The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Six: Hello…Goodbye

Vida drank from her cup of orange juice after she finished the contents of her breakfast. She shared small glances with Lennox. Her mind was running wild with questions that she had no answers too and with emotions she wasn’t quite sure were hers. Her fingertips glided over the bite mark that Lennox had left and when they did, she felt a tingle in her core, and Lennox’s eyes met her gaze immediately. She watched as his eyes darkened and followed her fingertips.

“It’s sore,” Vida said softly and Lennox just furrowed his eyebrows.

“I apologize; it should be better in a few days.” He said with a tight-lipped smile. Vida didn’t miss the way his body tensed and the air in the room seemed to thicken. She cleared her throat and decided to change the subject.

“I’d like a job,” she said with a small smile. “Nothing big, just something to get out of the house. It’s been so long.”

Lennox looked up at her and nodded his head once. Suddenly Vida felt isolated, unwanted and a bother. Ever since the man in front of her had expressed his emotions and cried to her, he then closed himself off. She couldn’t read him at all, and it was starting to bother her. Why take her away from one asshole, only to be one himself. When her thoughts began to mix with her emotions, she found herself fuming.

“What is your fucking problem?” Vida spat before she could stop herself. She watched as Lennox stared at her without a word, but his knuckles were white from how hard he was holding his coffee mug.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, Lennox. You express your affection for me and then closed yourself off. You’ve been an asshole for the last two hours and I want to know why.” Her voice was now a short distance from a scream as she began to stand. She walked around the table and stood beside him, both not willing to look away.

“Watch your mouth,” Lennox said calmly. “Or I will watch it for you.”

All the pinned up anger and frustration that Vida had felt for the last few years of her life came rushing out and before she could stop herself she slapped him. Not a soft slap either. One that moved Lennox’s entire head and a red spot immediately popped up where her hand had landed. She gasped and backed away. Usually when she did things like this she felt no remorse, but this time she felt extreme guilt almost immediately.

“Lennox, I—” Her sentence was cut off when Lennox jumped from his seat and wrapped his hand around her throat. Not enough to cut off her airway but enough to hold her in place. He backed her into the kitchen wall. The maids scurried away and then they were alone.

“How dare you!” Lennox shouted in her face.

“Lennox!” Vida said as she tried to think of anything to justify her actions, but she knew she was wrong. Her body began to shake from fear of what was to come. Lennox was larger than her ex-husband and pimp combined and had the muscles of a beast. If he beat her, she’d die, and she knew that much. But what Lennox did next shocked her. He stepped back with his hand still around her throat and picked her up. Throwing her over his shoulder, he made his way to the TV room.

“What are yo—”

“Shut up. Do not speak.” Vida clamped her mouth shut immediately. The next thing she knew, Lennox was seated on the couch with her thrown over his lap. He lifted her small dress and ripped her thong from her body. Without any warning his hand came down hard on her ass and she let out a loud yelp. He landed a second blow to her other ass cheek and she whimpered in both pain and pleasure. She could feel herself releasing juices and she squirmed, only to have to more hard smacks landed on her ass.

“Lennox!” she half shout and moaned.

“Let this be a lesson, Vida.” He landed four more hard smacks to Vida’s ass making her a moaning, weeping mess.

“Do not ever lay your hands on me violently again.”

Lennox started massaging her ass and Vida bit her bottom lip to stop the whimpers from coming out. Her face was wet from tears and her ass stung like no body’s business, but all and all, she was so turned on.

“Do you understand?” Lennox asked as he sat her up and made her straddle him.

“Yes sir,” Vida said softly as she looked down at her hands. Lennox gripped her chin and made her look at him before speaking again.

“I prefer, Yes baby.”

“Yes baby,” she then purred suddenly feeling her body radiate with heat. Lennox immediately responded by gripping her waist and thrusting upward into her wet heat. In the process he gained a wet patch on the front of his sweats. Before the two could get too hot and heavy there was a knock on the door.

Lennox groaned into Vida’s neck and she found herself giggling. She jumped off his lap and made her way to the door. When she opened it, her face fell. Standing in front of her was a drop-dead gorgeous woman dressed in nothing, but a raincoat and it was in no way raining outside. Her long red hair was vibrant in contrast with her dark brown eyes. The freckles on her face made her look young but her wrinkles countered that theory.

The woman stepped over the threshold and brushed past her while eyeing her suspiciously. When the woman saw Lennox her scowl grew to a smile and Vida felt her heart drop to her stomach.

“Hi baby. How are you?” the woman said as she wrapped her arms around Lennox’s neck who was now standing. What surprised Vida more than anything was the fact that Lennox wrapped his arms around the woman’s waist and kissed her lips gently. When he did Vida let out a hiss when pain shot through her body.

“Who is that woman?” Vida heard her ask Lennox and her heart sunk further at his answer.

“She’s just the new maid baby.”

“Oh, okay. Well can we go upstairs and have some fun. I have a surprise for you,” the woman purred and when Lennox scooped her up into his arms and began to take the giggling woman up the stairs, Vida’s agony only increased.

