From Here to Love

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Chapter 19 - Not A Chance

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“Yes!” I exclaimed, not caring if anyone could hear me. This man had me over heated, wet, and shaking. “Just go slow, please. It’s my first time to be with anyone and I want you to teach me.”

“It’s my first time, too. I wanted to wait for my mate, so how about we teach each other?” Draco asked me. I was too surprised to say anything for a moment. I would have sworn he had slept with other women. He was an alluring man, sexy as all get out, and powerful. I know how power pulls all sorts of people to you, hell, it happened to me all the time but I only wanted my mate. I didn’t want to be known as a whore, not like some of the women of our pack. I could never do that to my mate.

I nodded my head and pulled him down for a kiss. I soaked in his flavor. He was hot, spicy. I wanted to lick him all over but I would settle for a taste of his cum in my mouth. I could only imagine his taste if his lips were something to go by.

We took everything in slow motion at first, but it didn’t last long. One minute we were kissing and the moment he was lined up with my core, waiting on my permission to continue. I quickly nodded my head. I wanted to know what he felt like.

He pushed his cock into me ever so slowly. When I got to my barrier he stopped and looked down at me. I didn’t give him permission. I decided my wolf and I had had enough.

Pain and pleasure

Here we come.

Kaileys POV

My wolf and I pulled him to us, using our werewolf strength. I slammed him home and we both didn’t move for a minute. My eyes were wide with pain of losing my virginity. Draco was unusually quiet. He didn’t move until I gave him permission to slowly move. When he did move it was as if I turned into an animal in bed. I flipped him over, making sure I was on top. I looked down at his body, seeing us connected. It was pure pleasure to see his Greek like body.

I moaned and started moving my hips, riding Draco as if he was my own personal horse. My Goddess I never thought I could feel this kind of pleasure. The way he watched me. The way his hands were on my hips guiding me. The way his eyes were hooded with lust.

He flipped us over and lined up with my core. “Look at me, Kaley,” he whispered, causing me to lick my lips and look up at him. “Keep your eyes on me as I pleasure you and take you to new heights. You don’t know what my dragon wants to do to you.”

I kept my eyes on him as slammed home. My back arched again and I moaned, letting him know not to stop. I kept my eyes on him even though my eyes wanted to close in pure pleasure.

He started moving slowly, but I was hungry for him. My core was dripping wet and I wanted to do the things my wolf was showing me.

Boy did I.

“Faster,” I ordered him. He started to move faster. He would almost leave my core then slam back home. It was brutal and I wanted more. Much more. I wanted to be able to feel his emotions as he took me to new heights. I wanted all of him.

"Yes, please," my wolf added as she paced in the back of my mind. I knew she could feel everything I was feeling. The shocks as he stroked my body. The heat between us. And, the need to mark our mate. It was almost an obsession to be marked and mated with him.

“Can I mark you?” I panted, my breaths coming out harsh. I couldn’t get enough air in but I didn’t want him to stop. I never wanted him to stop.

“Yes, please. Can I mark you, too?” He asked as I nodded my enthusiastically. I needed him to mark me as much as I needed air to breath.

I was close to something I didn’t understand. I knew about the act of sex from my sex education class, but this was way more than they ever said. I knew they were probably trying to dissuade us from having sex with anyone other than our mate. Hell, my mother told us it would be like nothing else. She told us not to have sex until we met our mate, that our mate could read our body better than anyone else. She was right all along. I wondered if Hailey had gone through the same feeling as I have.

My stomach felt as if a nest of hornets had taken up residence. I had pressure in my core and my stomach. I felt as if I was going to fall apart at any second. I knew this was what my mom said an orgasm would feel like. It was an embarrassing conversation but I was glad she had taught us about everything.

I was about to blow apart. I pulled Draco to me and licked his neck as he did the same to me. When we found each other’s sweet spot our canines came out. I kissed the spot on his neck and bit down, holding him to me. We finally let go and licked the blood off each other, screaming our pleasure. If anyone was close to us they would have been deaf. As it was, my ears were ringing from Draco’s dragon roar as he released into me.

We held each other as we came down from our high. We were both panting, our hearts beating a fast rhythm but in sync, our bodies cooling down. “Can you hear me, Draco?

“Why wouldn’t I be able to hear you, Kaley?” He asked me as I chuckled.

I smiled up at him. “I didn’t ask anything out loud, mate.”

He sucked in a breath. “How do I answer back?”

Just think your thoughts,” I told him though our mind-link.

He snorted as if he was trying to laugh at himself. “But of course. I didn’t think it would be as easy as thinking. I thought it would be something I had to learn or a new power coming forth.”

“Nope,” I said, popping the p. I looked at him and smiled. “We need to eat something. Our energy levels are too low. If something were to happen we would be at a disadvantage.”

“Are you okay to walk?” He asked, a cocky look on his face. It was as if he was the next best thing.

I laughed at his cockiness. I rolled my eyes. “I can heal instantly. It’s one of the reasons I need food.”

He nodded his head. “Wait! What? You can heal your own body?” He exclaimed.

“Yes I can. You will be able to heal your body soon too..” I trailed off as clothes showed up on our bodies

We both got out of bed and looked around. I guess he had noticed the shocked look on my face and not questioned whether it was my magic or not. I huffed and crossed my arms. “Angel and Constantine, you can show yourselves now.”

“Boo!” Angel yelled from behind me. I let out a shriek and grabbed my chest. Lovely, just lovely I sounded as if I was a scardy cat. Thanks, Angel.Why in the hell would she scare me like she did?

Because it’s fun. Come on, Kaley and Draco, there’s food in mom’s room and you two need to eat. I can feel the exhaustion wearing you down. You are usually better at feeling someone behind you,” Angel told me, a big smile across her face.

“Did you watch us when we were in Draco’s room?” I asked, an annoyed look on my face. Angle and Constatine shook their heads no. I let out a huge breath. I wouldn’t look at them the same if they would have.

“We came in when the noise quit. We clothed you two first, so we didn’t see you naked. We didn’t want to be scared the rest of our life,” Constantine answered, a wicked grin on his face. “You two were making enough noise to wake the dead, so we went to the other side of the castle. Why did you scream?” I wasn’t sure how to answer his question. What would I say? I made love and the emotions of the act caused me to yell out.

Not a chance in hell.

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