The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Twenty-Two: Boy O’Boy

Who was this man? That’s all Vida could think as she stared at the handsome man that sat across from her. His wife was very beautiful, but he didn’t focus on the blacked-haired woman. No, he only focused on her. She rubbed her belly and watched as his eyes watered.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” Vida questioned as she finally found her voice. Lennox’s gaze flickered up to her and it held so many rare emotions. She saw sadness, hurt, anger.

“You don’t know who I am?” Lennox questioned as he stood to his feet. His fist clenched and unclenched as Vida tilted her head slightly. He looked familiar but she didn’t know exactly where she knew him from but she knew she felt that she knew him.

“Baby,” she heard Hades’ voice and she turned to look at him. His eyes always made her feel something she couldn’t describe.

“Yes Hades.” Suddenly she felt compelled to sit down, and so she did. Her vision was hazy and she was feeling the need to sleep. “I need to sleep.”

Lennox almost came unglued. He knew what Hades was doing to the love of his life but he was in Hades’ domain so there was no way of challenging him. Vida pulled away from Hades and began leaving the room. She felt someone grab her forearm and electricity shot through her. Her back arched, her breath left her body, and she turned to see who had touched her.


“Please remember me,” he said. “You are carrying my child, LaVida. Please, remember.” His voice was broken and distraught. Vida felt his words tug at her heart. She slowly pulled her arm out of his grasp and gave him a nod.

“Okay,” with that she left the room to go lay down.

“Now that we are alone. What is it that you need Lennox?” That almost set the almost feral Lycanthrope off but he held his composure.

“You know damn well why I am here Hades. She is my mate; she is meant to be with me and she is carrying my child! I don’t know what haze you have over her but make her remember me and let me take her home!!” His voice was a roar that shook Hades’ castle. The god of the underworld lifted an eyebrow.

“And what do I get Lennox. I gave her soul back to you and all you had to do was use a fucking condom. But no, you selfishly chose to fuck her raw and impregnate her. So, the deal is dead and she is mine. When your son is born, then I will free him to you and let him kill all the supernatural beings,” Hades said mockingly. That was it for Lennox with a roar he shifted and jumped over the table. He raised his hand to swipe his nails through his chest but Hades was quick. The god held up his hand and Lennox froze in time. Hovering over the table growling.

“Ah, ah, ahhhhh. Now Lennox. You don’t want to do that do you?” He closed his hand into a fist and Lennox let out a yelp of pain. Before falling onto the table.

“Hades, do you really want Vida here with you for the rest of eternity. Is she truly who you desire?” Rainee finally joined in on the interaction.

“Rainee, you know as well as I do that I enjoy LaVida’s company.”

“But she isn’t the same LaVida that you gave back. If she were you wouldn’t have to cover her mind with a haze so that all she is aware of is her feelings. She’d want you freely.” Hades narrowed his eyes at the witch who just looked back at him with a calm expression. Rainee knew she was right and she had the perfect plan in store.

“I can retrain her,” Hades said as he released his hold on Lennox. The large man turned back into his human form and glared at the god. He grunted as he removed himself from the table while eyeing Hades.

“How about we trade?” Rainee countered. This peaked both men’s attention as they stared at her intently.

“You give Lennox his woman and you can have me.” Lennox’s mouth dropped and Hades’ mouth drew up into a smirk. Rainee and Hades had history that all the supernatural creatures knew about. He had wanted Rainee for centuries. She was the Queen of the witches. Powerful, strong and honestly stunning. She had denied Hades but now she was willing to trade her throne for Lennox.

“Now that sounds like something I can get behind.” Hades raised his hand and snapped his finger. Suddenly a loud scream came from upstairs and minutes later LaVida burst into the room frantically.

“Where the fuck am I?” she screamed as she searched the room. Her eyes zeroed in on Lennox and she ran to him. He opened his arms to her and she ran to him but something stopped them from connecting fully. Vida then looked down at her stomach. She looked up to Lennox and laughed nervously.

“I-I don’t know how this happened,” Vida said to Lennox and the man just smiled. His hand came down on her rounded belly and the baby kicked. Vida gasped and Lennox’s eyes went wide.

“I’m all for a sentimental moment, but I think it’s time I claim my prize.” Hades stood and walked over to Rainee, he held his hand out and Rainee placed her hand in it.

