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Chapter 14 - Running & Sideways

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I looked up at Draco, nodding my head. This man had to die or he would hurt more people. He would spell more people. I felt him move and I teleported behind him. He had just missed me with a blade, my blade. How in the hell did he get my blade?

I teleported two blades. I held both of them the same way. I had the blade facing the floor, my hand cupped around the end. He moved quickly but I had moved before he did. I didn’t trust him not to have something else up his sleeve. I jumped over his head, slicing his back when I back flipped. He screamed in surprise. I didn’t think he expected me to have poison in my blades. But, I knew I had to be ready for anything.

The man charged at me again, but I kicked him in the chest, knocking him about ten feet back. He had a look of surprise on his face. I could tell he was about to shift and I couldn’t let him do it. I threw one blade close to his face and the other one dead center into his head. He batted the one close to his eye but missed the other one I had thrown.

“Back up, Alpha Summer,” Draco yelled. I backed up and put up a shield in front of us. I wasn’t sure what was going on. He had to be dead, right?


All of a sudden...

Dracos POV

All of sudden, the man as I knew as Merco blew up. Alpha Summer turned to look at me. Her eyes were wide and her mouth was agape. I knew she didn’t know about dragon customs, so this was going to be an eye opening experience. I nodded toward the man and she quickly turned back around. She dropped some kind of shield as Merco’s baby dragon appeared.

We felt the ground shift and shake, dropping every one of us on our knees. I barely lifted my up, but I was hoping I could explain to her what was happening without opening my mouth.

Stay down. Keep your head down until you are asked to look up or called by your name. This is the dragon’s deity. Don’t talk at all,” Constantine told every one, getting a nod from me. I was so thankful for these two powerful kids. It was as if they could tell something was about to happen to some one without them talking to the person.

“Hello, Alpha Summer, is this your mates? Oh, and you can look up, Summer,” a smooth voice asked. I knew what she thought when she looked up and saw a very beautiful woman. She had beautiful eyes, eyes of all different colors. Her hair was long and brown but beautiful.

I could tell Summer just remembered she asked her a question. “I’m sorry, but yes, these are my mates, Blaine and Zane.” She pointed to each of them. Our Goddess had a bemused expression on her face.

“Hmm, what a lucky woman you are. Now, all who are in this room right now can look at me and stand up.” I stood up with everyone else, waiting to see what she would do next. I didn’t talk because I knew she had spoken to me yet.

“King Draco, what happened here and why do I have a black witch hybrid baby?” The Goddess asked me.

“He was a traitor and was working with the witches, the same witches who have killed our kind. He charged Alpha Summer, so she took care of him. He was trying to kill her,” I told her, hoping she would understand why Summer had to kill him. I was afraid for Alpha Summer. She didn’t know our rules and customs. This could be good or very bad.

She looked at Alpha Summer. “Our rules state: If you kill our kind you can be killed.” Alpha Summer looked at her, a shocked expression on her face. “But, he charged you with a blade and you only protected yourself. You did what you had to do. I believe the baby dragon should not get another chance at life, what say you?”

“I say, he’s a black witch and dragon. There isn’t way for me to know how he will be as he grows up. Will he become a black witch and threaten the dragons again? Will he be true to his race or not? I can’t know what he will become, only you will know.” Alpha Summer stated the truth. It was if she read my mind - which was impossible. I was a King and she shouldn’t have been able to read me.

“I agree,” the Goddess said as she turned to the baby dragon. “You will not be reborn, for I cannot trust you.” Our Goddess, Timat, breathed fire, not to warm her child, but to destroy. When she was done she turned back to us. “Thank you, Alpha Summer. Do you know of any other traitors?”

“Yes, Goddess, I do. I won’t know for sure who they are or if they have been spelled until I see them with my own eyes,” I heard Alpha Summer explain. Our Goddess nodded and gestured for Alpha Summer to proceed. It was an honor bestowed to her from the Goddess. I’m surprised Alpha Summer agreed to turn her back to our Goddess. Either she trusted her or she knew something we didn’t know.

Alpha Summer walked a little bit and then turned down a hallway I knew led to the kitchens. I was surprised she went the way she did. She stopped in the kitchen doorway and looked at each person, but everyone had bowed low in honor of our Goddess who was behind Summer. I bet it scared the shit out of everyone.

Alpha Summer walked up to three ladies, reaching in their pockets and throwing a few bottles to me. The ladies didn’t move. They stayed bowing, but they were shaking. I looked at the bottles, doing a double take when I looked at them.

“Madagascar Tree?” I hissed.

Fuck me.

My Goddess turned around to me, noticing the expression on my face. If they had used this in our food it would have caused us to bleed terribly. It wouldn’t stop until the ground was soaked with blood. It was a nasty tree and hard to come by.

I noticed Alpha Summer was very quiet, too quiet. I looked up at her, noticing her and the two young children had their hands on the three women. I wasn’t sure what they doing but if my Goddess wasn’t worried about then I wasn’t.

Alpha Summer slumped down a little as she teleported some kind of bar to her. She was eating it as fast as she could. I realized she needed the energy. She teleported a coke and drank the whole can down in minutes. “This one was spelled by the man, but she tried to fight every chance she could,” she said as she pointed at the lady on the left. “These two are...The worst examples of humanity. They are the two who were going to poison all of you and then they were going to kill all of us afterwards.”

“You are positive these two weren’t spelled too?” The Goddess, Timat, asked.

“Yes, but there are still more but they are in another room.” Alpha Summer walked towards her mates, but stopped in her tracks. “Whatever we do, we need to do it quickly. I just blocked the link these witches were trying to use to let the black witches know they had been caught.

Fuck me running


“Thank you, Alpha Summer,” the Goddess told Alpha Summer as she walked to the two ladies and turned around to smirk at me, but I didn't know why until I look at Alpha Summer. She was mouthing my words I thought but never said out loud.

Well, shit on a brick.

I ignored Alpha Summer and watched my Goddess closely, knowing these two ladies would be toast soon. We needed more information of why and how these people were turning against the supernatural creatures. There had to be someone pulling their strings. I knew how black witches were made but these witches had a lot more power than they should have. I needed my whole family to help get the answers out of one of the traitors. I wasn’t sure a truth spell would work on these traitors.

I smelt smoke and focused on what was happening in front of me. The two women were no more. The lady that was spelled was being helped up by their Goddess. “You are to be given another chance since you were spelled. I’m proud of you, my child, for fighting as hard. If you ever think you are spelled you need to go to Alpha Summer and ask for help. If she sees you she will know you need help,” the Goddess, Timat, told the lady.

“Thank you, my Goddess,” the lady quietly said, a small smile across her face. I knew I would be checking her quite often. I needed to make sure she was true and not fighting against us.

“Alpha Summer, if you may show me where the other traitors are I would appreciate it,” the Goddess told me.

“I will show you,” I told her as I felt the pull to the traitors I walked out of the kitchen, the Goddess, the dragons, and my family trailing behind everyone. I knew they were trying to be respectful in their choice of position. I was ever thankful to my family.

I felt a pull to the left, leading me to the left and into the security room. I opened the door and saw three people floating in the air. Trace had caught them himself and held them for us. I nodded at him and walked to the first man, Trace letting him go. My family circled around the man, all of us holding hands. I wanted to try and truth spell him first. I knew Trace dropped him first for a reason.

“Why are you here?” I asked after putting him under a truth spell, a very strong truth spell.

“Don’t you dare say anything,” another man threatened as he stared at the man I was talking to.

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