The Secret Of Us

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Chapter Nine: Feral

Her feet brought her to her guestroom door, but she made no move to open it or even knock. Vida stood there fighting herself, not knowing exactly what she wanted, but knowing what her body craved. After thinking a few more moments, she decided to go back to her room. When she turned to leave the door swung open and Lennox stared down at her with dark eyes.

“Can I help you Vida?” His tone was raspy and full of lust. Vida didn’t miss the undertone of it or his double meaning. She shook her head and turned to walk away, only to feel Lennox’s hand grab her forearm.

“Vida, I am sorry. I shouldn’t have put you through the things I put you through this past week.”

“Fuck you,” Vida said with her back to Lennox. She pulled her arm from his grasp and turned to look at him. “Fuck you, fuck her, fuck this fucked up life of mine. You should have just left me alone Lennox. Let me be miserable by my damn self.”

“I couldn’t leave you there. Not with the bond... the bond we have. I couldn’t continue to let other men use what is mine.”

“Yours?!” She felt her body begin to heat and shake with fury. Vida had never felt this type of white rage and as she stared at Lennox’s expression, she knew she must be a sight to see. His eyes widened in shock and his mouth slacked. He looked like a deer in headlights, or like a child who just saw his stuffed animal run over by a car.

“Vida, calm down.” Oh god why did he say that? Why did he always have to try to be in control? Once again Vida lost her resolve and launched at him. Feral screams left her mouth as she tackled him to the ground. She began to beat against his chest and claw at his face. When she wasn’t getting the results she wanted, Vida stood and began grabbing the furniture. It’s when she threw a lamp at his head and he ducked causing the glass to collide with the full glass window causing it to shatter, did her common sense step in.

“Goddamn it Vida! Stop being so damn violent! It gets you nowhere! Have you not learned that?” Vida didn’t have a chance to answer before there was a knock on the door. The doorbell rang immediately after and Vida turned and stormed out of the room to open the front door.

“What!” she screamed at the stranger, but when she stopped and looked at him her heart dropped to the ground. It was a police officer, three, and they all eyed her flush demeanor warily.

“Ma’am are you by chance LaVida Williams?” the tall officer said. She watched as he eyed her, not with suspicion, but with lust and that’s when Vida realized she was in nothing but a T-shirt and a thong. The T-shirt resting just below her waist leaving nothing to the imagination. When she heard Lennox approaching behind her, she took a step forward causing the officers to step back and closed the door behind her.

“Yes, I am,” she said confidently and with a small smile wanting Lennox to hear and wanting to piss him off.

The officer cleared his throat and turned around. Vida listened as he dismissed the other two officers before turning back to her.

“Uh- we have been tracking you to give you this.” The man handed her an envelope and without breaking eye contact Vida slowly took it from him, letting her fingers graze his.

“Thank you,” she purred. The officer then reached into his pocket and handed her a card.

“Call me if you ever need anything ma’am. Anything.” When Vida realized he was flirting she began analyzing his features. His olive skin, long chocolate hair and green eyes stood out and then she played back his voice and assumed that he was not from America. After a moment of staring she cleared her throat and stepped back. At the end of the hall was a window and she saw the sun shining through it. Confusion washed over her.

“Are you okay ma’am?” she heard the man say and her gaze meet his.

“What time is it?” The officer looked down at his watch then back to her face before telling her it was half-past eight. This both shocked and confused Vida. Had she been lying in bed for hours and not realized it and had she been so caught up with beating the hell out of Lennox that she didn’t pay attention to the time of day? Vida gave the officer one last farewell before backing into the house and closing the door. When she turned around she was met with Lennox’s hard chest and the heat radiating off him made her scared to look up. So she didn’t instead she tried to move around him only to be thrown over his shoulder and hauled into her room.

Vida was over Lennox’s knee in seconds and the first hard sting to her ass was enough to make her cry out.

“You little fucking slut!” Lennox roared as he slapped her ass five times rapidly.

“Lennox!!” Vida cried out as she squirmed in his grasp, but he didn’t let up. Instead the spanking sped up and finally she gave in to it. Moans began to seep out of her mouth like a waterfall and her pussy began to drip. A flash of what happened the last time she was in this situation ran through her mind and she instantly sobered up. At that exact moment Lennox picked her up and threw her on the bed.

“You want to be fucked so badly, then I’ll fuck you LaVida, because you are mine! Mine alone!”

“No, stop!” Vida screamed and Lennox immediately ceased all movement. “I don’t want this. I don’t want you. You can’t tell a woman that I am nothing in my face and expect me to welcome you back with open arms. It doesn’t work like that.” Vida’s voice was strong, but the tears still streamed down her cheeks.

She wanted Lennox. She wanted him to fuck her into the next week, while telling her how beautiful she was and how much he adored her. But he forfeited that right a week ago and if he wanted it back, he would earn it.

Lennox stared at Vida a moment longer before composing himself.

“If you need time, I will give it to you, but allow me to prove my worth during said time.” Vida was shocked by his comment. She nodded her head and watched as Lennox heaved out what she assumed to be a sigh of relief. When Lennox was finally out of the room, she looked down at her fisted hand and opened it. The business card was crumbled and as much as Vida wanted to use it, she crumbled it further and threw it to the floor. She didn’t have time to date. She only had time for herself.

And she would take as much time as she needed.

She then opened the envelope in her other hand and her mouth dropped.

LaVida Williams daughter of Constantine and Micheal Williams is given sole ownership of all assets left by her parents.

A sum of 7.5 million dollars is left in the business account of Micheal Williams and a sum of 19.6 million is left in Constantine Williams business account. Both accounts are left to their only child LaVida Williams.

A vacation home in Bora Bora and Hawaii will also be left to LaVida Williams.

Please come to law office of Kylen Truman’s and sign appropriate paperwork and pick up keys and account information.

Best Regards

Vida was shaking and she jumped when Lennox stormed back into the room. She stood to her feet with shaking legs and tried to hand him the paper but she didn’t have a chance to. The overwhelming situation was too much and without warning she dropped to the ground as darkness consumed her.

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