“What’s happening?” Vida questioned. Rainee gave her a genuine smile and then looked up to Lennox.

“Just helping you two have your happily ever after.” She then walked over and touched both Lennox and Vida’s forehead and just like that the two were standing in Rainee’s cabin. Vida saw Lena and Trent before they saw her and she squealed.

“OH MY GOD!” Lena said as she turned and ran to Vida, but she halted her movements when she saw her belly. “OH MY GOD!” she screeched again but in a totally different context. Lena touched Vida’s round belly and once again the baby kicked. Trent walked up and did the same thing and the baby kicked again.

“Wow,” he said before changing the subject. “Where is Rainee?”

With a grateful smile but a sad heart Lennox looked at Trent and told him what Rainee had done. He then told him and his sister to make their way to the Witch Colony and talk to Rainee’s daughter. Lennox was sure Rainee would come back to verify to her people but he wanted to let them know immediately.

When Lennox and LaVida were alone, there was a thick silence.

“How did this happen?” Vida said looking down at her stomach.

“Let’s not worry about that LaVida, let’s get you to the pack doctor and see when you are due.”

“What am I having? Do you know?” Vida asked Lennox and he smiled.

“A boy.”

Twenty-Three: A Lie

Vida and Lennox arrived at the estate a day later, exhausted and ready for bed, but they were also excited. They wanted to see the baby for the first time and find out just how far along Vida was. When they walked the pack grounds Vida received some stares but none of them negative. All smiles and bows of respect.

“How far along do you think you are?” the pack doctor said to Vida and she looked over to Lennox then back to the elderly woman. They had seen the babies, yup all four and had the ultrasounds printed off. Even a 3d ultra-sound that proved that their little boys would be the spitting image of their handsome daddy.

“A little over a month give or take. Or that’s what I thought before I spent time in the underworld,” Vida said and she watched as the woman’s gray eyes grew in astonishment. The doctor dropped her folder and stood. She raised her hands up as if she were afraid and began to back up.

“It’s you,” she said as she shook. “You’re the one that the elders are looking for. You’re the woman who’s pregnant with the seed that will end us all.” Her gaze darted to Lennox and she began to cry.

“You have to kill them Alpha; you have to kill them before they kill us!” Lennox let out a feral roar and the woman cowed before scrambling out of the medical examination room. Vida slowly got down from the table and rubbed her belly possessively.

“What are we going to do? You know she’s about to go out and warn everyone that the evil babies are about to be born,” Vida said as she shook. She couldn’t imagine the pain she would go through if the elders or anyone else tried to kill the babies inside of her. But she knew that she would more than likely die in the wake of it all. A sacrifice she was willing to make.

“Listen to me baby,” Lennox said as he gripped Vida’s face between his hands. “The rumors about our sons are untrue. They aren’t evil; it was all a lie that Hades told the supernatural creatures to ensure that I did not get you pregnant. Do you think I would truly get you pregnant if it were true?”

“W-What are you saying Lennox?” Vida said as a grin spread across her face and tears fell from her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I’m saying that our little Lycans are nothing more than that. There will be nothing evil about them.”

“Oh, thank goddess,” the relieved woman said as she wrapped her arms around Lennox’s neck and squeezed. But Lennox sighed deeply before pulling back and looking at Vida with worried eyes.

“But we aren’t out of the woods yet baby. The other creatures don’t know that and they won’t believe it for a second if we tell them. They’ll think we are just trying to save our boys’ lives, so we just have lay low until you have them.”

“Okay, where will we go?” Vida asked as she tried not to sob.

“I have just the place. Wyatt and Summer have—”

“Wyatt and Summer!? Have you lost your fucking mind!? Those fuckers tried to take me to the damn elders! I won’t let them within ten miles of our boys and me!” Lennox knew this would be her reaction but he knew Wyatt and Summer were their best bet.

“LaVida, listen to me—” That was all Lennox was able to get out before the clinic room door burst open. A man and two women stood on the other side of it. Their skin as pale as ghosts, their eyes red, and their foreheads sporting a pair of horns. Lennox pushed his Vida behind his back and glared at them. He bared his teeth at the three creatures and they immediately lunged, but something stopped them dead in their tracks. Like an invisible shield. Lennox turned around to see Vida’s eyes pitch black. She was shaking and Lennox knew that if she shifted it could very well harm the babies.

