The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Thirteen: SHIFT

It was so hot. Scorching, as if Vida had wronged the heavens and been sent to the lake of fire. Lennox was staring down at her with a small smile and the hurting woman reached out to touch him, only to gasp. Her hand, or whatever one would call it now, was long, fingers thick, fury. The nails, black and sharp.

Vida laid in a hot bath, but the water was cold compared to her body temperature. Melissa, who she had learned was the doctor, came in every few hours to check her heart rate. It was extremely fast, faster than it should have been and they were fearful that Vida may go into cardiac arrest. The doctor was honest with Lennox and Vida when she told them that she was truly unsure if Vida’s body would be able to survive the full shift. Vida was afraid, absolutely petrified.

She opened her mouth to question Lennox once the doctor had gone again, but a low snarl was the only thing that came out. Lennox chuckled with amusement.

“You are shifting. Lycans cannot talk. If you look down, you will see why.” Looking down was the worst thing Vida felt she could have ever done. She whimpered when she saw the long wolf-like snout. Her eyes darted back up to Lennox and she glared.

“I’m sorry. When you survive this, I will shower you with anything your heart desires.” Lennox grabbed Vida’s fury hand and kissed the back of it. Vida whimpered softly in approval before things began to go south, fast.

Suddenly Vida’s vision doubled, and everything became more defined. Her hearing peaked, and she found herself hearing multiple conversations at once. And then it was her sense of smell. A million different smells began to hit her new nose. But none of that concerned Vida; it was the ache in her ribs, hips and legs that knocked the wind out of her. The heart monitor began to beep loudly, and Lennox jumped to his feet. Melissa was in the room in seconds and looked over to the monitor and then to Vida.

Survive. Survive. Survive. Vida chanted the word repeatedly.

“It’s time to take her outside. The full shift is happening. This tub is not big enough.” In seconds, Lennox had Vida wrapped up in his arms and was hauling her outside. An ear pinching howl left Vida’s snout and Lennox winced. Once outside Lennox laid Vida on the ground and laid down right beside his woman and placed a hand on her exposed hip.

“Close your eyes LaVida and listen to my voice.” Vida did as told immediately as the pain grew more intense. A cracking sound filled her long-pointed ears and she snapped her eyes open in fear.

Her legs were breaking, or so she thought and so were her ribs. Everything was breaking. She whimpered, and Lennox caressed her snout. The gesture relaxed her, and Vida closed her eyes once again.

“Think of a lycanthrope. A beast that stands on two feet. Strong, intelligent, elegant, and most of all magnificent in every way.” Vida did as told but felt like a fool when a sexy lycanthrope with big fur covered tits showed up in her head, but when the creature looked her in the eyes with a set of orbs that could rival the sun, she gasped.

“Shift,” Lennox silently demanded, and in that moment, the beast ran toward Vida at a speed that shook the foundation of her mind. When it got so close that Vida felt as though it would jump from her body, she let out a deafening howl and all the burning stopped.

Panting, Vida slowly opened her eyes and looked at Lennox; he seemed too close, too detailed. He stood to his feet and she watched as his limbs stretched, his skin turned to fur, his feet turned to large beast-like things and so did his hands. The new female lycanthrope then looked up his body slowly. His snout was large, his eyes were a piercing blue and to her, he looked—Beautiful, perfect, damn right majestic.

Vida’s eyes then traveled back down and stopped where his dick would be but wasn’t.

“No worries my love. When it is needed, it will be there, but I don’t ever plan to take you in this form, unless you are in your form also.”

Vida’s eyes snapped up to meet Lennox’s and he offered her his hand.

“I thought you said we could not talk.”

The sound of her soft voice in her head made Vida blink her eyes repeatedly. She didn’t need Lennox to explain what was happening. She knew. They were communicating telepathically. Lennox pulled Vida up to her feet and when she stood her eyes widened more. Everything that had once been normal size to her, appeared small. The house was still large, but the back door was too small for her to go through, even if she hunched over. If she crawled she might make it through, but when she looked down that theory was immediately eliminated.

“Are they supposed to be this big?” Vida asked Lennox. She moved her hands up to cup her perky yet full D cup breast with her hands. They sat straight up, like the porn stars with fake boobs did, and if she were honest with herself, she liked it. When Lennox didn’t answer Vida looked up and had to stifle her laughter when she found him eyeing her movements and panting like a rabid dog.

“Bad Wolf,” Vida purred. Lennox immediately snapped out of his stupor and looked into Vida’s eyes. He then led her to the glass window of the house and stood in front of it. Vida gasped at the sight in front of her. Her lycanthrope was stunning. Curvy and muscular, standing at an easy seven feet tall. Lennox towered a neck and head over her still and he too looked, divine.

“Would you like to change back LaVida?”

“Yes, I would.”

Two minutes later Trent and Lena walked out of the house holding clothes. They both looked up to Vida and bowed.

“Luna,” they said in unison and Vida just tilted her head in confusion.

“I will explain, once we shift back and get some food in your belly,” Lennox said. “Now, think of your human self and be prepared for discomfort. Allow your body to do its job and within seconds you’ll be back to normal.”

Vida did as told and a minute later when she opened her eyes and the stinging all over her body stopped, she stood naked in front of everyone and Lena hurriedly handed her the dress and sandals she brought for her to wear.

“So how do you like it?” Trent asked with a smile. Vida shrugged her indifference and smiled.

“It was alright. I don’t think I would take that form often, or I would hope not.” Lennox stepped up to her with sweatpants on and took her hand.

“The only time you will need to shift into that form, is once every six months to let your other side run, and then during battle.”


“Yes, like a war, but we haven’t had one of those in hundreds of years,” Lena said. Vida nodded and then her stomach growled.

“I could really partake in something greasy and fried right now,” she said with a large grin. Lennox chuckled and shook his head.

“That’s another thing. Although you may have been able to eat a lot before, you’re going to eat double that now.” Once again Vida shrugged her indifference and began to tug Lennox toward the house.

“Let’s go to Big Daddy’s. I heard they have a burger that even a beast couldn’t finish.” Everyone laughed at Vida’s small jab at all of them, including herself.

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