From Here to Love

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Chapter 22 - Not So Private

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I watched as Angel showed up in front of him and put her hand on his face. “Everything will be okay. Can I read your mind to see if you have anything in your subconscious about other poisons your family might have shared with you?” Angel asked out loud as we all gaped at her.

“You have my permission, Angel,” Dagon answered as his face lit up. Angel got quiet. I knew she was sifting through his memories as quick as she could. She didn’t want Dagon to feel uncomfortable.

I knew the minute she had the information from his mind. She moved her shoulder subtlety, not wanting to cause herself or her mate pain. When she was done she stroked his cheek and kissed his nose quickly. “Thank you, Dagon.”

“Uh, another way to kill them is to...

Kaleys POV

“Uh, another way to kill them is to eat cakes made out of pitch, fat and hair,” Angel said, a disgusted look on her face. “Your father did the same to an unruly opponent. The man had plans to kill your father, so your dad sent ‘cakes’ to him.”

“Okay, gross, but effective so it seems,” Draco agreed. “So, now what?”

“You might want to sit down as we spell you. It won’t hurt but it might take a little bit. We are going to start with poisoning and spell you against them. The next one will be to protect you from harm. No sword, claw, gun, spell, or blast will be able to hurt you, but it will hurt the person that intended to do you harm. We will spell you from being spelled by anyone who wants you to do their bidding, okay?” I asked, waiting for their approval before we started. We wouldn’t touch them if they didn’t want us to. It was our way to ask for permission.

“Granted,” Draco voiced as the other brothers nodded their heads.

We had them sit on the couch as we surrounded them, the rest of our family joining us, startling the dragons. I made sure to let the dragons know the others were my family. They tried to bow to my brother, their king, but Sonny wasn’t having any of it. He waved them off and we started our spells after sharing the information with them.

It wasn’t an easy spell. It took a lot of our energy to spell them against so much, but Ares helped boost our spell as did his mate, Windy. Sonny and his fated, Kat, boosted the spell even more. When we were done we were worn out and hungry. I made sure to teleport high protein foods, making sure I had plenty for all us. I know we just ate but it took a lot of energy from my family and the dragons. The dragons gave us permission to spell them, but it didn’t mean their minds didn’t try to fight us.

We ate everything in front of us, my belly feeling bloated from eating too much, but I finally had my energy back.

“Don’t try to hide that nasty poison, Blaine! I can smell it a mile away!” My mom yelled as she stood up and backed away from him. My mind was still stuck on poison and so was everyone else’s. “I’m not taking that vitamin this time.”

I sighed and started laughing. “Mom, just take it, you don’t want the baby to lose their life because you used so much energy and didn’t replace it. Your child needs the nutrients in the prenatal vitamins,” I warned as I tried to guilt trip her.

“Fine! But I want chocolate milk and a chocolate bar to chase it down with,” my mom said exacerbated. My dads’ whipped out the items she requested as my dad, Blaine, gave her the vitamin. My mom opened her milk and sat it back down. She pinched her nose closed and threw the vitamin into the back of her throat, grabbing the milk quickly and drinking the whole carton. I rolled my eyes at her over dramatic doings.

“Open your mouth, Summer,” Zane told my mother as he walked over to her and tilted her head back.

My mother did as he said as my dad checked her whole mouth. “Happy now?” My mom sarcastically asked.

“Very,” my dad sarcastically answered as he pulled her to him and sat down, making sure she stayed in his lap.

I was so tired I was almost falling asleep in Draco’s lap. “Come on, honey, you need to get some sleep. Our ceremony will take place tomorrow night, okay?” I nodded my head and closed my eyes. “Goodnight, everyone, and thank you,” were the last words I heard before I fell into a deep sleep.

I was jostled away when I felt arms pull me closer. I sighed and turned around in Draco’s hold. He looked so peaceful when he slept, so serene, so cute. “I’m not cute, I’m hot, sexy even,” Draco said, making me jump. I thought he was asleep. “Try not to move too much, Kaley. I’m trying to let you sleep, but if you move again you will be on your hands and knees with me balls deep inside of you.”

I could tell when he smelt my arousal. He moved quickly as he stripped me of my clothes. I was on my knees and holding the headboard a second later. And, as promised, Draco was balls deep inside of me. How he did all this was a mystery to me, but as long as I was reaping the benefits I didn’t care.

He made my whole body come alive with his touch. He was gentle. He was rough. He was loving. And, he was scorching me from the inside out. I was panting hard, trying to gulp air into my lungs. My legs shook every time he surged forward. I wasn’t sure how much longer my legs would hold me up, but before I even had the thought Draco wrapped a hand around my waist, holding me up to him. It made him go deeper and gave him more access to my breasts. He was playing my body as if he was the maestro and I was part of the orchestra.

