The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Sixteen: Sacrifice

Vida was nervous. As she walked into the front lobby of the hospital she told herself that this is what needed to be done. She needed to help Lennox’s friend understand that all this was a case of mistaken identity. An accident.

“Yes, how may I help you?” an elderly woman said from behind the pristine white desk that matched her pearly white smile. Vida put on her best smile and looked down at the small piece of paper with a name scribbled on it.

“Hello, I am looking for Summer Wallace,” Vida said with a small smile. The elderly woman looked down at her computer and typed something. She then looked back up at Vida with a smile.

“She’s on floor three, room 375.”

“Thank you.” Vida quickly turned toward the elevators and began walking toward them. She was nervous, there was no denying it, but she needed to talk to this Wyatt man. Lennox had wanted to come but Vida told him no. That she needed to go alone. For one she didn’t want a fight to break out in the hospital and she also knew the man would be in no mood to talk if Lennox was around.

Once Vida was in the elevator she pressed the white button that had the number three etched on it and blew out a shaky breath. Many things were running through her head, but she pushed them all back. Now was not the time to be nervous; it was the time to be strong. When the elevator stopped, Vida inhaled a deep breath and stepped off. Within a minute she was standing outside of the door that held the woman that her mate had violently attacked. Not bothering to knock on the door, she slowly opened it and peeked in.

Across the room she saw a man sitting in a chair beside the bed. His head rested on the edge of it, his eyes closed, his hair cascading almost to the ground, and his breathing even. He was asleep. She then looked up and when she did a gasp escaped her throat. Laying on the bed was a young woman, around her age. Her head was inclined, and her face was covered in a large mask with tubes attached to it.

“Who are you?” The sound of a male voice pulled her eyes away from the woman and she looked down to see who she assumed to be Wyatt eyeing her menacingly.

“I know who you belong to. I can smell him all over you.” Wyatt seethed as he stood to his feet slowly. “And I want to know why the fuck you are here!?” His voice raised slightly as he took a step forward. Vida swallowed her nerves and cleared her throat.

“How is she?”

“How is she! How is she!?” the man yelled as he took another step forward. “You’re looking at her woman! Why don’t you fucking tell me how she is! Lennox almost ripped her in half, all because he thought she was some bitch from his past!”

“I understand,” Vida said calmly. “And that’s why I am here. To apologize on behalf of my mate.”

“Fuck you and Lennox,” Wyatt said as he pointed an accusing finger at Vida. “If Summer dies, I want you to know this. I will hunt the both of you down, and I will kill YOU! I WILL KILL YOU RIGHT IN FRONT OF LENNOX AND I WILL MAKE HIM WATCH AS YOU BLEED OUT! AND WHEN I AM DONE, HE TOO WILL KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO LOSE HIS MATE!”

Wyatt’s words made Vida’s blood run cold, but she wouldn’t leave.

“Did she know?” Vida asked as she stared into the man’s angry eyes. His gaze softened immediately, and she knew, he knew exactly what she meant. Wyatt backed away and ran his hands through his long hair. A shaky breath escaped his lips as he sat back beside her.

“No,” he finally said. “I was getting there. We were getting there, but I never got the chance.” A few tears escaped Wyatt’s eyes and he angrily wiped them away.

“Did she know what you are...”

“No.” Vida felt great sorrow in that moment for him. He was in love with this woman and he never got the chance to profess his desire and affection, better yet reveal his true self. Without thinking Vida crossed the small space between them and placed a hand on Wyatt’s shoulder.

“She won’t die,” she said with confidence. Vida watched as Wyatt snapped his head up to glare at her.

“Yeah, and how do you know that?” he said as he pushed her hand off his shoulder. Vida exhaled and continued with her thought.

“Because she is strong, I’m sure of it, and if she doesn’t survive, I give you permission to kill me. I’ll actually let you do it.” The words spewed from her mouth before she could stop them, and she realized too late that she had more than likely damned herself.


“YOU SAID WHAT!?” Lennox bellowed as Vida swallowed her fourth glass of wine in ten minutes. Her nerves were all over the place, but her mind was on one person.


Lennox was pacing the living room of the penthouse. He was seething at what Vida had just told him

“I don’t understand why you would lay your life down for a stranger LaVida! I need you!”

“He needs her!” Vida immediately counter. “And he might never get the eternity he wants with the woman he loves because of you. It’s only right that he gets the chance to take away what you took from him.”

Vida’s words came out confident, but on the inside, she was panicked. She wanted so badly for Summer to live because she wanted an eternity with Lennox, but it was too late for that. She had already exchanged her life and there was no going back on it, no matter how bad she wanted to.

“Lennox, come to me,” Vida said as she stood across from him. Lennox rushed into her arms like a frightened child and wrapped her up firmly in his large arms. “Let’s hope she survives, my love. Let’s hope that Wyatt gets the eternity he deserves with Summer.”

Lennox didn’t respond. He just held Vida in his arms, too afraid to let her go. Too afraid to come to terms with the fact that it may be the last time he ever got to hold her. Through the tears that threatened to spill from his eyes, Lennox spoke from his heart.

“If she doesn’t, Wyatt will be in for a fight. I will not just lay down and watch him take you from me.”

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