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From Here to Love

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Chapter 2 - Enemy

A/N: Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy my work.


I rolled my eyes at all of them. “Well, you see, I already delivered my own children. I told you I needed to push when I walked into this room, so I decided I wasn’t going to wait.

I watched as my children showed up in my arms. I wasn’t sure why I could see them when they disappeared but I was infinitely glad I could. “This little one name is Angeliki.” I turned towards my son. “This little one name is Constantine. Angeliki’s name means pure messengers and Constantine means steadfast, continuous, and persistent. I think their names are perfect.”

Trace ran into the room, his breathing was heavy and he looked pale. “Mom, there’s someone here who wants to challenge you. Again.”

Well, shit!


Summers POV

“Well, I for one, am not surprised. I expected someone to find out I was in labor. Now I know why it was easy to birth my children, plus, I’m completely healed,” I confessed as I got up from the bed and changed into my fighting clothes as the others in the room looked at me as if I was crazy. “Stop looking at me as if I’ve gone totally bonkers.”

“Let Momma fight. We’ve got her back,” my newest children ordered, almost bringing us to our knees. They eased up on their power but made sure to smirk. “This is the only way we can speak to you until we are at least one. Sorry about ordering you. We didn’t do it on purpose, Mom.”

I nodded my head and started walking out of the hospital, my children and mates following me. I kept walking until I was in the center of the training circle and looking at the man who looked me up and down.

“You look good even pregnant,” the disgusting pig said to me, making me almost puke.

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over each other and stared at the pig. “I can’t say the same for you. You remind me of a pig, a disgusting one at that.”

“You’ll be saying my name before this is over, won’t you, bitch?”

I chuckled, keeping my eyes on him the whole time. I discreetly smelled the air, not knowing what he was. His smell was confusing. I could smell wolf, warlock, and something else. The something else was what I needed to know and quickly. I went through all the scents my earthly parents had taught me as fast as I could. I was close to figuring it out and I knew it. Why was the scent so elusive, as if it were here in mind and gone a second later as if someone had stolen the smell to replace it with a memory.

The memory came to me quickly when I heard him chuckle. I remember my dad telling me about the dragon’s warriors. I remember him telling me how these warriors were deadly, how they hadn’t been seen in thousands of years. I remember him telling me about how the last dragon had told everyone his family would get revenge on the people responsible for killing their families. I knew my dad never had a hand in killing off the dragons, so was this a test.

I bowed down. “Warrior,” was all I said. I got back up and looked him in the eye. “This pack has never taken a dragon down, well, one. I killed a dragon for the evilness he had in his heart.”

Summer,” Blaine hissed through the mind-link as I looked over at him, a frown on my face.

“I will not lie to him. You know me as a person who tells the truth and it won’t stop now,” I told him through the mind-link, not happy at him admonishing me.

The warrior started laughing, stopping with a smile on his face. “It’s refreshing to find someone so honest. I am not here to cause your pack trouble. I wanted to see what kind of person you were and you passed my test beautifully. We need your help and that of the Royal King.”

I smiled and walked over, shaking his hand. “You know we help other packs with vermin, so I don’t see why we wouldn’t help you, right, my mates?”

I watched as Blaine and Zane walked over to me and nodded their head, noticing my newest children in hiding. I smirked at my babies as they came over to me and settled in my arms, causing the warrior to jump.

“What the hell? How?” The warrior asked.

I started to answer when I was cut off. “We are powerfully wicked,” was all the twins said as they looked up at him.

The warrior shook his head a few times, not knowing how my children could talk into his mind. I could read part of his mind but other parts were hidden. “Ooh, that wasn’t freaky at all. I haven’t had anyone in my head for a long time, well, except for another dragon. Are all your children gifted as these are?”

“Hell yes, we are,” Chase affirmed as he walked up, Trace and Serenity by his side.

I shook my head at my crazy family as the rest of my family teleported to me. The Royal King, Queen, Beta couple, ten of his warriors, Kaiden, his mate, Aiden, Winter, Autumn, and Michah. “I knew you crazy people would want to show up.” I turned to the warrior. “It’s hell when your whole family can read your mind.”

The warrior smiled and then bowed to Sonny, Kat, Windy, and Ares. “Thank you for coming, Royal Alpha King. I need your help too but I didn’t want to go to the castle. I’m hiding while I dredge up help. I know you all have questions and I will gladly answer them. But, can I please have something to eat and drink? I’m sorry, I haven’t eaten in three days.” I started to say something when the warrior looked at me. “But, I will explain why in a few minutes, if you don’t mind.”

I nodded my head. “Well, you are in luck, I’m starving myself. It’s hell having children a few minutes ago, so I’m going to eat as much as I like. Come on?” I left off the end wanting to know what to call him.

“I’m sorry, my name is Alec.” I nodded to him and led him to the dining room, my whole pack looking at the newcomer. I wanted to roll my eyes but I couldn’t for fear I would look all kinds of stupid in front of the warrior. It wasn’t a second later that I heard Blaine tell everyone to go about their business.

We all sat at our family table, making sure to put Alec where we could all talk to him. I noticed Kat had put up a soundproof bubble around us, effectively cutting off the pack from hearing what was about to be talked about. I waited with the rest of us as Alec fixed his plate, Sonny going next. I sat back and watched my family’s faces wondering if they could feel the tension coming off of Alec.

After we filled our plate and took a bite, I looked over to Alec. “Is it alright if we talk while we eat?” I read his mind as he thought about the pack hearing him. “Queen Kat has put us in a bubble to keep from anyone else hearing our conversation.” I stopped and reached under the table, holding up a finger to my lips, and pulling out a listening device, and shaking my head. I handed it to Chase and nodded my head as he threw it out of the bubble. “Now, we are protected. I’m going to kill whoever placed it here.”

“Alright, we need your help. There are still one-hundred dragons left. They have been hiding in caves from the very beginning. They have been hunted, killed, and made to fear - not something they are used to,” Alec said, a sad look on his face. “We haven’t seen this enemy in centuries and are not sure why we are now. This enemy affects everyone. We are all going to be under attack. We’ve killed some, but they are hard to kill. It’s as if someone has taken over their minds and put in an order to kill everyone except witches.”

“Has this enemy always been an enemy of your people?” I heard Sonny ask the warrior, catching the warrior’s attention and causing him to frown.

“A very good question, Royal Alpha King.” The warrior bowed his head to Sonny. “But, no, they have never been this way. We were once friends and protected them from harm. It’s why it’s so confusing to us.”

I nodded my head, noticing every one of my family was nodding, too. “They’ve been spelled. What is this enemy?”

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