The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Five: Tears

Vida was exhausted, so when the sun peered through the curtains of the room, she let out a soft groan of frustration.

“Mmmm, if you wish to have the headboard beating the wall again, please continue,” a deep voice whispered in her ear causing her to shudder. Her legs closed on their own accord and her heat began to throb, but she couldn’t and wouldn’t take anymore, for this wasn’t what she wanted.

With a slow deliberate movement she found her own footing and stood from the bed. She was bare as the day she was born, but she didn’t care; modesty was the last thing on her mind.

“I don’t want this,” Vida spoke as she grabbed her dress from the ground and slipped it on. The ache between her legs was a reminder of how rough and passionate Lennox was last night. He fucked her like a mad man. Used her like a toy, and bit her viciously numerous times. Every part of her ached when she thought about it. From her scalp, where Lennox had pulled her hair so hard, she’d thought he was trying to break her neck, to her hips from the beast spreading her so wide that she thought she would split in half.

Vida was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t realize Lennox stood in front of her until he gripped her chin and forced her eyes to meet his.

A gasp left her mouth as she stared at the deep black orbs that penetrated her very soul. She analyzed Lennox’s face. The way his nostrils flared, the hard wrinkles that graced his forehead, and the scowl he had on his face.

“You’re angry,” she said, her voice that of a small child.

“Livid. Furious. Angry does not do me justice,” Lennox seethed. Vida whimpered when his grip tightened, but she knew he didn’t care. No man ever did, so she allowed it, knowing she would be leaving the moment he let her go.

“I saved you! Brought you out of that whore house and killed the fucker who used and abused you!”

“I did not ask you to be my savior. You could have left me there.” As soon as the words left Vida’s lips, she regretted them. She knew her statement was that of an ungrateful woman, and she was indeed grateful. Lennox released her and took a step back as if Vida had slapped him clean across his unshaven face.

“I’m sorry. I am grateful for what you have done, but I must be honest with you. I don’t want to be committed to anyone or anything right now.”

“So what do you want Vida? I can give you anything your heart desires, but I cannot let you leave me.”

“And why is that Lennox? How are you any better than the man you saved me from, if you keep me here against my will?” When Lennox began to chuckle, Vida became confused. Why was he laughing when nothing was funny?

“Vida, please enlightenment on how you feel when I touch you.”


Lennox stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Vida’s waist, pulling her flush against him. Vida shuddered at the contact and her eyes fluttered before closing. She loved it when he touched her. He woke up every nerve ending in her body and she wanted nothing more than to feel that feeling forever. It was like swimming in a pool of liquid ecstasy and she never wanted to leave.

“Mmmm, you feel it don’t you LaVida? You feel me coursing through those beautiful veins.” Lennox gripped Vida’s ass roughly making her gasp and open her eyes.

“Don’t you?”

His voice was low, and Vida swore he was some type of angel. Sent from the depths of hell to challenge her and see how far she would drown.

“Everywhere,” she breathed out as her hands traveled up and intertwined themselves in his thick hair.

“I feel you everywhere. Why?” Vida asked. She didn’t miss the way Lennox smiled at her. Not a half-ass smile, but a smile that was enchanting. One that she put there with just a few words, and she couldn’t help how her heart hummed at the sight of it.

“Because I am yours, Vida. Every bit of me is for you.” Lennox leaned in to kiss the woman, but she placed her hand over his mouth. She felt a deep rumble vibrate from his chest and Vida couldn’t help but let out a childish giggle.

“Morning breath,” she said as she leaned forward and kissed the hand covering Lennox’s mouth. He rolled his eyes and released her so that she could go to the bathroom. When Vida was finally alone, she first used the bathroom and then she examined herself. A loud gasp left her mouth when she looked at her neck. There were love bites littering it, but where her neck and shoulder connected was a large bite mark. It was tender and heavily bruised. She knew no amount of makeup would cover it up. With a huff, she brushed her teeth, washed her face, and fixed her hair. She was in desperate need of a shower, but she had no clothing.

When she finally walked out of the bathroom Lennox was nowhere to be found, but on the bed sat a cute pair of shorts and a simple T-shirt. On the outfit was a small note that read;

“Called to the office. Will be back within the hour. Shower and I hope these fit. If you would like breakfast, a maid is downstairs to attend to you.


Your Lennox”

Vida couldn’t help but smile. With a little extra pep in her step, she walked back into the large modern bathroom and took a shower that ended up being an hour long, but she deserved it. After two years of having a time limit and sharing a shower with other women, she basked in the solitude she felt behind that glass wall. When she finally moved to leave the shower, she was met with Lennox standing on the other side, bare.

“I-I thought you were called to the office,” Vida said, her voice failing her once again, it only being slightly above a whisper. But she couldn’t help it with the view she had.