What was going on? Who was that woman and who was she to Lennox?

Vida wanted answers to all these questions, but she decided in that moment that she wouldn’t stick around to find out the answer. She stood on two shaky legs and with no regard for her things, money or anything else, she ran out of the large house and didn’t stop until she was standing on the other side of the estate.

Seven: Superwoman

Vida began running at the same moment she heard her name being called, but she didn’t look back. Barefoot and all, she ran toward the main road. She could see the cars zooming by but before she could even make it to them, she was tackled to the ground.

“Vida, what the fuck?!” Trent’s voice rang out in her ear causing her to begin to sob. She felt him lift her from the ground and carry her. Moments later the smell of a freshly cooked breakfast and a woman humming filled her senses. With reluctant movements she pulled her face from out of his neck and looked around.

The house they stood in was homely. Much smaller than Lennox’s but looked just as expensive. Her head began to throb, and an odd sensation traveled around her body. The sensation grew so intense so fast that she wailed out in pain.

“T-Trent,” she gasped as her body began to feel like it was on fire. Trent’s quickly put her down on a soft surface and frantically began looking for signs of a wound. Vida watched as his gaze landed on the bite mark and his nostrils flared with anger. And then something happened, the pain that was radiating through Vida’s body intensified and she began wailing out in pain. A woman quickly appeared in front of her and she too looked at the bite mark and then frowned. Her gray eyes held anger and her red-tinted lips shifted downward into an even deeper frown.

“That son of a bitch,” she shouted before standing and walking out of the front door, slamming it behind her. Trent was back in front of her in seconds and he began to strip her down to nothing. She didn’t care what he was doing at this point; all she wanted was peace. Once she was naked he picked her back up bridal style and moments later Vida felt her back hit ice-cold water.

“I’m sorry, V. I know this isn’t comfortable, but it will help with the pain you feel.” His eyes held sadness as he slowly lowered her scorching hot and shaking body into the water. Vida’s eyes closed as the burning pain dulled but didn’t stop.

“What’s happening,” she sobbed with her eyes shut and her body still trembling.

“It’s hard to explain but given that my mate just went over to Lennox’s house, the pain should stop very soon,” he said this with sadness in his eyes.


“I hope she kicks his ass. His selfish fucking ass,” Vida spat.

“Well, it is her brother so I’m sure she knows a few of his weaknesses.”

“I just don’t get it. Why take me away from hell, just to attempt to put me through it?” Trent intently listened to Vida and she was grateful, but what he said next made her skin crawl.

“I can assure you that you’re who he’s supposed to be with Vida. That’s why he rescued you. After a year of just having you on Friday’s he couldn’t handle the idea of you being with other men. So that’s why you’re here.” He gave her a sad smile before continuing. “What I am trying to say is, yes you are who he is supposed to be with, but I’m afraid you may not be who he wants.”

The moment the words slipped from Trent’s lips the door to the bathroom slammed open and Lennox stood there with the woman who had left the house standing behind him. Vida watched as she harshly pushed him forward and he snapped his head around and growled at her. Vida hadn’t noticed the pain had stopped until that moment, but it was replaced with new pain. She didn’t know why but she felt like her heart was breaking, like she was looking at her ex-husband all over again. Her anger began to subside, and she shook violently as she looked up at Lennox whose face showed many emotions.

“Get out,” she gritted out as she glared at him. “Stay away from me, you liar.”

“How am I a liar?”

Trent stood from the side of the tub and made his way past Lennox. He then grabbed his wife’s hand and escorted her out of the bathroom, closing the door silently behind him.

“You cried to me hours ago and told me how glad you were to have me. Only to kiss another woman and take her to bed right in front of me.” Vida seethed. “I have been through enough shit, and I won’t let you or anyone else send me through anymore. I want out. TODAY!”

Vida watched as Lennox stared at her. His expression was now that of anger and she honestly did not care in the least. She wanted her power back and she would claim it at any cost.

“You aren’t going anywhere LaVida.”

“Says who? You?!” She watched as Lennox squared his shoulders. Silence engulfed the bathroom and Vida stood and step out of the tub. Her bare body on full display for Lennox, and she knew it affected him. His nose flared, his pupils turned a midnight black and he went to take a step forward.

“Don’t,” Vida said as she turned and saw a towel hanging from the shower. She dried herself with it and then wrapped it around her body. “You don’t get to touch me. I want out of this goddamn estate and in my own place, with a job, and my own life. If you can help me with that, I will let you, but if not, I will figure it out on my own.”

Lennox opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water, before deciding not to speak.

“It’s not like I’m what you want.” The woman watched as his face sulked and he looked at her with sadness evident but she wouldn’t be deterred. “Only what you need Lennox, but I can’t make you realize that. Just know that one day you will need me and I will no longer need you.” With that Vida brushed past Lennox without another word, leaving the bathroom with a newfound attitude and confidence. She had held down for too long and no more would she let a man control her.

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