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Chapter 15 - Mini Bombs & Insane People

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I felt a pull to the left, leading me to the left and into the security room. I opened the door and saw three people floating in the air. Trace had caught them himself and held them for us. I nodded at him and walked to the first man, Trace letting him go. My family circled around the man, all of us holding hands. I wanted to try and truth spell him first. I knew Trace dropped him first for a reason.

“Why are you here?” I asked after putting him under a truth spell, a very strong truth spell.

Don’t you dare say anything,” another man threatened as he stared at the man I was talking to.

Summers POV

I nodded to Trace, letting him know to put a muzzle on the dragon. “Now, where were we?” I waited until his eyes were on me again. “Why are you here?”

“To end all the dragons except for the ones worshipping our true God, not this sorry excuse of a Goddess,” he seethed, glaring daggers at his Goddess.

All of us gasped at the fool. “Then who is your God?” I asked as I stared into his eyes.

“His name is Calanthus, the Ascended man. He sacrificed over thirty people and was named a God. No one is above him, not even Timat,” he answered.

I felt it when Hailey walked over and grabbed my hand. I saw what this fool had done so far. How he had sacrificed his own people, how he had killed dragons, witches and giants, all in the name of a false God. I wasn’t what was going to happen to him but I had an idea.

“And, all the people you have killed, were they so you could become a God too? Or, did you just like killing your own people?” I paused and my eyes widened. “So, you were the one who killed the dragon King and Queen.” I stepped back and looked over to Draco, a look of sadness on my face.

I saw the Goddess nod her head. He walked over to me and the man, trying to hide the pain in his eyes. “The true Goddess has given you to me. She let me know I could kill you myself along with my brothers. You took away a great and fair King and Queen for your sick pleasure, you fucker.”

I watched as all the brothers pulled their swords out and held the blade over his head. The Goddess breathed fire on their blades as the brothers took a breath and nodded their head to me. I knew they were letting me know they were calm and not killing in anger. As soon as I nodded back they brought the blades down on the man’s head, arms and legs. When they were done the man’s head was gone as well as his arms and legs. The Goddess breathed fire on the rest of his body, burning him up in seconds.

“Justice has been done. This man will never be reborn,” the Goddess declared as she looked at the other two. “Now, what have you two done?”

The man sneered at her and spat at her feet. “I’ve done whatever my true God has told me to do. I’ve killed, I’ve defiled, I’ve sacrificed. He told me I would be a God at his side,” the man gasped and tried to cover his mouth.

Noticed I said, tried.

“Not going to work, you idiot,” I told him as I stepped back and let the Goddess take care of him.

“I believe I will let Alpha Summer and her family take care of you, but only after we talk to this woman,” she said as she pointed at the other person yet to be checked.

I chuckled, a chuckle my kid’s called evil. “Thank you, Goddess.” I turned to the woman. “And why are you here? What do they want you to do?”

“Help me,” the woman quietly begged.

I laughed at her ridiculous words. “Help you? Help you do what? You only asked for help because you thought it would take the heat off of you. I’ve read you, my babies have read you and they are very powerful. Now, what to do to both of you.”

Hold up, Alpha Summer,” I heard Ares say. “Look again, please. I will help you as will Hailey.

I looked walked over to the woman as Trace lowered to the ground. I reached out and put my fingers on her temple and concentrated hard. It took me about ten minutes to find out what Ares was talking about. We all broke the spell and the woman collapsed.

I staggered and almost fell, but Trace caught me. He teleported another coke and energy bar to me. I took the one and teleported five more to my pocket,, making sure my kids and mates had the bars, too.

“Thank you, Alpha Summer,” the woman said. “I wasn’t sure if the spell would be broken before I was killed.”

“I’m sorry for not believing you. I’m just glad you are okay.” I took a big sip of my drink. “Where were you when you were spelled?”

“Here. I was working when he,” she nodded to the man we had tethered. “Spelled me. He was given extra power from some guy.”

“That our God, you traitor. You would worship a false God?” He yelled, his face turning red.

“No! My Goddess is the one and the only one I worship! You are a fool if you think you will become a God!” The woman yelled, breathing hard.

“She’s telling you the truth. Would you like to see your future?” Kaley asked as she walked forward, revealing one of her powers to all of us.

“Sure. I can only imagine the worshipers I will have soon,” the man taunted Kaley. Kaley put her fingers on the man’s head. After a few seconds the man started screaming. I wanted to scream with him. Kaley had shared her premonition with us, too. His life would be painful before he died by his ‘God’. He would be the sacrifice and not the one who sacrificed more people. It was a sick way for his 'god' to kill him and not give him what he wanted. I didn't understand how people could be so gullible and naive.

