From Here to Love

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Chapter 24 - Straight Up Stupid

A/N: Dedicated to oddball and N.Y.O.B. You guys are the best. Thank you so much.


I nodded my head and smirked. “I’m going to have to build a block in my brain to keep you from reading my thoughts.”

“Okay...Wait! What?” He asked, a cute confused look on his face.

“You read my mind, Draco. I tested you to make sure,” I said slowly, a shocked look still on my face. I thought about how cute he looked when he was confused. He would cock his head, scrunch up his eyebrows, and sigh.

“I’m not cute when I’m thinking.”

“I rest my case,” I commented as I leaned over and kissed him.

“Oh, my Goddess, I can read minds.” He paused. “Cool.”

I laughed at his excitement and turned to talk to Trace and Chase. “Holy, shit! What happened to you two?” I asked as I pointed to them, shaking my head to see if I was seeing things.

Trace’s POV

I had finally finished with the bugs in the computers. I teleported to each camera and fixed the lenses again, making sure I was quick. I didn’t want to be caught out here on my own. I wasn’t sure about this false god and my wolf was telling me not to test out our new powers yet, that we would need them in time.

After I was finished, I went to my room and fell face first in the bed, not moving a muscle. I was asleep within minutes. My sleep was far from restful. I was in pain throughout the night. It was a twinge here and there, but it was still a little painful and my magic wasn’t helping with the pain. I couldn’t understand it. I thought my magic could heal any pain, but it didn't heal the pain I had been in all night.

When I finally decided to get out of bed my leather pants were ripped and short. My shirt was in pieces on the floor. What the hell? Did I shift during the night and not realize it?

It wasn’t me, I swear,” Knowledge, my wolf, growled out, mad I thought he was some premature pup. I wanted to laugh but I still had a mystery to solve.

I walked into my bathroom and turned the shower on, taking my ripped clothes off, my eyes nearly shut with sleep. I stepped into the shower and hit my head on something, waking me up quickly. I moved to the side and looked over. I’m going to get Chase for lowering my showerhead. He was always pulling pranks on me. I shook my head and lifted the showerhead, pointing it out some more. I didn’t want to hit my head, so I settled for the water to shooting out.

I finished my shower and wrapped a towel around me. I walked over to the sink and cleaned off the condensation, gasping out my shock. What the hell? I looked behind me to see if someone else was in my bathroom, but no one was behind me. I looked at the mirror again and made faces at the man, flapping my arms in weird ways. Everything I did the man in the mirror did the same.

Chase!” I screamed through our mind-link.

“What?” Chase asked as he squinted at me.

I gasped when I turned and looked at him. He was like me. “What the fuck happened?” I asked, my voice a little high.

“What are you talking about?” Chase asked as I cupped water in my hand and threw it at him, waking him up a little more.

He gasped and wiped his face. He wiped his face again and gasped. “What the hell?” He asked, gaping at me.

“Turn around, bro, and look in the mirror,” I instructed him, hearing another gasp out of him. I watched as he did all the moves I had done earlier. He looked like a fool and I was glad he hadn’t seen me do the same.

“Uh, I think we’re all grown up now, don’t you?” I asked him, wanting to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

“Zoee is going to love our new bodies and voices. I hope we don’t scare her off,” Chase muttered.

She’s not going to be scared. She’s been waiting for us to grow up and mark her, well, at least her wolf does, that she doesn’t know she has, wants us to mark her,” Wisdom, my wolf, told me, a dreamy look in his eyes. I wanted to roll my eyes but it was what I wanted too.

“My wolf told me she wouldn’t be scared.” Chase paused. “Did you know she was a hybrid?”

I nodded my head, magically dressing myself with new leathers, pants and vest. “Yeah, mom said she didn’t know why her wolf was shy but I have a theory. I think once she’s marked she will change. Her wolf is nice and wants us,” I explained to Chase.

“How about we go get her and eat something? Everyone’s in the living room chowing down,” Chase suggested as I thought about it.

