An Ill-fated Adventure Ending in Shenanigans & Tragedy

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Shadow and Nightshade are rogues working for The Collector, a ruthless warlock who desires only one thing and will go to any lengths to get it. Aster O'id likes sandwiches and his best, possibly imaginary, friend who may or may not live in a bag at his side. Emerald, an elven cleric, is running from a past she doesn't understand and carrying a deadly relic from a forgotten age. Where their paths converge, mayhem, shenanigans, and terrible writing ensue. 12/13 readers agree that this story is only interesting to the author's children and their friends.

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This is written for my children and their friends. Like a bajillion other fantasy novels, it’s based on a D&D campaign their dad (that’s me) ran for them. It’s not a crowning achievement of literary prowess (I am not a writer by trade). It is silly, grammatically challenged fun meant to document the exploits of 4 incredible children and a rotating cast of .

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