From Here to Love

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Chapter 10 - Toys

Dedicated to oddball, PenumbraMINE, and N.Y.O.B. Thank you, thank you for all your reads and comments. Y'all make my day so much better.


Apha Summer had told them that they weren’t spelled any longer, but she confused Draco and his brothers - almost causing me to let out a bark of laughter. When they finally understood we ate again. I was starving and didn’t care how we ate or how much. Dragons burned a lot of calories and I was sure magic drained your body of all your strength until you ate something. I wanted to find out what was the cause of the noise on the roof of the cave.

Alpha Summer jumped up, startling the hell out of me. Then I knew why, there was a hole in the cave roof. Alpha Summer looked up, her eyes changing into something we had never seen. It was eerie and otherworldly. She didn’t say anything as we stood up and stared at her, our mouths hanging open, our eyes wide in shock. She disappeared, teleporting to the roof. It wasn’t but a few minutes later that she showed back up in front of us and I heard a ‘what’ out of her mouth.

What the fuck?

Summers POV

I was serious. Why are you looking at me as if you haven’t met me before?” I asked, looking between everyone.

Blaine sighed and rubbed a hand down his face. “Uh, well.” He looked around the room as if the answer would show up in front of his face.

“Seriously? Would someone with balls tell me what’s going on?” I asked once again as I sat down on the only sofa that wasn’t destroyed, rolling my eyes as I did.

“Your eyes flashed-” Zane tried to say.

“-I know my eyes flashed. They tend to flash when I call Athena and Justice to me,” I explained, thinking how idiotic they sounded.

“No, Summer, your eyes flashed to eyes only a few have seen,” Zane slowly said, his speech slowed as if I was slow and couldn’t figure out what he said.

I shrugged my shoulders. It happened and I would take what help I could. They were still looking at me as I tried to ignore them. I looked at the map beside me. How it survived during our dance with the dragons I didn’t know.

“We can only talk about this through our mind-link. It can’t be known what happened to you, not yet,” Angel informed us. I nodded my head, as did the dragons.

Athena snorted. “Dance with dragons?” I nodded and chuckled. I wasn’t thinking along those lines when it popped out of my mouth, but it applied.

I looked down at the map and circled a few areas that would work as defensive locations. We needed to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. It was a strategy but I couldn’t help but think they were wrong. My gut was telling me to stay in place and not to move.

I always listened to my gut.

“Draco, do you have cameras set up around her and out of the caves?”

“Yeah, do you want to see them?” He asked. I stood up and gave him a short nod. I needed to know what was going on. We needed to be prepared. Having cameras would help to keep the giants back and the witches out. I sent my awareness out around us. I wanted to see if I could feel any witches with ill intent. I checked for listening devices, finding two. I crunched them up into tiny little pieces. I spelled the cave, making sure no witches or vampires could enter the cave system, well, they couldn’t enter without my express permission.

Draco opened a door, gesturing for me to enter first. I stepped through and stopped dead in my tracks, hearing a few curse words from behind me. I couldn't move from my spot as I looked over Draco's security room. I never expected he would have a security system better than my mates. There about thirteen monitors and twenty-six men and women watching them.

I moved over to the side. I wanted my mates to see Dracos set up, but I wasn't ready to see my mates hit the ground as they eyed everything around them. They were as surprised as I was and had stopped in the doorway, the people behind cursing.

“Wow,” Zane said, a look of pure bliss on his face. I nodded my head and had noticed the rest of my family had teleported themselves and the dragons, too.

Trace rubbed his hands together in excitement. “I could live here. There are coffee makers and monitors. Look at all these toys, Dad." He cracked his knuckles and bounced on his toes.



I was ready to lay down and nap, wondering why I got up in the first place. The true fight hadn’t begun yet, not that I thought it was. I was pierced through the heart at the thought of my new family friends dying. I would protect them with everything in me. I couldn't let the last of the dragons fade away. I liked them, really liked them.

“Stay away from their security systems, okay?” I heard Zane quietly say, knowing he was warning Trace.

“I was going to see if they wanted an update for free. I can tweak their cameras to work even better,” Trace said and huffed. He rolled his eyes and sat down next to the wall.

“Wait! You can make ours better?” Drago asked with hope in his eyes.

“Easily. It would take me about twenty minutes and you will be able to see who’s in your woods up close and personal,” Trace told him as Blaine nodded his head, making sure Drago knew Trace could and would do as he said

“Have at, uh, Trace,” Draco said but Trace was gone before Draco finished speaking. “I guess he was eager to get started.” He looked up at one of the warriors as he walked up to Kaley.

“Hey, baby, you free tonight?” I gaped at the fool and watched Kaley frown at him.

The idiot reached for her, causing Alec to step out, well, he would have if Hailey hadn’t stopped him by shaking her head no. She knew what Kaley could do. The fool reached his arm around Kaley as Kaley turned in his arms and hit a pressure point, knocking the idiot out.

Draco started laughing, all of us laughing with him. He snorted a few times and chuckled again. “So, how long is the fool going to be knocked out?”

“He should come to his senses, well, maybe not his senses but he will come out of it in a few seconds,” Kaley answered as she squatted down.

The fool came to and sat up, looking at Kaley, a look of pure hatred on his face. Kaley grabbed his face. “Next time you touch me I will remove your manhood with my claws. Do you understand?” She shook her hand and brought it to his face, causing the man to go pale and back up from her as fast as he could.

"Yes, yes, ma'am," he answered as he moved away quickly. He didn't turn his back on her, not one time. He knew a dangerous predator when he saw one.

"Uh," Kaley dropped down, her body shaking, her fist clenched, and her eyes closed. I knew what this was and I knew why.

"What's wrong with her?" Draco asked, panic in his voice. I didn't bother to answer.

A/N: A shorter chapter than usual but I didn't have anything come to me after this, so I will be working on it.
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