“Baby! Stop!” he shouted and Vida’s dark eyes looked up to him. The three demons immediately fell to the ground and Vida’s eyes went back to their natural state. Lennox didn’t stop to ask questions; he just scooped Vida up and shifted. Bursting through the back wall of the hospital room, he ran through the courtyard and was met by his pack. Standing in front of them was the last person he ever wanted to see.

“Samantha, what the fuck are you doing here?” The bitch of a woman just smirked as she walked forward slowly. Vida’s head snapped around at the mention of her name and before Lennox could stop her, she had jumped from his arms and stood up.

“Oh look. If it isn’t the prostitute who stole my husband and ruined my fucking life. Oh, how I’m going to enjoy killing you and those monsters in your belly.” Vida let out a roar that Lennox had never heard before. She shifted without a second thought and took off running for Samantha. Samantha shifted and took off on all four toward Vida. Soon enough they both clashed.

Lennox knew Samantha didn’t stand a chance so he made no move to help. Immediately Samantha latched on to Vida chest and bit down harshly, only to pulled off and slammed to the ground. The she-wolf whimpered, but Vida didn’t care. She pulled the wolf up and slammed her back down, over and over until she heard bones cracking. Vida picked up a now limp wolf and with great force, she severed her head from her body, with her large lycanthrope hands.

Twenty-Four: Home With Hades

“It’s been almost a day! What’s wrong with her!” Lennox’s voice boomed through the bunker causing everyone to flinch. The doctor who had been sent to see after Vida and their pups was of no help. She knew of supernatural beings, but she herself was human.

“I don’t know. She seems to be perfectly healthy. Maybe she’s just tired,” the young woman said. When Lennox turned to face her, she cowed backward and stood behind Summer who glared up at the angry man.

“Being an asshole isn’t helping Lennox. You’re scaring the shit out of her,” Summer said as she rolled her eyes. “Maybe she is tired. The pups are healthy and their hearts are beating and Vida seems to be perfectly fine.”

“She’s right Alpha,” Trent chimed in as he handed Lennox a shot of scotch. The aggravated man drank it down and handed the empty glass back to his Beta before speaking.

“Alright, I just want her to wake up soon.” Lennox grabbed Vida’s limp hand and intertwined their fingers as he sat in a comfortable chair beside her. She looked peaceful and free of pain and worry. Maybe she was just tired.

The smell of pasta started to fill the bunker and Lennox knew that Lena and Wyatt were almost done with dinner. Both of them had always been amazing cooks and they agreed to make the food for everyone that evening. Vida stirred a little bit and her eyes fluttered open.

“Something smells good,” she croaked and everyone in the room laughed. Vida smiled softly but when her eyes zeroed in on the human woman she furrowed her eyebrows. Who was this woman?

“Who is she?” Vida asked as she slowly sat up with the help of Lennox. Her body shuddered at the memory of her ripping Samantha’s head off and all of the werewolves from the pack running scared. That’s the last thing she remembered before passing out.

“She’s a doctor that Wyatt and Summer knew. She came to check on the babies and you. You’ve been asleep for sixteen hours,” Lennox said as he caressed her back lovingly.

“And how are the babies?”

“T-they’re fine,” the woman said from behind Summer and Vida furrowed her eyebrows. “I won’t hurt you.”

“She’s like that because big bag Alpha over there can’t keep his cool,” Lena said as she walked into the room wiping her hands on an apron. She smiled at Vida as she walked over and gave her sister-in-law a hug.

“How are you feeling mama?” she said as she rubbed Vida’s stomach. A single kick came from the left side of her belly and that made both women smile.

“Alright as much as I love this bonding moment, can we go fucking eat. I am starving,” Trent said as he headed toward the kitchen. Vida giggled when Lena rolled her eyes and she let out a yelp when Lennox picked her up from the small couch and carried her into the small kitchen. Everyone took a seat and waited for Summer to come. After a few minutes she walked in humming but the doctor wasn’t with her.

“Where did the young doctor go?” Vida asked as Summer sat down.

“I led her out of the bunker and killed her,” she said nonchalantly. Vida’s eyes widened and her mouth slacked. Summer gave her a sad smile and looked away. Wyatt was by her side in a second reassuring her that what she did had to be done because she too needed to eat. Vida instantly felt bad and apologized.

