The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Seventeen: Enough

It took three days.

Three long anxiety-filled days, but the news had come... Summer had lived.

Vida had gone up to the hospital immediately after she got the news, but when she walked into the room and laid eyes on the woman, she knew something was up.

Her hair was silver instead of the dark brown Vida had seen just days before and her eyes were a vibrant red.

“Hi LaVida,” the young woman said as she eyed Vida up and down. Vida watched as the woman looked to Wyatt and back to Vida. Wyatt had a smile on his face that mimicked how a man would look at his wife for the first time.

“Hi Summer,” Vida said back with a small smile. She walked over to the woman with a single rose and handed it to her. “So happy to see you alive.” More than happy.

Summer’s heaving chest was a reminder that Vida would get the eternity she wanted with Lennox. And then her senses kicked in and her eyes flickered down to Summer’s chest. It wasn’t moving and then she looked back at her eyes. They glistened a deep gray and her skin although caramel was extremely pale complexed.

“You’ve been changed?” Vida whispered but she knew Summer could hear.

“Yes, I have and it’s thanks to your dick of a husband,” Summer said playfully before giving Vida a genuine smile. “But no worries, I’ll let him live,” she said as she winked at Vida. Wyatt took this moment to chime in and what he said made Vida’s stomach turn.

“She’s alive but I can’t say that I won’t try to rip out Lennox’s throat the next time I see him.”

“Chill out Winter, no need to get all macho vampire on me,” Summer said with a roll of her eyes.


“Don’t ask,” Wyatt snapped and Summer gave him a look that said “really”.

“Don’t mind this asshole. He just got his ass bitched out for like twelve hours after I woke up. I mean who changes someone without their consent?”

I know someone.

“You were going to die Summer, I couldn’t let that happen. I can’t live without you.”

“Woah hold on. You’re taking me too fast,” Summer said as she sat up. Vida suddenly felt uncomfortable and something told her that Wyatt hadn’t told her everything she needed to know.

“You can stake your claim on me just because you ate my pussy?”

Oh, dear gods. Vida thought as her face flushed a vibrant red. Summer looked and giggled when she saw Vida staring down at the floor.

“My bad. I have a potty mouth,” she said sheepishly before looking back at Wyatt. “As for you, I’m sure you can live without me. You did for the last two hundred years.”

“But I have waited my whole fucking life for you Summer! Why can’t you understand that! I have chosen you and you won’t even have me!” Wyatt yelled before standing up and storming out of the room. Vida moved before he could brush her shoulder, and then she looked up to Summer who had a stunned expression on her face.

“I-I don’t get what’s going on,” she said as she looked down at her hands. Vida watched Summer and her inner turmoil for a moment longer before she spoke.

“He’s your mate,” Vida said as she sat on the bed next to Summer’s feet. “You’re his eternal partner. He’s loved you before he ever met you. It’s hardwired into his Vampire side. He can’t help it, so when he says he loves you, despite how soon or unrealistic it may feel. He means it.”

The room was silent as Summer looked up in shock.

“Love?” she questioned and Vida chuckled when she saw her face morph into an uncomfortable position.

“Once you accept him. You will feel it too,” she reassured Summer and that caught Summer’s attention.

“Accept him? As in be his partner or accept that I am his partner for all eternity.” Vida just nodded. “That’s a lot LaVida.”

“Just call me Vida, and I know it’s a lot, but it is so beautiful.”

“What are you?” Summer asked and Vida smiled.

“Lycanthrope. One of two that are left. My husband who is my mate is hoping to bring back the pureness of our breed.”

“Uh—you know that means incest, right?” Vida tensed and her eyes went wide. She hadn’t thought about that in the slightest. If they were supposed to bring back the pureness of their breed, then that would surely mean having sex with their children...

The thought was utterly mortifying.

“I hadn’t thought that far,” Vida answered truthfully before changing the subject. “Anyway. How about you give Wyatt a try. I promise he will be the best thing that has ever happened to you.” She then patted Summer’s leg and stood.

As she walked to the door her mind was on one thing. Talking to Lennox and finding out how he planned on making the breed of Lycanthropes pure again.


When Vida walked into the penthouse, she was engulfed in two large meaty arms. She let out of squeal of delight as the smell of Lennox took over her senses.

“So happy you are back beautiful. I was starting to worry.” Lennox breathed into her neck causing her to shudder. He then spun her in his arms and wrapped his arms around her waist. Vida moaned when he ground his erection into her, but all lust was lost when her mind went back to what Summer had said.

“Lennox,” she breathed out and the man hummed as he kissed her neck.

“That’s right LaVida. Say my name.”