“Stop, please stop,” the man cried as he shuddered and gasped for breath, his eyes almost completely white due to fright.

“You needed to see what your future holds for you,” Kaley told him as she walked back over to me.

“Bitch! You lie! You showed me what you wanted me to see, not what would happen to me!”

“I never lie, sir, or should I call you 'sacrifice'?” Hailey came back at him. She told the truth. My children didn’t lie. They would tell you the truth even if it hurt the person’s feelings.

I was about to step forward and kill the man, but the man screamed in pain. He tried to grab his head but Trace had made sure he couldn’t move anything but his mouth. The man’s scream cut off and then his head exploded.

Well, shit!

I looked at my children but they all shook their heads no. I looked to the dragons, noticing them shaking their head no, too. I looked to the Goddess but she was just as clueless as we were.

“He had a fail safe in his head. Someone had implanted a mini bomb in his head. We need to get the one’s out of the women’s heads, too,” Constitine let me know through the link, well, he let everyone know.

“I’ve got this,” Hailey said as she disappeared and reappeared with the two women. We worked quickly to do our mini surgery. The women were scared when they saw the man’s body. They laid down quickly as Hailey ran her hands over both women, locating the mini bombs in their bodies quickly and efficiently. We cut open their heads, making sure we didn’t mess with nerves. It took us a while but we successfully removed both of them. Hailey made sure there weren’t any more of them his within their bodies, finding three more.

Winter and Autumn showed up and sat beside the women, laying their hands on each woman. The girls knew we would watch their bodies as they traveled through the women’s bodies. It took them about twenty minutes until the women started coughing up the bugs in their bodies. For another ten minutes they choked and threw up all over the place, my kids cleaning up after them.

I saw Chase quickly take the bugs and leave the room. I knew he was taking them out of the caverns, making sure they didn’t blow anywhere close to us.

Well fuck!

Mini bombs and insane people.

Yep, my day was completely full of idiots.

The women sat up as my girls slumped to the floor. “Draco, do you have a doctor my girls can go to and get some glucose?” I asked as I gathered the women, waiting to see what he would show me. I was going to teleport my daughters straight there as soon as I could.

“Yeah do you want me to show you where?” He asked as I nodded to the Goddess and disappeared with my daughters and Zane.

“They need glucose, please. King Draco approved of us coming here,” I told one of the nurses with whom I scared the shit out of.

The woman bowed her head and yelled for the doctor. “Come this way, Alpha Summer. Whatever you need will be provided for-”

Or, you could have just asked us to heal her,” Angel said as she smirked at me, making sure the nurse heard her, too.

“Wha...Well, okay then,” I said as my babies smiled. ”Thank you, kids. I forgot you could heal within a matter of seconds.

“What just happened?” The nurse asked as the doctor came running towards us.

“Their brother and sister just healed them but thank you for your fast actions,” I confided in her as Winter and Autumn stood up and smiled at the nurse.

We teleported back to the security room. Trace was on the computer, his fingers flying over the keys. Damn, he was fast and accurate. He was letting Draco and Dagon know about the virus he found in their system, one the traitor had planted. The virus would shut down all of their security systems if he couldn’t stop the virus from uploading.

“Are anymore traitors, Alpha Summer?” The Goddess asked me as she walked towards me.

I shook my head yes, the Goddess gesturing to me to show her. I looked at my kids and knew they would be following me, well, all except for Trace. I felt a hard tug to my right and followed the feeling. I was about to open the door but something stopped me. I stepped back and threw up a shield quickly as the room exploded, throwing out debris everywhere.

I felt pain. Pain so immense I thought I was going to pass out. Pain so unimaginable that I threw up before I got up off the ground. The bone was sticking out of my arm. I knew I shouldn’t look at it. I knew the pain would be worse if I looked, but my dumbass had to look. I turned my head as quickly as I could and looked at my family. They were knocked to the ground but they looked as if they had only a few bruises, so I looked for Draco, panic settling in my chest at the thought he was hurt.

“Everyone okay?” I asked as I looked each of them over.

“Yes,” they all said in tandem. I could tell Autumn’s arm hurt her. Hailey was bleeding from a cut on her head and Zane was getting up slowly, shaking the debris out of his hair. I checked Blaine and noticed a cut on his cheek but it was healing quickly. I checked the Goddess next. She was smiling at me as she nodded her head. I guess she was a lot more durable than us considering she was immortal.

“What the hell was that?” Draco asked as he looked towards me for an answer, making me take a huge breath of relief. I was happy to see him upright and not laying dead on the floor.

I walked over to the door, my arm against my chest, and opened the door.

Holy fuck, Batman.

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