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Chapter 13 - Roast Them?

Dedicated to PenumbraMINE, oddball, and N.Y.O.B. I don't know how to thank you other than to say you rock.


“No, I don’t mind at all.” Askook stood up and left as I turned my eyes to the text about the mating ritual. I was very curious about it. I was happy for Hailey. I had never liked her ex-mate, positive he was going to screw up. Again.

Sorry sack of shit.

I read the part of the mating ritual Hailey had told me about. He seriously couldn’t cheat on her, if he did he would die a horrible death. His heart would feel as if it were being crushed into tiny pieces.


I won’t have to kill him.

Summer’s POV

After Hailey had the mating mark on her wrist, she would not be able to cheat on Draco, not that she would ever cheat on him. Hailey’s heart and mind didn’t work like that. She always wanted a life with her mate, a loving and caring one. She was the one who asked the most questions about mates. She loved the way her dads and I had met. It was all she talked about when she was younger, then she got a piece of shit mate. I could tell she had held back from him, not wanting to give him her heart until she was sure he would protect her heart and give his to her.

I read the ritual part, it was as Draco said. It sounded simple but I knew it had about as much magic as we did. I was happy to see they took their mating rituals seriously. I knew Hailey would do anything to keep Draco but did she realize how serious the mating ritual was? I was close to as positive as I possibly could be that she knew everything about the ritual. I knew her grandmother would have left her with the words without Hailey needing to read them.

I needed to let my children fly on their own. I just wish they would quit growing up so fast. Every time I looked at my children they had grown by years, not months. And, now I’m pregnant again. How in the hell did that happen? I swear my mates could breathe on me and I would be pregnant.

More, like see you walk by,” Athena told me. I thought about what she said and knew she was right. I needed to go on a vacation by myself. Ha! I couldn’t be gone more than an hour and they would be driving everyone crazy. I couldn’t do that to our pack.

I closed the book and stretched my back, letting out a sigh of relief. I noticed Askook’s book was closed and he was watching me. “What?”

“When you go off in your head, you go off to a far, far land,” Askook joked, causing a bark of laughter from me.

“I tell my mates it’s only because I’m looking for intelligent conversation.” I giggled as he tried not to laugh.

Good luck with that, buddy.

He finally started laughing. Tears were streaming down his face and he was holding his stomach. We were laughing so hard we didn’t hear my mates come in.

“What’s so funny?” Blaine asked as he crossed his arms and leaned back on the wall.

I looked at Askook as he was looked at me. I shook my head as if I’m saying ‘I’m not saying anything’ as he did the same. We both ended up snorting and laughing again. It was funny as hell. I wasn’t sure what if I wanted to tell my mates why we were laughing.

I heard a snort from Blaine and Zane, causing me to jerk my head up to my mates eyes. “Seriously, Summer? We can read your mind,” Blaine informed me.

“I know,” I sassed him back as I tried to get myself back in control. Great! My stomach hurt and my eyes were now itchy. I knew as long as I didn’t look at Askook I would be okay but I lost it again when Askook leaned over and looked into my eyes. Damn it!

Zane walked over and picked me up, holding me in his arms as if I were a baby. I rolled my eyes at him and huffed. “Come on you two, we have some food ready.”

My eyes snapped up to Zane “Food sounds great right now. Where are we going?” I read Zane’s mind and teleported all of us to the living room.

“Woah,” Askook said, bent over and gasping in breaths.

“Poor baby.” I patted him on the back. “You should be used to flying.”

“Yeah, but under my own direction and I haven’t been able to fly for a long time.” I felt bad for bringing it up. I didn’t mean to bring up a topic that would hurt him. If he was anything like us, it would be hard for him not to be what he was. It was awful and I didn’t know how to change the subject.

“So,” was all I heard Zane say. I turned to Zane and noticed he was smiling. “Who wants to eat? Or, are we going to stand around and look at each as if we have lost our ever loving mind?”

I busted out laughing, all the dragons doing the same. I was thankful for my mates. And, this was just a part of why I loved them. They could break up a tense moment with just one word. I was usually the same but I was caught off guard as I waited to stop stumbling in my thoughts.

I sat down between my mates, giving each of them a kiss on the cheek. We all sat and ate, talking about everything. It was relaxing. I knew there wouldn’t be many days like this, but I wanted some symbolism of calm, and this was it. My mates were talking about Hailey’s mating ritual with Draco and I didn’t know why they didn’t read about it in my mind. I thought about it and realized they wanted Draco to explain it to him. It was if they were testing him for lies.

I rolled my eyes. “Really, mates? You don’t need to truth spell him,” I said as I waved my hand and took away the spell. I sat down, my arms crossed my chest and huffed. “I’m disappointed in you, both of you.”

“You truth spelled my mate?” Hailey asked as she crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her foot on the floor. “Answer me!”

My mates and I flinched, something we never did for anyone. How in the hell is she so powerful? I wasn’t sure but she did need an answer, just not from me. I looked at my mates and huffed.

Zane looked up at Hailey. “I’m sorry, Hailey, I had to make sure he was going to take good care of you.”

