The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Twenty: Flashback

The room was pitch black, just the way Vida wanted it. Her eyes were open but the darkness made her feel like she had gone blind, but she needed it that way. She needed to think.

She was dead.

Now she was alive.

Nothing made sense, and now she must protect her baby from other supernatural creatures who were more than likely going to come after her. Vida rubbed her flat stomach and sighed. She couldn’t feel the baby yet, but just knowing it was there put her in her happy place.

“Vida,” a female voice came from the other side of the door followed by a soft knock. Vida didn’t answer; she just continued to stare up at the ceiling she couldn’t see as confusion wrapped itself around her like a cocoon. The door opened slowly letting the light from the living room peek in and then the light to the room came on. There in the door stood Lena and Trent. Vida sat up immediately, got off the bed and ran to them. They wrapped their arms around her in a small group hug and that was when the tears started.

“I’m so confused.,” Vida sobbed as she pulled away and looked at them both. “Why does Lennox keep lying to me? Why am I alive when I was once dead? Who was I before? What was I before?” she ranted and Lena gave her a small smile.

“All those questions Lennox will have to answer for you,” Lena said. “We are here to help protect you and that bundle of joy growing in you.”

“But no one knows about me being pregnant except for Summer and Wyatt.” Vida watched as Trent and Lena shared a side glance. Something was wrong.

“Wait...I just found out that I was reincarnated only hours ago. The trip to Dubai is almost fifteen hours long. That means you two were already on your way here...” She looked at Lena. “They already know don’t they? Whoever oversees us already knows!”

Instant panic.

Vida started to sob uncontrollably and seconds later Lennox was bursting into the room. He looked at his sobbing woman and then to his Beta and sister.

“What the fuck is going on? What did you say?!” he yelled at Trent.

“As if you have the right to come in here and yell at us! Your best friend is the motherfucker who told the high council about Vida and her baby! Now the agreement with Hades is void and all fucking hell is about to break loose!” Trent yelled back and Vida froze. The sound of his name had memories flooding back like wildfire. Her body fell over and she began to shake violently.

“Her soul, that’s what the lycanthrope king wants.” She stood in the doorway of her master’s room, not daring to enter but only listening as a woman dressed in all black whose face is covered by a veil spoke with him.

“I cannot do that,” Hades said back. “She is my most prized possession. So sweet, so obedient and quite the fuck.” He chuckled and then his eyes flickered up to meet hers. A smirk spread across his face as he raised his index finger and beckoned her over. With her head down, she walked into his room. She didn’t dare look up until he told her too.

“Sweet one, look at me,” Hades said as he placed a finger under her chin making her look up. When She did, he leaned forward and pecked her lips causing her to smile.

“Thank you,” she said as he pulled away. The woman with the dark clothing and veils over her face tilted her head to one side as she processed their interaction. She could barely make out her face but she was sure she was beautiful. The women that visited the underworld usually were.

“You see, so obedient and more beautiful than the rarest of roses. She is my favorite, so why should I let her go? What do I gain in return for giving up my companion?”

“Her womb,” the woman replied and she drew back in surprise.

“My womb?” she asked as she looked at Hades and back to her. Hades looked intrigued. The woman then opened her hand, a small violet light began to form in her hand. It then floated toward her and disappeared just below her navel.

“You give her back to the king and her womb is yours. Any child that is conceived that is not yours will be destined to kill all those who are supernatural. Her womb will be yours, for your children.”

Hades smirked and then he looked down at her. Rubbing his thumb across her cheek and then bending down and capturing her lips with his. His long black hair draped them in a black curtain as he slowly kissed her. Taking his time to explore and taste her mouth. It made her core clench and she heard him groan as she wrapped her arms around his muscular shoulders. He then pulled away and she whimpered. Hades placed his hand at the back of her neck and their foreheads touched.

“I will see you again, my precious LaVida. But until then, go, live again.” She didn’t get to respond before a bright light blinded her and then darkness.

Vida gasped for air as she woke in the bed wrapped tightly in Lennox’s arms. He was murmuring sweet nothings in her ear and her body ached something fierce. She went limp and slowly opened her eyes to see Trent, Lena, Summer and Wyatt circled around the bed.

