The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Eighteen: Slow, Steady

Six hours later when the door to his penthouse swung open, Lennox shot up from the couch and was greeted by an exhausted-looking Vida.

“LaVida,” he said softly and she immediately held up a hand which made him stop walking toward her. His hands out in a pleading manner, him hoping she would take them and let him hug her. Let him touch her.

After a long silence, Vida finally spoke.

“Why didn’t you follow me?” The question caught Lennox off-guard and he struggled to find the words to say.

“I-I wanted to give you space. Time to think.” His voice wasn’t strong. Lennox could tell something had shifted in her. Where had she been, who did she talk to about this? Fear began to settle into the pit of his stomach.

“And thinking I did,” Vida said as she finally moved her legs and walked around Lennox. She made her way to the bedroom with Lennox hot on her tail. Dropping her purse to the floor, Vida’s eyes zeroed in on her luggage and she began to walk toward it. When she touched the floral suitcase, she heard Lennox intake a sharp breath followed by his large footsteps walking up toward her. Lennox laid a hand on her shoulder and she shrugged it off. Only to be jerked around to face him.

“What have I done to deserve you attempting to leave me!? I have done nothing but love you.”


Lennox stayed silent and his silence was too loud for Vida.

“You fucking bastard.” Vida’s voice betrayed her face. She looked fierce but her voice was weak and broken. “I wouldn’t have ever been anything to you if I weren’t a lycanthrope. You wouldn’t have ever left that bitch back home.” She pointed an accusing finger into his chest and Lennox quickly wrapped a large hand around her wrist and pulled her flush against him.

“That isn’t it LaVida.”

“Then what is it?” Vida’s voice shook as she looked up to the man she had fallen in love with, before he could even love her.

“I will admit that when I first laid eyes on you—” This was it Vida thought to herself. This was the moment, the words, the answer she was fearful of. Her heart was in her throat and her head was pounding already from the tears she had cried at the hospital. Her mind went back to Summer and the words that sent her back home.

“I think you should go talk to him. He may have not wanted you in the beginning due to a childhood heartache but he loves you now girl, and to me that’s enough. You don’t have to listen to me but I like to have understanding. I don’t like to base things on what I think. I’m not in someone else’s mind, so to me it’s better to talk than just walking.”

“I fell in love.” The sentence snapped Vida out of her memories and Lennox’s and her eyes met.


“You heard me LaVida. I have loved you from day one,” Lennox said to her and her heart smiled. “I will be real and tell you that I was deathly afraid to love a mortal woman. My life was destroyed by a human but I couldn’t deny what the moon goddess sent to me. She sent you for a reason.”

“But the day after you rescued me?”

“I made a mistake, but I didn’t sleep with her. We did the foreplay but when it came down to it, I couldn’t sleep with her. Not after sleeping with you and marking your body, mind and soul, as mine.” Lennox rubbed his fingertips across Vida’s mark and she shuddered.

“I love you.” She hummed with her eyes closed. Vida was panting with anticipation. She wanted, no she needed Lennox to show her how much he loved her and when he leaned in and brushed his plump lips against her, she almost melted. Her arms wrapped themselves around his broad shoulders and seconds later she felt herself being lifted from the ground and laid on her back.

Their tongues danced together. No one looking to dominate the other. Lennox’s hands traveled up to Vida’s breasts where he grabbed them through her clothing and squeezed them. That broke the kiss. Vida gasped and wrapped her legs tightly around her man’s hips. Lennox then ground his hard erection into her covered pussy and Vida moaned.

“Let me show you how much I love you, LaVida.”


With that Lennox sat back on his knees and ripped at her clothes until she was bare in front of him. Her pussy was already soaking wet and ready for him. He stood to his feet and ripped at his clothes until he stood naked in front of Vida, who had snaked two fingers between her pussy lips and was rubbing vigorously. The sight made him wrap his hands around his twitching cock and stroke it. He licked his lips as he remembered how she tasted better than her intoxicating and sweet smell. Like a starved man, he grabbed her ankles, pulled her to the edge of the bed, dropped to his knees and buried his face in her sweet cunt.

“Lennox!” Vida squeaked as she pushed her pussy further into his mouth. Lennox groaned as he sucked her clit into his mouth and gave it a little nibble and just like that Vida was ready to give him a snack. But Vida didn’t want to do that; she wanted Lennox in her.

“Fuck me. Fuck me please.”

Lennox stood up, stroked himself once, before burying himself to the hilt inside Vida’s pussy. He wrapped his arms under her legs and gripped her hips lifting her off the bed until only her shoulders rested on the soft cushion. Lennox then drew back until only his mushroom head remained in her swollen pussy lips and slammed home. He drew something between a scream and moan out of her and that made him painfully harder. He did it again, again, and again. The headboard was punching the wall and Vida’s mouth was slacked, eyes rolling to the back of her head, hands gripping her breasts like an anchor.

“I. Love. You,” Lennox said between his hard-violent thrust. He had no intention of moving any faster. He would bring her like this. Hard, deep, and in her fucking stomach. His name rolled off her tongue like a chant, and with every moan, and every whimper, his balls tightened. The sweet sound of her wetness filled his ears with every stroke.

“I’m going to come,” Vida whimpered. “Faster.”

“No. I’ll take you there like this,” Lennox grunted. “With you feeling every inch of me. Going inside of your sweet pussy. Slow and steady.” He then let out a long groan of approval as he felt her clench him.

“That’s right beautiful. Feel me.”

“Baby!” And just like that Vida let out a deep moan and came hard for her mate. Lennox followed suit only seconds later and fell forward to lay on his woman. He listened to her pant as her hands tangled themselves in his hair. Wrapping his arms around Vida, he buried his head into her plump chest and whispered;

“I love you LaVida, and you have always and will always be enough.”

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