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I screamed as flames surrounded my body. I didn't know what was going and I didn't care. I tried willing my body to extinguish the fire surrounding me, but the fire only got hotter and hotter. I felt as if someone grabbed my shoulder and pulled me upwards. "No!" I heard my mate scream as I disappeared from his line of sight. "I'll be back soon, my mate!" I screamed, losing sight completely of my mates.

Fantasy / Mystery
Stormie Stafford
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Chapter 1 - Damned Idiots

A/N: Thank you for joining me on another adventure. I hope you like it. This is book four of the 'From Here' series.

***If you see anyone’s wolf talking to them it will be in bold and italics. Thanks again.

Summer’s POV

I was sitting down at my desk going through bills and requests, thinking about my life so far. I had a Royal King for my son, a Royal Beta as my daughter, and growing twins who were getting on my nerves each and every day.

“Mom?” Trace yelled as he raced up the stairs, knowing I didn’t like it when he teleported into my office.

Speak of the devil.

“In here, Trace,” I yelled, forgetting about the mind-link. Sue me, I was pregnant and felt as if I could give a whale a run for its money.

Trace slid around the corner of my office, breathing heavily. “Why is my mate acting as if I killed her cat?”

“What did you say to her, Trace?” I asked with a heavy sigh. My son was never going to learn to curb his tongue.

“I told her I was stronger than her because I’m a man.” He sighed. “Then she turned me into a frog and told me, ‘you will not get a kiss from this princess anytime soon’.”

I started laughing at his facial expression. I could tell he didn’t understand what he had said. I tried to tell him not to treat her as he had. “Do you think I’m weaker than your dads’?” He shook his no. “Then why would you think your mate would be weaker than you? She’s a hybrid, not that she knows this. Her wolf is dormant - for now.” I frowned. “But, you treating her as if she were glass is not helping you out unless you want your mate to be mad at you forever.”

“No. Knowledge is already mad at me for treating her differently. But, I can’t help it,” he whined as he looked at the floor. ”She’s not mad at Chase.”

“Listen to your wolf, son, or you will be mate-less. You need to curb your tongue as your dads do. I know it’s not easy on them but they do it. Aren’t you as strong as your dads’?”

“Yes?” He all but asked as I shook my head at him.

“Try and see how it changes. You’re growing faster every day due to your grandmother. I wondered how she was going to deal with the age difference.” I mused and looked over Trace. “But, you need to listen to your wolf and quit acting as if you’re still a child. Now, go apologize to your mate and don’t make her mad.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said as he turned and walked out of the office. I rubbed my hands down my face and sighed again. Trace was going to cause a fight if he didn’t get his head into the mind-set his mate was strong. I needed to figure out what was going on with her wolf.

I looked up and noticed Blaine standing in the doorway. “What did he do this time?”

I laughed. “You could have just read my mind, but thank you.” I sighed again. “Trace decided it was okay to tell his mate he was stronger than her, so she turned him into a frog.” I giggled at the thought, wishing I would have seen him as a frog.

“He’s going to be all sorts of animals before he learns to not underestimate his mate. Chase seems to be doing okay, but I did see him as a horse before he learned. My mate walked over and picked me up out of my chair and hugged me.

“Uh-oh,” I quietly voiced as Blaine looked down at his slacks.

“Did you just pee on me?” He asked me as he sat me back down.


“No, you idiot, it’s time to head to the pack doctors,” I annoyingly answered as I crossed my arms over my chest, waiting on him to figure out why.


I swear my mates were going dumb in their old age. I sighed when he didn’t figure it out. “I guess you can deliver your own child. Why don’t you call Zane and let him know he might as well come, too,” I sarcastically answered, getting up from my desk and walking out of the door.

I walked outside where I met Zane and we walked to the pack hospital, Blaine trailing behind us. I was still upset he thought I had peed on him. I mean, I peed on him one time on accident and now it’s as if I’m blamed for every little drop of water he poured on himself.

Couldn’t this preggo get a break?

“I’m sorry, Summer,” Blaine quietly told me as he reached for my other hand. I couldn’t be mad at mates, not for anything - much.

I nodded my head at him and concentrated on my steps to the hospital. Why the hell was the hospital so far away? I swear we should have put a hospital in the packhouse. It would have been better than walking so far. But, no, it had to be away from the packhouse so the noise didn’t bother us.

I was huffing, puffing, and cursing as if I were a dragon by the time we made it inside. “I swear you better not get me pregnant again after this or I will cut yours off. Nevermind. How about no glove, no love? Yeah, sounds a lot better,” I mused, not noticing my mates holding their junk and the doctor laughing.

“Tired of being pregnant? I can’t do anything about that but how about we get these children out?” The doctor asked, a crooked grin on his face and his mate laughing behind him.

“Sounds good, but we need to hurry, I can already feel one of them dropping down, so can we do this?” I asked as I crawled up onto the bed, laying on my back and waiting on my mates to help me undress as they stood there in all their idiocy. “Uh, Blaine, if you don’t help me undress and get into one of those unflattering gowns it’s not going to be pretty.” I sighed. “Now, Blaine, I need to push.” With those words, he ran over and undressed me in a couple of seconds flat, helping me into a gown.

Time for pain.

Joy, joy.

I was hoping they hurried up and got set up. Damned idiots. I guess I would have to do this on my own. When I told them I needed to push I wasn’t kidding. I mean, what does a girl gotta do to get help in delivering her children?

I looked around at the controlled chaos and decided it was time to push and hope for the best. I sure hope my children could teleport. I didn’t want to hurt my children’s heads.. I swear they drive me crazy at times. but I still loved them with my whole heart. I pushed again and looked down, noticing my first child was floating in the air.

Well, okay then.

I smirked and pushed the next child out, watching as my other child was floated, too. I was looking at them when they disappeared, showing back up in their bassinet. I pulled my gown back down and waited until all of them turned to look at me. I didn’t know if they were going to take forever but it seemed as they would. I cleared my throat and they all turned to look at me. I wanted to roll my eyes at them. I told them I had to push but they were fighting over who would deliver my children, not knowing I had. I wanted to see what they would do.

“Let’s get this party started. Are you ready, Alpha Summer?” The doctor asked as he smiled at me and walked over, getting ready to sit in his catcher's chair, only there wouldn't be anyone to catch this time.


Damned Idiots.

I rolled my eyes at all of them. How the hell did they not noticing me pushing? I was starting to worry about their mental capacity. I forgot the doctor had asked me a question while I was having a mental tired.

I rolled my eyes at all of them. “Well, you see, I already delivered my own children. I told you I needed to push when I walked into this room, so I decided I wasn’t going to wait.

I watched as my children showed up in my arms. I wasn’t sure why I could see them when they disappeared but I was infinitely glad I could. “This little one name is Angeliki.” I turned towards my son. “This little one name is Constantine. Angeliki’s name means pure messengers and Constantine means steadfast, continuous, and persistent. I think their names are perfect.”

Trace ran into the room, his breathing was heavy and he looked pale. “Mom, there’s someone here who wants to challenge you. Again.”

Well, shit!


A/N: I Thought I would start you off on a cliffy.

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