The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Nineteen: Shit Has Hit The Fan


Vida laughed at Summer as she growled on all fours. She had talked Lennox into calling Wyatt and Summer and invited them over for dinner. They were playing charades and enjoying themselves. Well at least Vida and Summer were. As for Wyatt and Lennox they glared at each other with hate.

“What the fuck are you staring at?” Wyatt finally seethed and all hell broke loose.

“I’m staring at the motherfucker who threatened to kill my mate!” Vida rolled her eyes and picked Summer’s wine glass off the coffee table as Summer walked from the middle of the living room to sit beside her. They knew this was coming and they would do nothing to stop it.

As if they could.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! You almost killed my woman and you’re pissed that I merely threatened yours? You’ve been alive for far too long my friend because your mind has gone to complete shit!” There was a moment of silence before Lennox let out a loud roar and charged at Wyatt. Five minutes later the women were still watching the men as they beat each other. Vida finally had enough and stood to her feet.

“Enough!” she roared and both men stopped. Lennox was on the ground his neck decorated with Wyatt’s hand and Wyatt’s arm was pulled back, his hand clenched in a fist ready to land another punch.

“You two are acting like pathetic idiots. Get up this instant and hug it out, before Summer and I kick both of your asses.” Vida knew her mate would immediately listen but Wyatt glared at her in defiance. That was until Summer cleared her throat and stepped up to stand beside Vida. With great reluctance Wyatt pulled away from Lennox allowing him to stand to his feet.

“Now if you two are done can we please—” Vida’s sentence was cut off by an abrupt wave of nausea. She cleared her throat but that only seemed to worsen it. Lennox was by her side in a second and Vida used the link to communicate what she needed because she was too afraid to open her mouth.

“Bathroom. Please.”

Lennox swept her up off her feet bridal style and rushed her to the bathroom; once inside, he slammed the door and watched as Vida scurried to the toilet and unloaded the contents of her breakfast, lunch and recent dinner.

She knew what was wrong; she’d known since she went to the hospital and Summer and Wyatt knew too. Wyatt wasn’t supposed to know but Summer had told Vida that she caved under sexual pleasure. So, now Lennox would be the last to know. With shaking hands and an oddly dry throat, she turned to look at Lennox who was coming toward her with a soft smile and a cool cloth.

“I’m pregnant.” Lennox’s footsteps halted immediately and the towel dropped from his hand. He tilted his head to one side and Vida chewed the inside of her mouth as she stood on shaky legs. Still feeling light-headed, she swayed a little but Lennox was quick with his movements. He picked her up and sat her on the bathroom counter.

The silence that filled the room was almost too much for Vida. She was afraid of what he would say but she had no doubt that he would be happy about it. As if on cue, Lennox’s stoic expression turned into a look of pure happiness. A grin graced his face and the corner of his lips touched his ears. But just as quickly as it came, his smile dropped and a look of horror replaced it.

“Does Wyatt know?” Lennox asked. Vida drew back in surprise as she stared into Lennox’s eyes. Why did it matter if Wyatt knew or not?

“LaVida, I asked you a goddamn question!” Lennox gripped her face with both his hands and stared at her with a look that made Vida’s skin crawl. Her mate was a strong man; she knew that much. He had never shown any signs that he feared anything, but in that very moment Vida saw an expression she never thought she would see before.


His gaze shifted down to her belly and back up to her face.

“Tell me baby. Does. Wyatt. Know?” Before Vida could answer the door to the bathroom was broken down. Wood flew from the frame and Vida let out a yell at the same time Lennox let out a feral growl. They were ripped apart from each other by an unknown force and before Vida could even react Summer was on top of her covering her face with a cloth.

“No, no. Stop!” Vida said as she began to fight. She punched Summer with everything she had, sending the woman flying across the room. Vida stood and frantically looked for Lennox only to find him and Wyatt in hand to hand combat.

“You don’t have to do this Wyatt!” Lennox screamed at his friend as he tackled him. Wyatt’s back collided with the wall behind them but that didn’t stop his fight. With a roar he pushed Lennox back a few feet causing him to fall back into the large tub. Vida saw red, and with a roar of her own she jumped through the air and punched Wyatt in the face. The sound of pottery cracking resonated in the room and everyone stopped moving. Wyatt slumped to the ground and that was when Vida realized Summer was unconscious too.

“Get them up. We have to tie them down,” Lennox said softly as he gently touched Vida’s shoulder. Vida jumped at his touch and whipped around.

“What the fuck is going on Lennox? Why are our friends fighting us?”


“NO! Tell me what the fuck is happening?!” Lennox sighed and ran his hands over his face. He didn’t want to tell her but he had to; there was no other way.

“In our world. The world of Lycanthropes, Vampires, Werewolves, Hybrids, and all other mythological creatures, there is a legend.” He looked at Vida as he began to tell her something that would change her views on everything.

“A legend that a witch told my father and all of the other elders.”

“What is it Lennox? Tell me what it is!” The woman was frantic, scared, utterly panicked.

“The child born from death, shall lead us all to it,” her mate whispered. Vida furrowed her eyebrows and frantically racked her brain for a meaning. When she came up empty, she looked back into Lennox’s eyes and pleaded with him for an explanation.

“W-what does that mean?” What Lennox said next changed the dynamic of Vida’s whole life.

“LaVida, you died, and someone brought you back.”

“Stop fucking lying to the woman Lennox! TELL HER THE GODDAMN TRUTH!” Vida whipped her head around to see Wyatt standing to his feet a large crack going across the side of his face. His eyes sad but angry at the same time. Summer was on her feet too and when Vida looked at her, she gave her a sad apologetic look. Vida then slowly turned around and looked back at Lennox. His eyes were closed and his lips pursed.

“Tell me,” Vida said softly, her small hand lifting his head to meet her gaze. Lennox let out a shaky breath and began to talk again.

“You were taken from me, four-hundred years ago.” The room immediately started spinning, but Vida kept herself steady as Lennox continued. “I searched for your soul—”

“No witches searched for your soul!” Wyatt interrupted with a roar. “And they found it, brought it back to life but didn’t tell Lennox whose body you inhabited! None of us ever thought that they’d put you into a mortal shell, so we searched centuries for a supernatural being.”

“When I found you in that whore house, I was devastated and confused but when I made love to you for the first time, I knew you were my fallen mate. So I rescued you, marked you and now you are pregnant,” Lennox said cutting Wyatt off.

“Your child will harbor evil. Evil that the witches planted in you,” Wyatt’s voice boomed out across the bathroom once again.

“Evil that will end us all if we let it enter our world!”

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