The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Four: Feel

And a kingdom it was.

Vida sat up straighter as they pulled up to a brick wall. That had a large golden iron gate at the front of it. She gasped when they pulled up to it and she saw a house at the top of a steep hill. As the truck pulled through the gates smaller houses came into view, and a few small shops.

“What is this?” Vida whispered as she stared in awe.

“This is The Morlex Estate,” Trent replied and Vida furrowed her eyebrows. She turned her head around to look at Trent and stared at him for a moment.

“Do you not mean community?” Her voice held humor.

“No, I meant Estate.”


“You’ll get all your answers in due time. Until then we need to get you to your house.” Vida’s head drew back in surprise before she composed herself.

“I’m confused. How do I have a house here? This is the first time I have ever seen this place, so how is it possible for me to have a residence?”

She watched as Trent clenched his jaw, and she knew he was holding something in. Whatever it was, Vida knew he wouldn’t say anything and decided to just let it go. The truck slowly made its way up the steep hill and the closer they got, the bigger Vida’s eyes became. Once they rested close to the front door, she saw the Lexus that had been at the mansion.

The truck stopped and Trent was the first to get out. He walked around and helped Vida down before walking her to the front door.

“Well, this is where I leave ya sweet pea. If you need anything, I will be over there.” Vida watched as his index finger pointed across the hill and toward a house that was similar to the one they were at, just smaller.

“Don’t leave me,” she pleaded and grabbed his hand once again. Trent exhaled a sigh and looked Vida dead in the eyes. His eye contact was intense and it made her squirm a bit.

“Listen Vida, you are more safe here than anywhere. The man on the other side of the door will take care of you, more than I or anyone else can. Now ring the doorbell and claim what is yours.” Trent didn’t wait for Vida to speak; he just released her hand, got in his truck and drove across the large estate.

Vida didn’t get a chance to ring the doorbell or knock on the door before she heard a click. She whipped around quickly and looked in the doorway.

“God help me.” She gasped as she looked at the man in front of her. Shirtless, broad, chiseled, and defined. Were all an insult to this man. He was an easy 6’5 and his shirtless body showed months, no years of daily gym exercises. Her eyes traced him from his torso up, and when she got to his eyes her body began to buzz.

“Hello,” she mumbled as they stared at each other. The beautiful man was drinking her in like she was the water he needed and she let him get his fill.

“Hello, LaVida.” His voice was soft, loving, caring and filled with urgent want. It took a moment to realize that he knew her name, but she didn’t want to question it. She was too afraid of the answer.

“Come in.” Vida watched as he reached his hand out and she quickly took it, her body speaking and working for her. The man pulled her into his chest and immediately bent down and placed a soft kiss on her cheek. Vida hummed and smiled up at him when he pulled away. Why did this feel so natural, so common? His affection was something she thought she had felt before, and when she walked into the mansion her suspicion was confirmed.

The familiar smell of lavender filled her nostrils. Vida felt her eyes water as she inhaled so deeply her stomach expanded. She knew the smell, she had never seen the place, but she knew this smell.

It was him; it was her lover.

Her heart began to race and suddenly she felt large arms wrap around her waist. A soft kiss was placed on her temple as she looked at the grand foyer. A large stairwell sat in the middle and it led up to a large hallway. To her left was a large kitchen and to her right was a TV room. Everything was either marble or glass and every ounce of it looked like money.

“Welcome home LaVida.”

“This is no home of mine. This is all yours,” Vida immediately countered her old client’s comment with her own.

“Well hopefully one day you will not feel that way.” She felt his arms drop and he walked away from her and toward the stairs. She watched his back muscles flex with each step. His gray sweat pants resting right at his ankles and dangerously low on his hips.

“Can I know your name?”

“Lennox.” His voice was loud and held authority.

“Lennox,” Vida immediately repeated and Lennox stopped. She watched as he turned around and stalked toward her with purpose-filled strides. When he got close enough, he swooped her up into his large arms and stared into her eyes.

“Say it again my beautiful LaVida.” A blush crept onto her face and she breathed his name out while letting her hands rest on his large chest.

“Lennox.” His eyes fluttered and then slowly closed.

“My name on your lips sounds like honey. Thick and sweet.” Lennox scanned Vida’s face and for the first time since she last lay with him, her body felt on fire. “Can I taste it?”

Without thinking Vida leaned forward, stuck her tongue out and swiped it across his full pink and pouty lips. She listened as he growled like an animal and pulled her closer.

“I can’t wait until you love me. So I can marry you, fill you up with my cum and watch that tight snatch birth my babies.” Vida immediately tensed. This was too much, too fast. Of course Lennox was a fantastic lay, but she had no intention of being with someone who knew of her past. She wanted a man that she could start over with, and not have to bring up that she sold herself for money.

“Put me down,” she said softly. Lennox frowned but quickly placed her on her feet. “You are great in bed Lennox, and I thank you for letting me into your home, but I cannot be with you.” Before she could register the intensity of the situation, Lennox had her pulled into his arms again, their faces inches apart.

“Make me understand why?”

“Because for you, I will never be enough. Only a common whore that you rescued. Once you’ve had your fill of me, I have no doubt I will be replaced.” A yelp flew from her lips as she was thrown over his shoulder. His taut ass in her face, as he ascended the stairs. Once up the stairs, Lennox walked them to what she assumed was the master bedroom, but when they entered, she recognized the blackness and the smell.

Their play area.

Lennox threw her on the bed and she bounced once from the impact. Vida didn’t have a chance to move before he hovered over her, his hand trailing up her sundress.

“You are home, and you’re your own woman ain’t no doubt about that baby, but I would enjoy it if you were mine. I can tell you these words until I’m blue in the face but I’d rather show you. So when you doubt me, you can remember exactly how I feel.”

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