Lennox was the epitome of perfection. From his head to his feet, she wanted to kiss him, lick him, just marvel in his perfection. There was no way he wanted her. A lowly whore, who sold her pussy for less than a fucking plane ticket.

“You’re thinking, LaVida, and I don’t want you to think, I want you to feel, see, hear, exactly how much I want you,” Lennox said as if he had read her mind. Vita let out a moan that crawled from the depths of her belly when the god of a man cupped her sex.

“This is mine, and I will show you every day why you shouldn’t want to give it to anyone else. I want to take care of you LaVida. Your mind, heart—” Lennox softly pushed Vida back into the shower by lightly gripping her shoulders and walking her backward. The size of the shower could easily fit two more sets of them which made it easy for Lennox to step in with her. He then planted a soft kiss on her lips but pulled away.

“Your lips, everything about you, I want to worship.” Vida’s back was now against the tile wall of the shower. She never took her eyes off Lennox’s and she watched them darken with lust. Her clit throbbed with anticipation as she waited for his next move.

“Turn around,” Lennox commanded, and Vida did as told immediately. She shuddered when she felt his hands caress her large globes, and she gasped when he spread them and bent down to ravish her from behind. The strength in her legs immediately left her and she moaned out her approval as Lennox’s tongue traveled from her pussy to her ass repeatedly. After a few minutes he stood to his feet and took a step back. He pulled Vida back slightly and then pressed a hand to the middle of her back making it arch.

“Feel me as I make love to your beautiful cunt and understand that it doesn’t matter what you have done before me; all that matters is that you are here, with me, right now and that isn’t going to change,” Lennox said all this as he slowly glided his solid ten inches into Vida’s sopping pussy.

“Yessss,” Vida hissed as he painfully stretched her. It didn’t matter how many times he entered her; the pain was always beautiful. She expected Lennox to speed up, but he didn’t. Instead he gave her deep, calculated strokes. Making sure he angled himself perfectly so that he rubbed her g-spot every time.

“You are beautiful, Vida. Say it,” Lennox commanded and Vita bit her bottom lip. She didn’t want to say it because she didn’t feel that way at all. She felt disgusting, an absolute—

“FUCK!” Vida wailed when Lennox slammed into her violently. He did it three more times and Vida couldn’t even scream anymore. Her mouth just slacked, her head flew back and her eyes screwed shut. Lennox took the chance and wrapped a hand around her throat and began to flick her clit with the other.

“Get out of your fucking head, Vida and feel me,” he mused in a deep and demanding tone. “Now, tell me you are beautiful.” He pumped into her hard and fast now, making her breasts bounce against the wall. Vida had placed her hands on the wall in an attempt to keep herself grounded but it didn’t work.

“I am beautiful,” Vida moaned out and Lennox picked up his pace.

“Say it again baby.”

“I am beautiful.” Vida’s voice was louder now as Lennox sped up and the sound of their skin filled the shower. Lennox began to rub the wanton woman’s clit vigorously as his pounding increased. He leaned down and ran his tongue over the large bite mark on Vida’s neck and she wailed out her pleasure.

Vida saw the heavens; she swore it. Her vision went white and she flew past cloud nine and landed on the doorsteps of the pearly gates; the only thing that brought her back to earth was the sound of Lennox’s deep moan.

“So beautiful, so perfect,” he moaned out as he pulled out of Vida and let himself go on her ass. They both were out of breath as Lennox turned Vida around and began to wash her back. He looked into her eyes the whole time as Vida once again found it impossible to look away.

“You are absolutely magnificent. A treasure to me and I will forever be grateful,” Lennox said as he leaned in for a kiss. Vida immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on her tiptoes. She met him halfway and kissed him with passion, wanting to let him know and feel how important he made her feel. Their mouths met in harmony and when their tongues met, it created a symphony. The kiss held passion, want, and need. Vida could feel his pulse vibrating through her body, and she swore she could feel his emotions toward her. The only thing that broke the kiss was the taste of salt that suddenly entered her mouth making her pull back immediately. What she saw in front of her both shocked and scared her.

Lennox’s eyes were closed and his bottom lip slightly shook. He was crying, and not a small cry. Tears streamed down his face so steadily that Vida wasn’t sure if they were tears or water from the shower.

“Why are you crying, Lennox. What did I do?”

“Nothing, amor. I promise you have done nothing wrong. These are not tears of sadness. These are tears of relief.”


“Yes, for I have waited lifetimes to meet you and now that you are mine, I will never let you go.”

Vida didn’t know what to say. She honestly didn’t even know what to do. So she did the only thing she could in that moment. She hugged him and planted a soft kiss to his chest. Knowing that her inner turmoil was overpowering her true attraction to Lennox. She was afraid of being hurt again. Of being used and she would do anything to avoid it. Even if it meant breaking a man while he claimed she made him whole.

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