn’t it beautiful?” “Meow,” she utters while looking closer at it. “I know, I absolutely love it too. I’ll have to thank her in the morning.” Gazing back at my reflection, I fix the shoulder of my thin light grey long sleeve shirt that keeps falling. Taking one last glance at my reflection, I nod with satisfaction.

“So, do we risk food poisoning again or do I call ahead for that pizza?” Sniffing the air, Cleo peers down the hall to the kitchen before looking back at me. “Meeeooooowwww.” “You’re right, pizza it is,” I say while pulling out my phone and dialing out the local pizza place’s number. Listening to the endless ringing, I was beyond happy when someone picked up. “Thank you for calling Jo’s Pizza. This is Amy speaking. How may I help you?” “Hi yes, I would like to order one medium...” Before I could finish my order, I watched Cleo perk up and meow at me with narrowed eyes. “I mean one large pepperoni and green pepper pizza for delivery.” Waiting for the person on the other line to ring up my total, I wander over to the kitchen for the new house’s address. With Cleo following closely behind me, I make my way up to the fridge where Seraphine put our address. Pulling the paper off the fridge, I quickly read it. “Yes, the address is 145 Wilcox road.” Suddenly there is a long pause on the other line. “I’m sorry, can you repeat that address,” Amy asks. “Yes, it’s 145 Wilcox road,” I say with a twinge of confusion in my voice. Suddenly there is another long pause. “Am I being pranked,” Amy asks rudely. “Um, no. That’s where I live?” Uncertain by her confusion, my patience begins to fade. Amy goes silent as the faint sound of her whispering to someone else reaches me. “Hello?” Suddenly Amy’s voice is perkier than before. “I’m sorry for the confusion, your pizza should be there in 30 minutes. Have a great evening.” Abruptly hanging up the phone, Amy ends our conversation. “Ok, that was weird.”

Tossing my phone on the counter, I quickly turn off the oven and cautiously take out the pan of dark muck Seraphine called dinner. “Even though that was probably the weirdest phone call I’ve ever had, it is still better than trying this. What do you think this was supposed to be anyway? Chicken? Beef?” Placing the pan on top of the stove, I turn around to admire the new kitchen. Taking a tour around the kitchen counter, I study the details of the room. From the old dark wood cabinets with its unique hardware to the newly polished wood floors beneath my feet. Every inch of the room is exactly astonishing. Leaning up against the middle island’s cold granite top, I continue to soak it in. “Well, this is definitely the oldest house we have ever lived in, but I have to say this kitchen is beyond impressive. Seraphine really seemed to waste no expense on the remodel of the kitchen.” Glancing over at the 6 burner stove top, I get a twinge of inspiration. “Maybe I can make pancakes tomorrow...”

Peering out the window that overlooks the trees behind the house I can’t help but feel at ease in the house. Hearing a small jingle from the floor, Cleo gracefully leaps up onto the countertop next to me with a tiny wrapped gift in her mouth. “Hey, where did you get that from?” I say while reaching for it only to have Cleo pull back a little. “Cleo, come on let me see the gift.” Cleo looks up and thinks for a moment before rubbing her face against my hand. After a moment or two, she then graciously drops the gift in front of me. “Thank you,” scratching Cleo behind her ear. I can’t help but laugh. “Now let’s see who this is from...” examining the small pink gift I spot a tiny tag with the inscription ‘To Cassy, from Mom and Dad’.

“I wonder when this arrived?” Carefully unwrapping the tissue paper, I quickly make my way to the center of the pink fluff. There, gleaming back at me, is an elegant gold bracelet with a single dangling emerald in the shape of a tear. Laughing to myself about the irony that Mom and Dad’s gift seemed to match Seraphine’s gift perfectly. “And just think Cleo, my parents are all the way in India. I’ll have to call them later.” Putting the bracelet around my wrist, I quickly snap a photo and send it to them. Tucking my phone back into my pocket, I make my way into the living room to find a few boxes still left to unpack “Well I guess I should finish unpacking some of these boxes, it’s not like they will do it themselves.” “Meow!” I hear Cleo call from the kitchen. “You know it won’t take too long, right? Come on Cleo, we can finish up my room before the pizza gets here. Maybe I can set up the cat tree for you to sleep in tonight.” Without another word, I watch a grey blur pounce off the counter to scurry up the stairs. “See all she needed was a little motivation.” Following her, I couldn’t help but look out the window to the outside world. Memorized by the twinkling stars I become lost in a distant thought. “I wonder,” I mutter under my breath as a sense of something strange crept into my chest. Like a subtle warning of something important about to happen.

“Meow!” I hear from above as if she called out my name. Peering up the stairs, I am met with Cleo’s inpatient orange eyes. “Meow!” She exclaims at me. “I’m coming. Could you have some patience?” Glaring back at me, Cleo turns her back to me and disappears into my room. “I guess not.” Trailing off into the darkness of my room, I mentally plan out the finishing details. Opening the closest box next to me labeled ‘desk’. “I suppose I should start with this,” I say while opening the box. Diligently working I barely noticed how time seemed to fly by until the doorbell rang. “That must be the pizza,” I say while placing my last shirt in my dresser. Picking Cleo off my bed, I scratch behind her ear. “Come on let’s take a break for dinner.” Purring happily in my arms, Cleo’s tail flicks back and forth with anticipation for food. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, I set Cleo on the ground and quickly grab the $20 Seraphine left. Walking up to the door, I turn the porch light on.

