From Here to Love

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Chapter 20 - Danger, Will Robinson

A/N: Dedicated to oddball, PenumbraMINE, and N.Y.O.B. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


“Did you watch us when we were in Draco’s room?” I asked, an annoyed look on my face. Angel and Constatine shook their heads no. I let out a huge breath. I wouldn’t look at them the same if they would have.

“We came in when the noise quit. We clothed you two first, so we didn’t see you naked. We didn’t want to be scared the rest of our life,” Constantine answered, a wicked grin on his face. “You two were making enough noise to wake the dead, so we went to the other side of the castle. Why did you scream?” I wasn’t sure how to answer his question. What would I say? I made love and the emotions of the act caused me to yell out.

Not a chance in hell.

Kaleys POV

“Uh,” Draco looked at me, a look of amusement across his face. “We marked each other and it caused us to yell. It wasn’t a bad yell, umm, it was a thankful sound?” He looked at my brother and sister in question.

I started laughing, holding my stomach. I’m sure I snorted a few times but I didn’t care. I was having the same debate on what to tell them. I continued chuckling as he shattered and tried to come up with an explanation.

“We know about sex, brother Draco,” Constatine told Draco as he disappeared.

“Brother Draco?” He asked, a look of confusion on his face.

You’re our brother now,” Angel explained as she too disappeared. I laughed at his facial expressions. I couldn’t help it. He was cute, beautiful and a sexy God.

I teleported us to my moms room. My mom’s head snapped to us as she sniffed the air, my dads’ following. My parents growled but I growled louder. I wasn’t going to have them make me feel bad about mating with Draco. They could get over their own insecurities. I knew I would need to talk to them, but I was hungry and I didn’t want to deal with their pissing contest.

“Pissing contest?” Blaine, my dad, asked, a sly grin on his face. I rolled my eyes and filled two plates with enough food to last a year, not that it would.

I brought Draco his food and sat down next to him, giving my parents a dirty look “We know what we are doing. You can stop growling at me and congratulate Draco and I.” I decided to use the guilt card. “You welcomed every other mate, why not mine?”

My mom and dads’ looked at me,, a guilty look on their faces. Good, they deserved it. I didn’t need to be treated as if I were a little girl anymore. I was a grown up, body, soul and mind.

My dad, Blaine, cleared his throat. “Congratulations, you two.”

“Thanks, Dad. Draco’s good to me just you are good to mom,” I told him, wanting him to know Draco had my back and I had his. I nodded my head and ate my food, the room feeling stuffy.

We had just about finished our plates of food. I was setting my plate down when Draco hit the floor. I immediately knew what was going on, so I knelt beside him, rubbing his back, while I whispered in his ear. I had to let him know to calm down and let the pain flow through him and not fight it. It sounded weird to anyone else, hell, it sounded weird to me. But, nonetheless, he started to calm, his breathing became normal, and the tenseness in his shoulders relaxed. I vaguely remember him doing the same for me when the idiot thought it was alright to cheat on as soon as my back was turned.

Draco slowly sat up and pulled me onto his lap. “Thank you, Kaley, you helped me a lot. The pain lessened when I heard your voice.” He hugged me as he stood up and walked to the couch. He made sure I was comfortable before he sat down beside me. I wanted to ask what power he received but I didn’t want anyone else to know. Plus, the walls had ears.

“Are you okay, Draco,” Alec asked as he leaned forward, his eyes intently staying on Draco’s.

“I’m fine now. You should know what was going on.” Alec nodded. “Good. Keep it to yourself. I’m not sure if the walls have ears or not.” My head snapped up to his, a look of shock on my face. Did he read my emotions?


Draco nodded and smiled at me. I so knew this wasn’t the power he just received, but him learning to read my emotions was something I was proud of him for. And, something I wasn’t sure I wanted him to learn.

Draco started laughing as everyone looked at him as if he was crazy.. “My mate doesn’t like me reading her emotions.” My family nodded their heads but the dragons looked on in confusion.

“What? They can read our emotions?” Dagon exclaimed as he looked at us one by one.

Yep.” Angel confirmed as she smiled at him. “You will get the same power in a couple of months.” Dagon shook his head and zipped his lips, not wanting to upset Angel. “I don’t read you unless it’s an emergency, so you have nothing to worry about, okay?”

“Okay. Thank you, Angel,” Dagon answered, a smile on his face. Angel nodded and had a wide-eyed look on her face. I figured it hit her hard when Dagon said her name and smiled at her. The mate bond was hard to ignore.

I picked my plate back up, intending to finish the food, but the smell caught me off guard. I hadn’t touched the vegetable melody on my plate and the smell was coming from it. I looked up at my mother as she was about to take a bite of her vegetables. I teleported to her quickly, slapping the fork out of her hand.

“What the hell is-”

“-I was saving your life! The vegetables are poisoned and you were about to eat them! You couldn’t smell it?” I exclaimed as I grabbed my chest. My heart was beating out of control, my hands were shaking.

I watched as my mom smelled her vegetables, quickly pushing the plate away. “It’s poisoned!”

“Duh,” I sarcastically commented as I rolled my eyes at her, knowing I would be scolded later. “Did anyone else eat their vegetables?” I asked my heart, once again, in my throat as I looked at each of the people in the room.

“We don’t eat many vegetables,” Draco answered as he smiled sheepishly, everyone else shook their heads no.

“How in the hell didn’t I notice sooner? I asked the question my mom was thinking.

Draco picked up his plate and took a sniff at it, quickly tossing the plate back on the coffee table. “They used wolfsbane, silver, and a touch of Madagascar tree root in it to cover the smell.” I should have been able to smell the silver. “But, when the Madagascar tree is exposed to air for a couple minutes it breaks down. It was how you were able to smell it sooner.”

“So, someone else is spelled…” I trailed off when the women from earlier walked into the room. I watched my mom walk over to her quickly. She grasped the woman’s head and went quiet. After a few minutes, and help from my baby siblings, the woman’s eyes rolled back in her head.

I stood up and walked over to the woman and placed my hands on her head. I wanted to see who gave her the poison. I wanted to know where she had been before she cooked. I followed her mind back to the origin of her being spelled and backed out quickly, gasping for air as I did. I was dizzy and blacking out a little. I didn't expect to see what I saw. I was shaking and trying to pull my head together but I wasn't having much luck with it.

"Danger, danger, Will Robinson!" my wolf yelled in my mind, but I wasn't listening to her.

How in the hell did he get inside the caves? Was there an entrance we didn’t know about? Did the dragons know there was another way in? Someone had to be helping him. There was no way he could have come in unless someone was letting him in. I knew my mate wouldn't make it easy for someone to get into an entrance. My mind shifted to another thought, a thought that chilled me to the bone. Was it even possible?

“Kaley!” Draco’s voice shook me out of my musings. I didn’t even realize he had picked me up and was rocking me. I latched onto him with everything in me, thankful he was here for me.

“Sorry,” I quietly said as I rubbed his arms. “Uh, I need to ask some hard questions.”

“Okay, go ahead,” Draco agreed as hugged me tighter to him.

I opened my mouth and closed it again, positive I looked like a fish out of water. “Uh, is there another way into the caves that we don’t know about?” I finally asked.

“Yes, but it hasn’t been used in centuries.

“Okay, can the Ascended Man take the form of others?” I asked the main question I needed an answer to.

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