“No, Lennox. W-we need to talk,” Vida stammered over her words as she pulled her body from Lennox’s. The horny Lycan huffed in frustration as he adjusted himself in his pants. He then watched as Vida turned and went to sit in the living room. When he sat beside her on the couch, she let out a heavy sigh.

“What is it LaVida?” Lennox asked in a worried tone. What could have been said at the hospital that required them to talk as soon as she walked in the door?

“I need to understand how you intended to succeed in pushing the Lycanthrope race toward its purity again. The only way I see that happening is incest and if that is the plan count me out.” Vida could tell by how Lennox tensed that he was unsure how to answer the question, or he was sure, but wasn’t sure how Vida would respond.

“Lennox, is there something you are not telling me?” When Lennox didn’t respond Vida shoved his shoulder.

“Start fucking talking before I walk Lennox.”

“Okay, okay. Now before I tell you this, I just want you to know that it’s the only way we will be able to accomplish this without having to commit incest.” Vida swallowed thickly and waited for him to continue.

“I planned on us having at least twenty to thirty offspring.” Vida opened her mouth to oppose but Lennox held up his hand to stop her. “Before you react, just know that you will carry four pups at the same time, and you will only be pregnant for four months. So, we can have the kids back to back or spread them out. Our children will age twice as fast so keep that in mind too.”

“You expect me to push twenty kids out of my pussy?! And what happens after my body is destroyed?”

“Then you will mate with other male werewolves and their children will then breed with our children...”

“Shut the fuck up Lennox. Just shut up,” Vida spat as she stood to her feet. “You are a goddamn fool Lennox. That shit won’t work! All the offspring will be mine! All of them will be half-siblings... IT’S STILL INCEST!”


“Fuck no Lennox. Hell, to the fuck no! It isn’t right. Is it not enough that we are superior to these creatures? Evolution is part of what we are. Soon enough werewolves will transform into something else. All it takes is one werewolf fucking something off the wall and you suddenly have...”

“Werewolves. They are the hybrid of humans and lycanthrope. They tainted us.”

“Do you hear yourself Lennox! Have you forgotten that just a couple of months ago I was a human that you had been fucking for over a year? Or did you forget that the moon goddess made you my mate? This is how shit is supposed to happen. This is how the heavens intended things to be. Why go against it?”

“Tell me something Vida.”

He used her nickname, and this made Vida nervous. She watched as Lennox shook with anger.

“Do you know what it feels like to go through centuries of lovers who you could never be yourself around? Do you know what it feels like to be alone for that long, having enough pussy to kill a man but none of it meaning anything?” Lennox was slowly standing. His chest heaving. “And tell me, do you know what it feels like to see all the ones you love, abandon you to be with humans? Leave you in the dirt like you are nothing and while you are still a pup, only to find out you were mated to one?!”

Lennox stood at his full height, his eyes black as night. Thick veins popping from underneath his skin.

“I know what it feels like!” he roared. “I watched my father leave my mother for a human. I watched my mother kill herself from the loss and I watched from a distance as my father bred the woman and created this species.”

Vida’s eyes widened in realization.

“That’s right Vida,” he spat her name. “I’m trying to destroy the very thing my father created. I want to drown out the werewolves so that Lycanthrope will reign again!”

“Lennox listen to yourself. What you are saying isn’t possible. You can’t stop werewolves from having sex with humans, and if they have human mates you can’t interfere with the almighty Luna. Please see reason. Listen to your words. They stem from a place of hurt and brokenness. You are stronger than this. You are better than this.”

Lennox said nothing. He only turned his back and tried to calm himself. In the silence, Vida began to think, and a few questions came to her mind. Questions that stung to think about but ones she wanted to ask.

“Is that why you would have me for a year, and when you first rescued me? Because I was human, and you didn’t want a human woman?”

No answer.

“So, you couldn’t love me as a human, so you marked me and leaked your blood into me so that I would change. Only then would I be worthy of your love.” Vida’s voice broke off into a soft sob as she frantically searched her mind for the confidence in Lennox she had had only moments ago.

“Baby,” Lennox coxed as he turned, but Vida didn’t want to hear it. She stood to her feet grabbed her phone and purse before she stormed out of the penthouse. Her feet took her out of the hotel and into an Uber and then into the front door of the hospital. She then walked up to Summer’s room.

Walking in and slamming the door behind her, she began to pace. Vida looked over to Summer who just stared with a sad smile on her face. After a few moments, Summer outstretched her arms and Vida walked into them. Burying her face deep into Summer’s cold chest and sobbing.

She wasn’t enough in the could she believe that she would be enough now?

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