The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Fifteen: Bloody

Vida was livid. How dare he leave her in this unknown country, alone, and without any signs of coming back anytime soon. She had called him twenty times to no avail and now she was ready to call the police not to look for him but to be there when he walked through the front door. Her anger was vicious, and she wondered if he had indeed bailed on her. As if on cue Lennox walked into the penthouse, hair a mess, face sulking and shirt bloody. All the anger that had built up in her seemed to vanish as she looked at Lennox’s blood-soaked shirt. Whose blood was it?

“Oh, gods Lennox! What the hell happened?!” Vida said as she jumped over the couch and ran over to him. She gripped his face, rubbed her hands down his neck and shoulders, but when she began to push her hands under his shirt, Lennox stopped her.

“It’s not my blood.” He sighed, eyes closed, and voice broken. Vida didn’t understand. What did he mean it wasn’t his blood?

“If it’s not your blood then whose is it?” Lennox didn’t answer immediately, instead his body began to tremble and his knees buckled. Before Vida had time to react, her mate was on his knees sobbing into his hands.

“Lennox... Lennox what happened?”

The question floated in the air like smoke and Lennox fought not to inhale the toxic substance. He had messed up, that much was true, but would Vida see reasons behind his actions or would she shy away from him? Call him a monster and ultimately leave?

“You don’t have to answer me right now, my love. But please, let me wash you.” Vida pulled on Lennox’s arm, he slowly stood, and she guided him into the bathroom where he sat on the toilet while she ran scolding hot water into the large jacuzzi tub. Once it was filled, Vida tapped Lennox’s shoulder and the sad man slowly looked up. She then backed away from him and slowly began to remove her clothes.

Her shirt was the first to go. She slowly pulled it over her stomach, then her chest and finally over her head. Staring into her man’s eyes without looking away. The way Lennox’s eyes widened, and his back straightened encouraged her. Vida then removed her shorts. With slow deliberate movements, she unbuttoned them, pulled down the zipper and wiggle the fabric down her generous ass and thighs. With no panties on, she was left in her bra and that was gone in an instant.

Once she stood bare in front of Lennox, she walked over to him and with a firm grip ripped the bloody shirt from his body. Lennox didn’t need to be told; he slowly stood and allowed his woman to remove his pants and boxers, leaving him erect and naked. Vida fell to her knees and kissed the tip of his hardened dick and swirled her tongue around the head, but when she caught wind of something flowery she shot up and stood back.

Another woman. Lennox smelled of another woman.

Vida’s fiery eyes met Lennox’s and she snarled at him.

“You reek of another...” she said, not caring to go further, only wanting Lennox to explain himself.

“Yes, I do. But not for the reason you think. I would never cheat on you or take another to bed.”

“Then why do you smell like a woman’s perfume?!”

Silence, absolute silence engulfed the bathroom. Vida’s chest was heaving and her breaths were coming out in sharp pants and growls. She waited for Lennox to speak and when he did, his words threw her for a complete loop.

“I killed her,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper. “Or at least I think I did.”

“W-what?” Vida stammered. Her heart rate picked up but at the same time, her heart dropped to her feet. Her blood ran cold but the room seemed to get hot.

“LaVida, I didn’t mean too. She...she looked like someone I knew. Someone I hated but she ended up not being her. I lost my cool and ran my claws down her chest. Wyatt tried to stop me, but it was too late. He hates me now, and his mate may be dead now. Do you know what that means LaVida!! It means he will come for you! He will try to take you from me!” Lennox rambled as Vida tried to make sense of his words. Her mind tried to form a sentence, but when Lennox burst into sobs every coherent thought left her. She instinctively wrapped her arms around Lennox’s neck and attempted to soothe him. They stayed like this for what felt like an hour, before Vida began to talk.

“I need you to tell me what you have done from beginning to end Lennox.”

“But you will see me as a monster, not your lover.”

“Do not make up my mind for me. Only I can decide how I feel after I know the truth,” she said as she pulled back and began to wipe off Lennox’s face. This was supposed to be a grand vacation for the two of them, but it was the first night, and Lennox had apparently murdered someone. Could Vida live with that? Could she see his reasoning and stand by his side?

Well there was one way to find out.

Vida stepped into the hot tub and pulled Lennox in with her. When they were settled with her back against his front she spoke again.

“Tell me everything my love.”

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