The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Fourteen: Old Friends

Bliss was defined as experiencing perfect happiness or great joy, and that’s exactly what Vida felt. It had only been two weeks since her shift, but in that small amount of time Lennox had shown her, just how special she was, and none of it was physical. They hadn’t had sex since the day before her first shift and neither of them cared, knowing that it was something they could do at any time.

It was a Friday evening; Vida and Lennox sat cuddled together in her condo. They were set to leave for Dubai in the morning, on a month-long trip. A trip that would be spent relaxing and getting to know each other better.

“So does the government know we exist?” Vida asked as she sat between Lennox’s legs while he stroked her hair softly.

“No, if they did, they either begin to hunt us in order to study what we are, or they’d simply attempt to wipe us out. We are superior to them, and that’s a big no-no with the Elite people of the world. If you are a threat, you must be eliminated.”

Vida nodded, and continued her questioning. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t asked questions before, but she was so caught up in meeting the pack and spending time with Lennox that it honestly had slipped her mind.

“So if we are real. Does that mean vampires are too?”

“Yes,” Lennox answered once again. “And despite what people may believe, we aren’t enemies. We actually get along quite well.”

“Do you have any vampire friends?”

“Yes. I have a friend I have known for a little over seventy years.”

“Seventy years!” Vida sat up and turned so that she could look at Lennox properly. She hadn’t even asked him his age, but she was sure he wasn’t fucking seventy.

“How old are you?” she said as she tilted her head and examined his smooth and perfect facial features. Lennox let out a deep chuckle and smiled at Vida.

“A hundred and three.”

“Whoa! Are you immortal? Am I immortal?”

“Yes we are. We stop aging around thirty. But normal werewolves are not immortal, although they do live to be close to five hundred years old.” Vida just nodded her head silently. She was going to be five hundred years old one day and that was a lot of information to take in. If she had any family then she would probably be sad about watching generation after generation die, but she didn’t have that problem.

“What are you thinking?” Lennox asked as he cupped Vida’s face and rubbed his thumb across her cheek. Vida leaned into his touch before smiling up at him.

“Just thinking that this life is going to be fun.”


Of course Lennox had a private jet. He stood at the top of the steps watching Vida bid farewell to Trent and Lena. She was a blubbering mess and he just didn’t understand why. They would be back in a month, but he had come to realize that his woman was just a sensitive soul. Once she was done with her goodbyes Vida walked up the stairs and to one of the four luxury leather seats on the plane. She sat down and strapped in.

Her eyes were focused in on Lennox who was talking to the pilot who happened to be a woman. She batted her eyelashes and looked up at him like he had the key to a locked box of goodies that she held in her room. Without a thought, Vida let out a possessive growl not once caring if the woman was aware of who and what they were. But when the woman growled back, Vida unclipped her seat belt and stared at the woman as she stormed toward her. Her hands immediately went around her throat and she glanced up to Lennox for a sign that she should stop; he gave her the nod that said, do what you have to do.

“Listen to me, you little bitch. If you think for a second, I won’t rip you the fuck apar; you have shit mistaken. I’ve been through enough shit with men and I’m not going through it again.” Vida suddenly gripped Lennox’s manhood with her free hand, while adjusting her grip with the other hand so that she was holding her chin. Vida jerked the scared woman’s head down to his dick she was palming and whispered menacingly in her ear.

“You see this...this is fucking mine. All mine, and if you so much as stare at it after the moment, I will rip you in half.” The woman frantically nodded and Vida let her go. “Now get my mate and me to Dubai safely and once we have landed, you are relieved of your duties.”

Vida turned around and made her way back to her seat. She strapped herself in once again and stared out of the window. Her gaze went to Lennox when he sat in front of her and strapped himself in. He stared at her with hunger, and lust. Vida knew that once they were at cruising altitude that things were going to get heavy and fast.

“You’re an amazing woman,” Lennox said as he continued to stare at Vida. He watched as she squirmed under his gaze, but he knew she wasn’t uncomfortable. No, she was wanton, and he indeed intended on making her scream his name so loud that Lexia, the pilot would hear it over the engines. It didn’t take long for them to get off the ground and to cruising altitude, and once they did Lennox had his way with Vida until her body gave out from exhaustion. Hours and hours of lovemaking, naps and movies later, they had landed and were on their way to the hotel.

Vida was still exhausted and it was late when they landed, so she slept until they arrived. Lennox cradled her bridal style and when he walked into the hotel, he didn’t have to let them know who he was. He owned the place and had a penthouse on the top floor.

He was escorted with his woman in his arms, up to their place and the bags were brought soon after. Without waking her, Lennox laid his mate down on their California king-size bed, and left the room. He pulled out his cellphone and made a call to a friend he hadn’t seen in a long time.

After two rings the man answered and Lennox smiled.

“Wyatt, my brother. How have you been?”

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