My back arched when he curled and hit a place in me. My mouth was open in a silent scream of pleasure as I came and came hard, Draco following me with a grunt. We both shuddered in pleasure and collapsed on the bed, Draco falling to the side so he didn’t crush me under him - not that I would have noticed.

It took us a long time to get our breath back and our heart under control. I was sweaty, my hair drenched. I could feel his juices streaming down the inside of my thighs. I needed a bubble bath, but I was so relaxed I was afraid I would fall asleep in the bath, so a shower sounded better.

“Come, love, let’s go take a shower. I can get someone to change our sheets. It-” I heard Draco trail off as he looked at me. I smirked and pulled him with me to the shower. I magically changed the sheets, causing laughter to spill out of Draco’s mouth.

“What can I say...Oh, yeah, I like to clean up after myself. I’m not used to maids,” I cheekily said, knowing he would know what I was talking about.

We walked into his bathroom and I stopped in my tracks. This wasn’t a bathroom. This was a suite all of its own. The shower was big enough for ten people. It had rainfall shower heads in three different places. It had shower heads at all different places. The bathroom counter was beautiful with gold specks everywhere. The mirror above one side of the sink had a lighted makeup mirror built into it. I looked around for the toilet and noticed it was in a closet of its own. I had never been in a bathroom suite this nice and I felt spoiled.

“Do you like it, Kaley?” Draco asked me as I turned to him. “I had it made for my mate. No one else has been in here other than the maids.”

“Uh, wow.” I gulped. “You were thinking of your mate when you had this built? For me?”


I stood on my tip-toes and kissed him. “Thank you, Draco, it’s beautiful.”

“But you haven’t seen the best part,” he said as he smiled cheekily. What else did he have in here? I mean, he didn’t need to show me anything. I loved the idea of him building this for his mate.

He slid open a door and my jaw hit the floor. “Ta-da!”

“Oh, my Goddess,” I whispered. The whole room was a huge bathtub, or should I say, a swimming pool. I could see the jets were all around the pool. The water was so blue and I wondered how it was the color it was. I could see a few huge baskets of oils, bubbles, loofus, and chocolates. My mate thought of everything.

I turned to him and hugged him tightly. “This is beautiful. I can’t wait to try this out.”

“We will, but not tonight. We need some sleep.” He grabbed my hand and slid the door shut, taking away the sight of my temptation. I was tempted to open the door and jump into the blue water, but I refrained.

Draco turned the water on in the shower, testing the temperature. He reached into a cabinet and pulled out three towels and a soft floor mat, laying the mat down and hanging the towels on hooks to the left of the shower. We finally stepped into the shower and I felt as if I had been transported to the rainforest. I hadn’t noticed the one way glass wall until Draco had hit a button to show a forest scene.

“Turn around, mate, and I’ll wash your hair, okay?” He asked me as I nodded my head and turned at his command. He shampooed my hair, taking his time to work the shampoo to the ends of my hair, something I did everytime I washed my hair. He gently rinsed my hair and poured the conditioner in his hand. He worked the conditioner in my hair, making sure to reach every bit of my hair.

I was ready to return the favor when I felt him wash me with my favorite peaches and cream body wash. I was amazed at the details he had gotten right, but them my mind blanked when Draco washed my privates.

Not so private anymore, Kaley,” my wolf decided to pipe in. I shook my head and realized she had shared her thoughts with Draco. We both chuckled at her as she preened. He tail was straight up, her head held high.

I was startled when Draco dunked my head under the water. “Time to rinse, love, we have a full day tomorrow.” He rinsed my hair and washed my body one more time. I tried to help with his shower but he stuck my idea down every time. I finally heard his thoughts as to why he wouldn’t let me return the favor. He was afraid I wouldn’t get sleep if I washed him. He was barely keeping himself from taking me in every way imaginable. Or, what his dragon wanted.

We dried off and Draco handed me the extra towel for my hair. He grabbed a bathrobe and draped me in it, taking one for himself. I dried my hair as much as I could, braiding it to keep it from looking as if I were bozo the clown.

“Take your time, Kaley. I’m going to check my email messages, okay?” Draco informed me.

“Okay. I’ll be out in a few minutes,” I told him. He walked out of the bathroom and I almost ran to the toilet. I was about to pee on myself and I had a feeling Draco knew from my pee pee dance. You know the one where you shift from foot to foot? Yeah, that one. I peed and washed my face. I brushed my teeth, almost falling asleep in the process. I didn’t realize how tired I was until then.

I stumbled into the bedroom and froze.

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