The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Twenty-One: How Long

Vida was frozen in place. Her heart hammering violently against her chest. Lennox’s arm was around her waist in seconds drawing her close. She watched as Hades’ gaze darkened and his eyes flickered from her to Lennox. They narrowed before he exhaled a smiled. The bedroom door burst open and Trent was growling along with Lena. They made their way over to her and Lennox and took on a challenging stance.

“There won’t be a fight today, so calm yourselves,” Hades said dismissively. Vida wanted to say something, anything but her words were caught in her throat. The way her body hummed from being so close to him, she wanted to touch his skin, feel him close.

“Vida, sweet woman. You can come touch me at any point,” Vida gasped as she looked up to Lennox who was looking down at her already with confusion written all over his face. When her legs moved to walk forward Lennox’s grip tightened but something in Vida came alive and she pushed away from him.

“LaVida, what are you doing?” he said frantically but Vida felt as though she was underwater. Everything around her muffled. She could faintly hear Lena begging and Trent growling. Hades’ hand was outstretched and Vida stared down at it. Soon enough she was close enough to touch him. She hesitated for a small moment. Her mind was racing, her body began feeling things that she had only felt for Lennox. Vida felt like she was betraying him, but how?

“Come, little love. Touch me,” Hades said and Vida felt electricity soar threw her. Her hand grazed his and her knees buckled; her body began to seize. The last thing she heard before the darkness took her was Lennox’s feral growl and then there was a bright light. Weightlessness overtook her body and she felt like she was floating.


Lennox ran. His feet hard against the forest ground, his heart shattered into a million pieces. She was gone and he didn’t have the slightest clue on how to get her back. Hades had taken her right in front of him. As soon as she touched his hand, she was gone in a flash of light and all Lennox could do was watch. Lena had been trying so hard to find a passage into the underworld, but it didn’t matter; they all had to be granted the right to enter by Hades. When his feet finally stopped, he was standing in front of the house he thought he would never see again.

He moved to knock on the door but it flew open and, in the doorway, stood a beautiful woman. Long jet-black hair and a long black gown to match. She hadn’t aged a day.

“You broke the oath Lennox. I can do nothing for you.” Her voice was soft and airy. Her eyes the color of pure granite.

“Please,” Lennox begged. His voice pained. Rainee looked up to her friend and let out a heavy sigh before inviting him in.

“I expected more of you,” she said as she grabbed her tea from the side table and went to sit at her circular table. As soon as the word left her mouth two wolves came through the front door and immediately shifted into their human form.

“Ah Trent, and Lena,” Rainee said with a small smile as she ushered everyone to sit down. “Now tell me why you are here.”

“Isn’t it obvious!?” Lena screeched as she glared at Rainee.

“The only thing that is obvious is that LaVida is pregnant and that Hades took what was rightfully his.”

“Rightfully!?” It was Lennox’s turn to scream at the witch. Rainee just continued to sip her tea. “She is mine! She has always been mine!”

“She was yours once, and then she died and then she was Hades’. Then he made a DEAL with you. One that you went back on when you poured your essence into her with no care in the world.”

There was a deep silence. Everyone wrapped up in their own thoughts. Lennox was in utter turmoil. His heart was at his feet. His soul was detached, gone when Hades took Vida.

“What can we do?” he said. His voice cracked violently and his cheeks became wet and his throat dried.

“Only thing you can do is strike a deal,” Rainee said as she stood to refill her mug.

“We have to get to Hades to do that,” Trent countered immediately. Lena nodded her head yes in agreement and Rainee just looked between all three of them.

“I can only take one of you. And I’m sure that person is Lennox.”

“I’ll do whatever I need to do to help get the love of my eternity back.” Rainee gave Lennox a sad smile before placing down her mug. She walked over and grabbed Lennox’s hand.

“Well let’s get this shit storm started.” Lennox exhaled right before Rainee placed a single finger on the top of his forehead. Darkness took him immediately and then he felt a sense of weightlessness before it ended. When he opened his eyes, he was seated at another table. Beside him sat Rainee and across from him sat Hades and then his gaze shifted to the woman who was sitting on his lap. She looked like his LaVida but something was different.

“Time is not relevant in the god’s realm,” Rainee whispered. “It may have been a mere day to the mortal world, but that can mean a week or more here.”

A hundred years. The words sunk in thick and judging by the smug look on Hades face, Lennox knew something was wrong.

“How long has it been?” Lennox questioned Hades directly. Hades smirked and looked up to Vida. He gripped her chin and turned her head. She planted a small kiss on his lip and Lennox’s heart broke right then.

“HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN!?” he screamed as all his resolve shattered.

“Why don’t you ask my sweet love.” Hades tilted his head toward Vida who was now intently staring at Lennox. Her eyebrows were furrowed as if she were trying to think. Or remember. She then stood slowly and when she did her stomach came into view. Full and round.

“It’s been four months.”

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