The Secret Of Us

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“Come now Ditis, your brothers will be here any minute,” Rainee said as she walked over to the 6’5 man. Ditis looked down at his second mother and smiled widely. His mole disappeared into his dimple like it always did, and his eyes crinkled.

“Are mother and father not coming?” he asked as he threw on his V-neck. A sad smile graced Rainee’s lips as she shook her head no.

“I don’t think they want to be a bother. You said some rather unforgivable things to them last year, so I guess they want to give you space.” Ditis shrugged his shoulders as he walked out of the room, only to run into his father. Hades stumbled slightly with a laugh.

“Sorry Father.”

“No worries my son. I know you love it when your brothers visit,” Hades said as he pat his boy on the back. Ditis took off out of the house and when he was outside, his jet black wings expanded as he flew for the gates. He looked at the Underworld as he flew. The beautiful grays and black that graced the ground and the magnificent orange and purple that littered the sky. Ditis loved it here, but he had never seen the sun. Only heard stories about it.

When he arrived at the gates, his brothers stood on the other side with large grins on their faces.

“Brothers!” Ditis shouted as he flicked his hand and the gates opened. He wrapped them up in his wings and they all shared a large hug.

“Ditis, damn bro you’re looking more and more like dad every day.” Ditis’ eyes went to the mole in the middle of his brother’s forehead. He gave Tristen a scowl from the deepest pit of his soul, but his brother only laughed.

“Shut up,” the Prince of the Underworld said as he turned around.

“Now, now, that any way to treat your brothers on our twenty-first birthday?” A heartfelt laugh left Ditis’ throat.

“You guys have forgotten that one day on earth is a week here. I’ve been twenty-one. But happy birthday to you three.” Tristen, August and Ryan all rolled their eyes at Ditis. He had always loved to rub it in their faces that he was basically the oldest, but it was due to his time in the Underworld, did not mimic time on earth.

“So what are the plans for the four months that we are here?” Tristen asked Ditis as they leisurely strolled back toward the castle.

Ditis gave his brothers a smile that made them all shake their heads. They knew he wanted to do something that would end up getting them all in a shit tone of trouble. It had always been that way, but he was raised by a witch and the king of the underworld, so what was to be expected?

“We’re going to either convince Father to let me live in the mortal world for a while.”

“And if he says no,” Tristen countered immediately.

“Then you three help me escape.”

Authors’ Note:

I know a lot of questions still remain…

But join me on the second journey with this series in “The Secret of Ditis”, which will be available in early 2021!

This entire series will be stand-a-lone books that do not have to be read in any type of order! Thank you for taking the time to read this book!

All the love,


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