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Will being both races of the night be her doom or will it help her conquer them all? Having two mates be what shatters her or will they make her whole? Being a hybrid is hard, but being in love is harder.

Fantasy / Romance
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Hi my name is, Cassidy Alexis Morningstar, and my story isn't all candy canes and rainbows. Honestly, it's quite the opposite. First thing first I'm not human. Before you freak out and ask a million questions yes the monsters in your dreams are real, but we all get along in, "perfect harmony" now do to treaties between humans, and other worldly creatures.

History states that when humans found out that Vampires, werewolves, witches, wizards, demons, ect. All hell broke lose there was war everywhere, but finally it ended in 2075, and now there is a council that have a member of each group to represent it. There once again kings and queens, but only among downworlders. Humans stayed with the whole democracy thing.

Enough about history let's get to the point. My parents are dead goddess rest their souls, but the thing is my father was beta to the alpha kings father, and my mother was one of the best warriors for the vampires. They’re mates/beloved you couldn't really stop them from being together, but vampires and werewolves hate each other. The races barely tolerate each others existence.

My parents died in different ways, father was killed in a rouge attack, and mother killed from a vile group of humans who believe that God is going to kill us all because we’re spons of Lucifer. So me being mix of both would probably get me killed, or worse put into a lab and dissect me to figure out why I didn't die right after I was born. That's all I really need to tell you for right know, but I will tell you how I ended up as the mate/beloved of the two most powerful monsters.

Well I hope you enjoy it as much a I do. This story is full of gore, sex, language, anything my mind imagines really. I'm warning you now that if you’re totally against any of it don't read, but please don't comment that I need Jesus. Any other comments are welcome I take constructive criticism it only makes the Story better for you guys. I wrote the story years ago and I’m hoping able to do better on this app than it did on Wattpad.
Peace out bitches
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