“I didn’t mean to make you feel self-conscious. I guess it just slipped my mind that vampires do have to feed, and she could have left and spilled the beans about our whereabouts. So thanks so much Summer.” Vida gave her a genuine smile and Summer immediately returned it with her own. The food was served and everyone waited for Vida to take the first bite. Once she did everyone immediately started eating and talking.

“So where are we?” Vida said between bites of food.

“A bunker that I own,” Wyatt said as he drank a glass of blood. Vida just nodded her head, the pasta she was eating was so good and the babies moved inside of her like wildfire, letting her know that they enjoyed it too. After two servings, she and the babies were full. They continued to talk about how Vida killed Samantha and now the rumors were that the babies were channeling the evil through their mother. Now Vida was considered evil, but she didn’t give a shit; if anyone else threatened her babies or her, she would do the same with no hesitation.

“Now that we are here, what’s next? I know that the babies aren’t evil but how are we going to convince the other supernatural creatures that they are not?” Vida asked as she sipped on water. Lennox was the first to speak.

“Well, we are more than likely going to have to have the little pups in the underworld.”

“What!!!” Vida immediately screamed as she sat down her glass.

“Hear us out Vida,” Trent said before looking to Lena.

“Sis, it’s the only place you will be safe. Hades knows the truth and his nymphs know how to deliver babies. They will help you after they are born too, and while you guys are down there, we will be up here talking with the elders, letting them know the truth,” Lena said as she stared intently at Vida.

“Why can’t Hades just come up and speak to everyone himself. Or at least the elders?” Vida questioned and everyone except for Summer, who always seemed to be lost, took a deep breath.

“Hades is an asshole,” Trent began. “He’s going to want something in return. We don’t know what it is yet, but we know it’s going to be something unreasonable. You’re due any day now from what we understand so we can’t take the chance.”

“Is he even going to let me have the babies there?”

“Yes, we have already consulted with Rainee and Hades is literally putty at her feet. He didn’t want to agree but with some convincing he said yes,” Lennox said as he gave her hand a squeeze. When he did this Vida’s abdomen tightened violently. A deep groan left her lips as she screwed her eyes shut and bowed her head.

“Vida! Vida baby what is it?” Lennox said as he kneeled down in front of her. Vida slowly opened her eyes as the pain subsided slightly and cupped her mate’s cheek.

“I think it’s time to go home to Hades.”

Twenty-Five: His Father

Lennox paced outside of the room that Hades had assigned to Vida. She was in full-blown labor and the screams that were coming from the other side of the door had him on edge. He wanted to be by her side, but she refused to let him close. Rainee assured him that some women were like this during childbirth and when it was all over, Vida would more than likely cry over the way she had treated him.

The room to the door opened and Rainee came out. She was covered in blood and looked panicked.

“Rainee,” Lennox said slowly as he walked up to her. Rainee looked up and her eyes swelled with tears. Panic wrapped itself around the large man and began to suffocate him. He pushed Rainee aside and ran into the room. The nymphs were hustling around. One was giving Vida water while the others moved around her lower half.

“What’s going on?” The nymphs jumped at the sound of Lennox’s voice. They all looked up to him but didn’t speak.

“L-Lennox?” Vida moaned and in seconds he was by her side. He wrapped his large hand around her fragile one and kissed the back of it.

“I’m here baby. I’m here,” Lennox said as he leaned forward and peppered her face with kisses.

“Sir, we need her to push,” the nymph that was between her legs said. Lennox sat Vida up the best he could and began coaching her. After ten minutes a faint cry could be heard. The nymph pulled back with a smile and looked at them.

“A sweet boy,” she said before handing the infant off to another nymph. Suddenly Hades and Rainee were in the room and standing on the other side of Vida. Rainee looked delighted but Hades’ expression held dread that transferred over to Lennox immediately. Something bad was going to happen; Lennox felt it in his bones.

“Push sweet Vida,” the nymph said and Vida immediately did as told. Seconds later another cry sounded off in the room and the nymph held up Lennox’s second son. Tears streamed down his face as he felt unimaginable joy.

“Come on baby, just two more times,” Lennox whispered as he kissed the side of Vida’s sweaty forehead. Vida cried out as she pushed out yet another small baby, but this time no cry was heard. The nymph looked frightened and Rainee immediately left Vida’s side and grabbed the infant from the nymph.