“Seriously? You don’t truth spell someone to ‘see’ if they will take care of me. And, not one of you asked if he would.”

“I’m sorry, Hailey and Draco, I wanted to make sure the mating ritual was true. I-”

“-You could have asked me or read my mind, Zane. You didn’t need to truth spell our friends. They are our family,” I cut in as I rolled my eyes at my dumb mates. I couldn’t believe my mates would spell them. They know how I feel about spelling family unless it was to protect us.

“I’m sorry Draco and Hailey, it won’t happen again,” I heard Zane tell them. Oh, shit! I needed to spell the people here, but I needed to see if they were true to the dragons or traitors.

“Draco?” I waited until he looked at me. “Do you think I meet all your people a little at a time?” He looked at me strangely. “I want to protect them from harm and I want to know if they are true to you.”

He nodded his yes. “Of course. I know we have at least one traitor, but I want to see you at work.”

They have more than twenty traitor’s, Mom,” Angel told me as I looked at her, my mouth hanging open. I quickly snapped my jaw shut and shook my head. How the hell did Draco end up with twenty spies in his camp. So, I guess they knew about me being here.

We finished eating and talked for a little longer. I was getting antsy and couldn’t figure out why. It was as if I was a live wire and the closer someone got closer to me, the electricity in my body got worse. I heard the footsteps as someone hesitantly listened outside the room. I looked at my mates to see if they knew what was going on but I guess they had no idea.

I stood up and put my finger on my lips and rolled my fingers as if to say ‘keep talking’. They started talking about our pack and how big it was. I quietly stalked the traitor. I was almost to him when he started running.

I don’t think so, boy.

I teleported in front of him, stopping him in his tracks. He turned around and saw Draco with Hailey, my mates and children standing behind them. “Going somewhere?” I asked gleefully - which is scary as shit.

He turned around to face me. “W-what e-ever do y-you mean?” He stuttered.

I cocked up my eyebrow. I went into his mind and noticed he had met with the witches to the South. He had been a very bad boy and told the witches all he knew about us. He had told them about Draco finding his mate. He had told them about Dagon and Angel. This was not going to be a nice conversation when my mates figured out what they were thinking.But, if I knew anything about Angel, she could take care of herself.

“You didn’t?” I heard Blaine ask the idiot. Oh, but he did. I knew this was not going to end with the traitor dead but Blaine was pissed as was Draco and Dagon. I guessed Angel had told them what was going on.

“What?” He asked as he looked around for an escape.

“What do you mean what? Zane asked him. “You’ve consorting with evil witches, letting them know about us and my daughters.”

“How?” He asked as he backed up into Draco’s arms.


“Do you know what we do to traitors?” When the man said nothing Draco leaned over and sniffed his neck. “We roast them and eat them.” He stood up and smirked as he winked. I knew he wasn’t serious but the guy didn’t - he ended up pissing his pants.

Roast them?

Good one.

“Well, shit!” Dagon yelled. “Now, I need to give him a bath first.”

“Why did you tell the witches of the South about us and my children, especially my children?” I asked as I looked at him straight in the eyes.

He scuffed his shoes on the floor. “I was told my sister would not be killed if I helped them. I didn’t want to, but they have my sister.”

I nodded at Draco and walked to the man. “Can you picture your sister in your mind? I’m going to get your sister back to you. But, if you mess up again I will kill you myself, got it?” I asked as I sat down in front of him, giving him room to do the same.

“Yes. I didn’t want to spy at all, but they have used her as leverage against me. I’m not a traitor - not in my heart.” He started thinking about his sister. She was pretty. She had black hair with red highlights, a rocking body. Her face was beautiful, but something was off and I wasn’t sure what.

I truth spelled the man, my kids adding to the spell. “She is not your sister, is she?” The man shook his head no. “Then why am I looking for this girl?”

“I was told to bring you to her. She wanted to be the one who finished you. I was surprised when you didn’t scent me as a black witch,” the man quietly said, as if he were in a trance. He was a hybrid -a dragon and a witch - a black witch.

I looked up at Draco, nodding my head. This man had to die or he would hurt more people. He would spell more people. I felt him move and I teleported behind him. He had just missed me with a blade, my blade. How in the hell did he get my blade?

I teleported two blades. I held both of them the same way. I had the blade facing the floor, my hand cupped around the end. He moved quickly but I had moved before he did. I didn’t trust him not to have something else up his sleeve. I jumped over his head, slicing his back when I back flipped. He screamed in surprise. I didn’t think he expected me to have poison in my blades. But, I knew I had to be ready for anything.

The man charged at me again, but I kicked him in the chest, knocking him about ten feet back. He had a look of surprise on his face. I could tell he was about to shift and I couldn’t let him do it. I threw one blade close to his face and the other one dead center into his head. He batted the one close to his eye but missed the other one I had thrown.

“Back up, Alpha Summer,” Draco yelled. I backed up and put up a shield in front of us. I wasn’t sure what was going on. He had to be dead, right?


All of a sudden...

A/N: I know I left you on a cliff hanger but I did give you an extra long chapter, but don't expect every time. This was not easy.

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