Opening the door, a very surprised pizza delivery boy greets me. “Um Hello,” I stammer out awkwardly. “Oh wow, there really is someone living here,” the boy exclaims. “Never thought someone would want to live... well here again.” He continues of his own will. “Yeah... so is that the pizza I ordered?” I ask, hoping he will leave sooner. “Right! One large pepperoni and green pepper pizza, that will be $15.50” he says while trying to look past me into the house. Snatching the pizza box from the guy, I toss the $20 bill at him. “Thank you so much, you can keep the change,” I announce while shutting the door. “Oh sweet, thanks oh and happy Halloween!” He calls back to me as I quickly lock the door behind me. “I swear Cleo, people in this town are weird. It makes me not look forward to tomorrow..”

With a hot box of pizza in one arm and Cleo prancing happily next to me, I make my way to the living room. Rounding around the massive leather chair, I make my way for the couch. Happily sliding down into the warn brown leather couch, I try to relax. Claiming the remote from the table in front of me, I flip through movies until I come upon one I like. “What do you say, sound like a good movie to watch?” Purring loudly, Cleo snuggles closer to me. “Yeah, I thought so too,” leaning back against the couch I grab a slice of pizza and enjoy the absolute bliss that is carbs, sauce, and pepperoni.

Half an eaten box of pizza later, I ended up nodding off to the second movie I was watching. Snuggling up to the furry pillow on the couch, I let myself drift away for a few more minutes. When suddenly, a loud bang wakes me up. Looking around for the source of the noise, I realize Cleo seems to have disappeared. “Cleo?” I call out, only to be greeted with silence. Pushing my fluffy purple blanket off me, I listen for any movement. “Cleo, where are you girl?” Suddenly, the little jingle of her bell pulls my attention to the stairs. Peeling myself off the couch, I make my way to the stairs. “Cleo, this isn’t funny, come out now,” I say when the sound of boxes hitting the floor from upstairs startles me. Heart pounding loudly in my chest, I look around for something to protect myself with. “Cleo, if that was my box of snow globes, you are in so much trouble little one,” I say while grabbing hold of the closest object to me. Peering down at my hands, I roll my eyes at the irony. “Seriously,” I say to the old black broom we haven’t put away yet. “Whatever,” I say with disdain as I am mentally ready myself for anything. Slowly making my way up the staircase, I can’t seem to ignore the hairs sticking up on the back of my neck. It’s fine, everything is fine Cassidy, I tell myself.

Reaching the top of the stairs, I scan the corridor. Feeling my heart drop in my chest, my eyes dart towards the spare room. Gripping the broom tightly in my grasp, I try to control my breathing. “Funny, I don’t remember that being open before...” I mumble when suddenly, I’m being forced down onto the floor. “What the..” I exclaim. Swinging around, I am absolutely shocked to see a guy around my age with black hair and green eyes looking back at me. “Who the hell are you!” We scream in unison. “I asked you first!” We continue to yell. Stunned for half a second, I shake the shock away and glare back at him. Lifting the broomstick up, I swing for the guy’s head only to miss him as he backs into the bookshelf. Pointing the stick of the broom at his head, I quickly lift myself off the ground. “No, I’m the one who gets to ask that question! Who are you and what are you doing in my house?” Puzzlement fills him as he studies me, “you live here?! I didn’t think anyone lived here. Unless... Are you a ghost?”

Opening my mouth slightly I stare at him, “am I a what now?” “You know, the ghost that lives here.” Feeling a twinge of annoyance, I bite the inside of my cheek. What is wrong with people in this town? I think to myself before retaliating. “I don’t know, buddy. Do you spend most of your days knocking ‘ghost’ on their bums?” “No?” He states uncertainty. “Then no you idiot, I am not a ghost! Clearly, I’m a physical and very alive person you knocked to the floor!” I exclaim while inching the stick closer to his face. “Now who are you and what are you doing breaking into my home? And be quick about it before I call the cops!” Scurrying forward, the guy tries to get closer only to have me shove the end of the broomstick into his chest, “I wouldn’t get any closer if I were you.”

Narrowing my eyes, I could feel the tension building. Raising his hands above his head, he cautiously stands up. Towering almost a foot above my head, I watched as he looks down at me with a mix of confusion and fear. “Ok, you can calm down. I won’t get any closer. Just please don’t call the cops or do whatever it is you are going to do with that broom.” He says to relieve the tension. Digging the broom deeper into his chest, I feel my hands start to burn up. “And just give me one good reason why I shouldn’t!” “Because there has been a huge misunderstanding and I can explain the whole thing. If you don’t mind lowering your... broom.” he cautiously spits out. Debating on the best way to handle this situation, I slowly loosen my grip on the broom.

Looking up into the guy’s green eyes, I already know what he said is true. However, besides those clearly innocent eyes, something shocking catches my attention behind him. Dropping the broom so it lands with a thud I reach out for him. “Oh no, look out!” I cry out while attempting to move him. However, it would seem that fate had other plans for my friendly neighborhood intruder as he comes crumbling down to the ground instead. Blinking with disbelief the only thing that comes to my mind is, “Well shit...”. ~ ☾ ~

***Hello All! I’m B and I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Not So Wicked. This is a story I’ve been sitting on for a long time and finally have the guts to share. Right now I don’t have a set schedule but when I do you’ll be the first to know.

For now enjoy this spell binding ride and a hint for future chapters: when you see this ~ ☾ ~ it means it’s the end of Cassidy’s perspective and this ~ ☽ ~ is the end of Collin’s perspective. That’s right my lovelies! This story has multiple perspectives because after all do you ever have the full story from just one point of view?

Until next time!***

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