“Why isn’t he crying?” Vida said weakly as she looked at Lennox. He didn’t know how to answer, so he didn’t. Instead he coached her through her last push. The baby slipped from her womb with a loud wail and the nymph once again showed them their son before handing it off. She then started the process of removing the afterbirth and cleaning Vida. Lennox rushed over to Rainee who was surrounded by nymphs.

“Rainee, please,” Lennox choked out. His soul knew what had happened but his heart and mind couldn’t register it.

“Hades, do something!” Vida cried as she looked on from the bed. Hades gave her a true look of sorrow before exhaling deeply.

“HADES!” Rainee wailed next as she cried out for the small lifeless infant. Lennox couldn’t speak as he turned and looked at the god with pleading eyes. When they made eye contact, the truth hit him like a ton of bricks. Lennox knew what Hades was about to say even before he said it.

“If I give back the child’s soul, I will not go talk to the elders. But if you let me keep this child as my own, I will gladly free you of any worry in the mortal world.” The room grew silent and Lennox fought the urge to shift and attempt to rip Hades apart.

“How dare you!!” Vida screeched. “Give us back our child!”

“How dare I?! I restored your soul even though I loved you with every fiber of my being. I allowed someone who gave me amazing companionship, to leave to love another!” Hades seethed. “All I asked for in return was for your womb. That meant that you were to bear my children, not his. So, I believe this is a fair trade.”

“No!” Lennox roared as he lunged. Once again Hades immediately crippled him.

“You have three beautiful souls to love in the mortal world. All I am asking for is one. One single son of yours, in exchange for peace. Is that too much to ask?”

Vida sobbed uncontrollably into her hands. She didn’t know what to say or do.

“Make your decision quickly. You have mere seconds before not even I can bring that child’s soul back from my gates,” Hades said as he allowed Lennox to stand. Lennox immediately went to Vida and wrapped her up in his arms. They shared a moment of heartache and tears, but they both knew that there was no way around it.

“Can we visit him?” Vida said as she looked up to Hades.

The god of the Underworld gave her a curt nod.

“Baby no,” Lennox said as he looked into Vida’s eyes with fear. He couldn’t believe she was even considering it.

“What other choice do we have Lennox? This will ensure that all of our boys grow up safe,” His woman said with a sad smile and teary eyes. Lennox screwed his eyes shut and let out a sigh of defeat. His shoulders sulked as he turned to look at Hades. With a shaky voice he let out a simple word;


A flash of light swirled around the room and landed in the chest of the lifeless infant that Rainee held. Seconds later the small bundle cried out. Lennox and Vida let out cries of delight that immediately turned into sobs of sadness, for they would never get to watch the small soldier grow. When Rainee attempted to let them hold the boy one last time, both refused. They didn’t want any form of attachment; it would be too hard. Hades then took the small boy from the witch’s hand and in a cloud of smoke they both disappeared.

“You two are so brave,” Rainee said as she bent to kiss both their foreheads. She then disappeared to give them time to rejoice and grieve at the same time. The nymph situated Vida in the bed so that Lennox could lay beside the mother of his children. They then slowly handed them all three babies. Lennox held two of them, while Vida held one as she began to breastfeed him.

“Names?” Lennox said softly.

Vida looked down at the sweet boy she held in her arms. His hair was jet black, and when his eyes slowly opened, she smiled. He had a small mole on the middle of his forehead.

“How about we name you Tristen after your uncle?” Vida said softly. She then looked at the two boys that Lennox held. They too had jet black hair. The infant in his left arm had a small mole on his cheek.

“We will name him Ryan after Rainee.” And the last infant had a small mole on his chin. “As for the last little guy, we will name him, August. In honor of the two vampires on earth who once tried to kidnap me but decided to help me instead.” This caused Lennox to chuckle as he switched Ryan with Tristen so that the infant could breastfeed. Tears continued to stream down Vida’s face. She felt overwhelming sadness, guilt, and happiness. Three different emotions, battling within her.

“I love you Lennox, thank you for everything,” Vida sobbed. Lennox leaned forward and kissed her salty lips passionately.

“We did what we had to do baby,” he reassured.

They both then sat back in silence as Vida breastfed each child. Both wondering what would come of the little boy they allowed Hades to have. But for now, they both basked in the love and life of the children that they held.

For they would raise them to be strong and wise. They would love them unconditionally and they only hoped that one day, their son would understand and forgive them for what they had done.


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