“W-what’s going o-on?” she questioned as Lena darted away and Summer sat on the bed.

“You had a seizure.” Vida heard Lennox whisper in her ear. Lena came back with a bottle of water she handed to Summer as Lennox slowly sat them both up. Lennox took the water from Summer and handed it to Vida who took it with shaky hands. She took a quick swallow before looking up to Lennox who was frowning.

“I remembered something,” Vida said as she looked at him and Lennox furrowed his eyebrows.

“What did you remember?”

“Hades, and the deal that was made for my soul’s return.” The room was so silent, only the sound of the ceiling fan could be heard as everyone stared at her. Vida scanned everyone’s face and the only person who looked slightly confused was Summer.

“What was the deal?” Summer asked as she looked at her with wide eyes.

“My womb. I was to never have children with anyone else except for Hades.” Summer gasped and Vida’s eyes narrowed as she stared at Lennox who looked royally pissed.

“Everyone out,” Vida said and without hesitation the room was empty except for Lennox and her. He stood to his feet and rubbed his hand down his face.

“Did you know this?” she asked the frustrated man and he looked down at her before nodding his head.

“Of course, I knew LaVida.”

“Then why fuck me without protection? Why put everyone at risk for your selfish needs?” Vida said calmly. She was too weak to yell, but she wanted answers.

“You are my mate LaVida! My Queen! The love of my eternal life and I am a Lycanthrope. It is hardwired into my DNA to want to breed you and Hades knew that!”

Vida took a deep breath and rubbed her face with both hands. This was the ultimate shit show and she was the damn lead performer.

“So, what happens now Lennox? We can’t hide from the god of the underworld. So, what can we possibly do?”

Lennox didn’t know what to do. He had broken the deal that was made with the devil himself.

“To be honest, I don’t know LaVida, but whatever happens, we will get through it together. I promise. I’m here with you,” he said as he bent down in front of her grabbing both her hands. Vida gripped his face with both her hands and bent down to kiss him. There was a longing in the kiss as if they both knew that things would end badly.

Lennox slowly moved to his feet and Vida laid down on the bed beneath them. Their kiss becoming frantic and full of wanting. In what felt like seconds they both were naked. Lennox grabbed Vida under one of her knees and pulled her leg up as he let himself sink into her.

“I love you,” he hissed as he sunk to the hilt in her sweet pussy. “And I will lay down my life for you.”

His words held truth, and promise, for Lennox knew what the fates would be if he fought Hades. He felt Vida tug his hair harshly and his eyes that were closed, slowly opened.

“No thinking, just feel,” she hummed and Lennox let out a sound that he didn’t know he could make. Something between a sob and a moan. His emotions were running over. He had everything he ever wanted and now it was slipping away.

“Lennox, stop thinking and just feel me,” Vida’s voice rang out through his dark thoughts and Lennox began to speed up his pace. His thrusts becoming harsh, hard, deep. All the frustration coming out as he began to fuck his Queen.

Vida was moaning loud enough for the whole hotel to hear and Lennox didn’t care. He pounded her body into the bed as if he were trying to imprint her silhouette on it. His back stung beautifully as Vida’s nails grew and penetrated his skin. The squelching sounds her pussy made as he entered her and the sound of their skin connecting was driving them both wild.

“I love you. I love you. I love you,” Lennox grunted as he chased his high. Vida screamed out her orgasm and Lennox immediately followed with a loud roar.

He slumped down but was sure not to put his full body weight on Vida.

“Now that was absolutely marvelous to watch,” a voice said from the far end of the room. Lennox screwed his eyes shut at the sound of the fucker’s voice. He felt Vida squirm underneath him and Lennox was quick to pull out of her and cover her body.

“No need to cover her up Lennox, I have seen and felt every part of her.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Lennox roared as he stood to his feet and pulled on his pants. Vida looked over and gasped when she saw him.

Long jet-black hair that rested around his waist. Deep blue eyes, and perfectly chiseled facial features. She couldn’t look away and she felt her body heat up when his tongue darted out and licked his full pouty pink lips. It was the man from her flashback. The beautiful man who she once shared the underworld with.


“Hello LaVida. It’s so good to see you again.”

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