The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Twelve: Metamorphosis

A kiss here, a nip there, all of which had her squirming and panting. She fisted his hair and forced it to her wet sex.

“Mmmm,” he hummed at her eagerness and immediately licked along her opening all the way up to the hard clit. When his tongue swiped across the erotic flesh, he sucked it into his mouth and flicked his tongue over it a few times. Vida arched her back off the bed and let out a sultry moan while chanting his name. His dick was painfully hard, and he stopped his assault on her body to stand and remove his sweatpants. Vida removed them from him before he could. After, Lennox stroked himself slowly as he watched Vida squirm under his intense glare.

“You’re so damn beautiful and you are all mine,” he mused huskily as he kneeled on the bed. With little warning, he sat back on his knees and pulled Vida to him and sunk his member home. Only Vida’s shoulders and head rested on the bed and her beautiful breasts bounced with every harsh stroke of his dick inside her sopping wet pussy. The sound of him entering her repeatedly filled the room driving him into a frenzy. Lennox sped up and the wet sloshing sound grew louder.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Vida moaned as she gripped her tits and stared at Lennox with fever. The sight almost drove Lennox over the edge but he wasn’t done with her. He wanted to use her body in so many ways. With little effort he flipped Vida onto her hands and knees. Gripping her slim waist, he slammed himself in so hard that she jolted forward with a loud cry and he felt his head hit something soft. Knowing it was her cervix, he smiled a smug grin as he began to fuck his mate.

Animalistic growls left him as he watched himself appear and disappear into her hot canal. She felt so good and her walls spasmed around him repeatedly letting him know that she was having multiple orgasms.

“Yes baby, fuck me,” Vida pleaded.

Lennox sped up and thrust harder. His hands flew up to her shoulders as he gripped them and held her in place all while pulling her back as he thrust forward. Loud smacking, that rattled the room, filled the air. Her ass bounced off his thighs turning her cheeks a faint pink.

As her pussy began to spasm, Lennox had to make a decision. Not wanting to cross any boundaries he slowed his pace.

“I want to come in you,” he spoke softly. When LaVida abruptly pulled away, he knew the answer to his statement.

“No. I’m not ready. I don’t want children right now, and wouldn’t you want them to be of pure blood? I haven’t changed yet so—”

“Shhhh,” Lennox said with a smile on his face. “I understand. With the bond, my biggest desire is to have you bare my offspring; that’s why I made the statement before forcefully doing so. We will wait if you would like.” Vida nodded her head and let out a heavy sigh. Lennox could faintly smell her arousal, which meant the mood had been killed and judging by how quickly he was going soft, he knew the whole conversation had the same effect on him.

“How about we go grab dinner?” Lennox asked as he stepped off the bed and picked up his sweatpants. He was about to slide them on when he realized they had been torn in half. Letting out a chuckle he looked up to see Vida staring with a shy smile playing on her lips.

“Your strength is improving.”

“What will you wear now?”

“I brought a small duffle bag with me,” he said with a shrug of the shoulder. Hearing Vida scoff, he looked up at her just in time to see her eyes roll to the back of her head. He thought she was rolling them at his comment but when she fell limp onto the mattress, Lennox knew something was wrong.

“LaVida!?” he yelled as he hopped on the bed and cradled her in his arms. Her skin was on fire and her heartrate was violently fast.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” She was shifting. Lennox picked up his phone and immediately dialed Trent’s number. He mumbled a simple ”It is happening” and hung up the phone. Stripping LaVida naked, he carried her to the bathroom and immediately turned on the cold water. The shower came to life and he stepped in with his mate still in his arms.

Lennox stayed like this until the bathroom door flew open and Trent came up to them.

“We have to get her back to the pack grounds. It’s the only way we can watch her with no restraints and help her through this,” Lennox said in a rush of words to Trent. His own heart was now hammering against his chest. He had never bitten another woman and injected her with his blood, so he wasn’t sure if the shift would be something that would kill Vida.

“Do you think she will survive this?” Trent asked once they were in the car and headed to the pack grounds.

“Yes. She is strong, but I can’t say that it won’t be the most painful thing she has ever been through.”

The trip took fifteen antagonizing minutes, but when they arrived at his estate, the pack doctor and nurses were already standing at the front entrance of his home, along with his sister Lena and sadly Samantha stood with them. Why? Lennox thought she would just go...

“You have to focus Alpha. Samantha deserves no more of your attention only Vida,” Trent said as the car came to a stop. Before Lennox could make a move, the back door was opened, and the nurses were hauling his LaVida away. He watched as they took her into his home and he fought the urge to follow, but instead he inhaled a deep breath of fresh air.

“Well if she dies, then you still have me babe,” Samantha’s whiny voice rang out into the night air and Lennox went stiff.

“Oh, shut up you attention-seeking, low-down dirty, dick-sucking whore!” Lena bellowed as she took a menacing step toward her brother’s cheating ex-wife.

“I’m the whore?! Lennox literally got her out of a whore house for fucks sake!”

“Well at least she was getting paid for her pussy. You’re just out here giving it up for free and getting knocked up in the goddamn process. So, fuck off!”

Trent and Lennox stared with straight faces as the women went at each other, but it was what Samantha said next that had Lennox trembling with anger.

“I hope the bitch dies. I hope the shift kills her!”

“You watch your fucking mouth Samantha!!!” Lennox roared as he made his way up the steps to the woman. Samantha’s nose flared with anger as she glared at him.

“It should have been me!!! You should have changed me, Lennox!! I gave you the last five years of my life and—”

“And what did I get in return Sam? Huh? I gave you everything! If you asked for it, then it was yours and you repay me by fucking unmated werewolves and bearing one of the low life’s children! I want you off my grounds and if I catch you on them again, I’ll have LaVida kill you herself!” Lennox watched as Samantha’s chest rose and fell with anger.

“IF she survives!” the angry woman said as she turned and walked down the steps. Once at the bottom she shifted into her wolf and made her way off the pack grounds, and hopefully out of Lennox’s life for good. But something deep down in him knew that Samantha would be back but he also knew that LaVida would be more than ready.

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