The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Two: Gone

The music was too loud, but no one cared. Vida had been at the mansion for less than two hours, and she already could hear death knocking on her bedroom door. She didn’t want to come back, but with no friends, no family, no money or home, she had no choice.

“Get dressed and get out here, Vida! Final warning!” Marco’s voice was louder than the thumping music downstairs and held no room for discussion. With every ounce of strength she could muster, Vida stood and squared her shoulders. In front of her sat a large mirror. She could see everything except for her lower legs, and for the first time in two years, she liked what she saw. A full face, bruised but still not the sunken skull it once was. Fuller breasts that perked upward, just enough for her liking. An undefined stomach, showing how well she had eaten in the last two months, and she could almost cry with how wide her hips and how plump her ass had become. Marco thought he won that night, but he didn’t, which was satisfying enough for Vida.

Her mind began to wander back to her old client. It was Friday night, and she knew he probably wouldn’t want to see her anymore, but she had hoped he would call and request her.

Calm down, Vi; he probably doesn’t know you are back yet.

She told herself.

Give it a day.

But she knew the odds were slim. She had been in the hospital for eight weeks. The first two weeks were tough. She couldn’t eat, she had night terrors so sinister she couldn’t sleep, and she was in constant pain. Her injuries required surgery, but she had to heal so that the doctors could do it.

Vida would be forever grateful for her surgeon. The man took his time on her, and the result was fantastic.

She only had a small scar gracing the side of her nose. It was noticeable but, at the same time, blended in with the natural creases of her face. After the surgery, she got an infection that kept her down for a couple of days. But after that, everything went fine. By week six, she was able to eat regular food, and she went wild. Burgers, hotdogs, dressing, and Chinese. Anything she could think of from her childhood, she ate it.

Vida gained twenty pounds in two weeks, and not only was the hospital staff happy, she was too.

“Goddammit, Vida!” Marco’s voice boomed from the other side of the door right before it flew off the hinges. Vida didn’t even flinch. She just looked at his angry features and exhaled slowly. As she began to walk toward her closet, Marco stepped in front of her. His caramel skin glistened with sweat and smelt of alcohol and sex. A white residue sat at the edge of his nostrils, and Vida gave him a look of disgust. She knew he was too high to notice, so she did it without fear.

“Oh, no, bitch. I gave you a chance to get dressed; now you go down naked.” Marco wrapped a meaty hand into her long hair and began to drag her. Vida couldn’t fight. The grip on her hair was so tight, and her head still wasn’t right. She was on medication for headaches that just wouldn’t go away. It was like a freight train had hit her at full force and decided to stay there.

“Vida!!!” The sound of the other high whores made her skin crawl as Marco dragged ger down the steps. They called out to her like they were all old friends, but in all honesty, the only friend she had was gone.

Marco released her at the bottom of the steps, and Vida fell to the ground. She groaned and slowly made her way up to her feet.

A hard smack on her ass made her yelp, and she turned to see Lola. A small Hispanic woman who spoke barely any English, but somehow took more American cock than any American woman Vida knew. Marco was in love with her, so she was considered all the whore’s ”mother,” and to be honest, she had earned her spot and respect.

“Beautiful, Mija,” Lola said with a wink before walking away.

“Vida, come.”

Vida followed Marco, and the closer he got to what he called his “conference room”, the more her stomach churned. But she wouldn’t beg for mercy because it didn’t matter; Marco wouldn’t give it. When they stepped into the large room, Vida noticed ten men immediately. They were all stroking their cocks while staring at two of Marco’s women using a double-sided dildo on each other.

“Out!” he shouted, and all the men groaned in protest, watching the two women scurry away. That was until Marco grabbed Vida by the arm and pulled her forward.

Vida whimpered when he pushed her over one of the couches, and her upper body sat in-between two men.

Suddenly she felt flesh at her entrance, and she stiffened, but then it was gone. Her muscles relaxed slightly, but it was short-lived when she saw the empty condom wrapper flutter down to the cushion in front of her face. Seconds later, Marco pushed into her.


He was so fucking small.

Vida sagged her head and let her pimp have his way with her. She had to fight the urge to laugh at his attempts to dirty talk in her ear.

“For such a fat bitch. Your pussy is gold.”

I’ve gained twenty pounds, so calm down, but thanks.

“Daddy is fucking you good, isn’t he?”


“You like my big cock don’t you?”

I’ve seen baby carrots bigger.

Finally, Marco finished and pulled out of her. Vida rolled her eyes and went to stand up only to have Marco push her back over.

“No,” Marco spat. “Line up!” he then screamed, and Vida watched in horror as all ten men stood to their feet and made a line behind her. She turned and looked up to Marco with pleading eyes. Marco only smirked and stepped closer.

“You’ve been gone far too long, my little bitch. You’ve cost me a hefty hospital bill and a couple of nights in jail. It’s time to pay me back, don’t you think?” With a simple shake of her head, Vida turned and stared straight in front of her. She planned out in her head just how she would slit his throat later that night. After she did it, she’d call the police and wait. Her prison name would be Sexy Vivi, and she’d fuck one of the guards to get things she wanted from the outside world. But her sick fantasy would never pan out.

The sweet gratification of taking Marco’s life would never be hers. As she watched him fall backward and hit the ground with a loud thud, Vida knew that someone else had just done it for her.

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