“Okay, let’s go and see if anyone else notices. Mom’s going to shit a gold brick,” I laughed out as we walked out of my room. It was still dark and I noticed the time, knowing I only slept for a couple of hours.

We stood outside of our mates door, worried she might be sleeping. We weren’t sure we wanted to wake her up if she was. We were about to turn around and let her sleep when the door opened.

“Can I help you..” She gasped and looked us up and down. She pulled us into her room and hugged us. Well, I guess she wasn’t afraid of us.

“I knew it. Something or someone told me about your new transformation.” She smiled. “Good, can you both mark me now?”

I stood there like an idiot and blinked. My wolf was going nuts, cursing me to get my ass in gear and mark our mate. “Our y-you sure?” I stuttered as if I was the biggest fool.

Dumbo has nothing on me

I’m straight up stupid

She smiled at us and pulled us by our hands. “You two have proved to me how much you honor and love me. It took you a little longer to treat me as if i wasn’t a porcelain figure,” she said as she looked at me, making me laugh a little. “Now, are you going to mark me or not?

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered as I pulled her to me, Chase grabbing her other side. “This may hurt a little but you feel better after a few seconds, okay?” I asked as she nodded and smiled, kissing both of us on our cheeks.

I pulled the collar of her shirt to the side, Chase doing the same thing. I nodded at him and we quickly found her sweet spots. At the same time we marked her. She squealed a little but then she moaned. We licked our mark clean at the same time, our mate legs giving out soon after. My wolf was going nuts in my head. He was sending erotic image after image to me.

Damn him

And, fuck me

“You smell good, mate,” I commented as she shivered in our arms.

“So do you two.” She sniffed our necks. “Uh, why did you come to my room in the first place?”

“We were going to ask you if you were hungry and if you wanted to go freak out our parents,” Chase answered, his voice causing her to shiver in our arms.

“I need food for sure, so let’s go.” She looked at us again and sniffed once more. “But, when we are done can we complete the mating process?” She asked as my cock stood at attention.

“I’m sure we can show you what our wolves want to do to you,” I told her, causing her to shiver and moan quietly. I grabbed her hand before I took her where she was standing. I was excited and my wolf was whimpering, crying out about finishing the process now.

I ignored him and we grabbed her hand, walking out of the tempting bedroom. All I knew is we needed to eat quickly and move all of our stuff into one room. I didn’t want her away from us and I knew Chase didn’t either. I could hear his thoughts as if he was shouting them in my mind.

Chase, calm your thoughts or you will tip off mom, okay?” I ordered through the mind-link, not noticing I was ordering him until he gave me a dirty look. “Sorry.”

We walked into the living room, noticing Draco talking out loud instead of through his mind-link to Kaley. I didn’t understand what was going on until Kaley told him she hadn’t said anything out loud or through the mind-link.

“You did what?” Chase and I asked as we teleported food for us and our mate. I made sure she was seated and sat beside her, Chase and I schooching down on the couch. We didn’t want to make our sizes obvious.

“She asked for a kiss,”” I heard Draco say as Kaley blushed.

Our mom looked up and cocked her head to the side. “She never said anything out loud, only you did.”

“Okay..Wait! What?” We heard Draco say, a confused look on his face. I could hear my sister think about how cute her mate was, making me want to barf my food back up.

“I’m not cute when I’m thinking,” he said as he eyed Kaley, making me want to laugh.

“I rest my case,” Kaley told him. It looked as if we were watching a ping pong match. One person would talk and our heads would swivel towards them, then another person would talk and our heads would go to them. I shook the stupid thoughts out of my head.

“Oh, my Goddess, I can read minds.” Draco paused. “Cool.” We all laughed, Chase and I laughing the loudest. Kaley was wishing he couldn’t read her mind and he was all excited about being able to read her mind and the mind of his people. He was excited about being able to help out with the traitors.

“Holy shit! What happened to you two? Kaley exclaimed, pointing at us.

“What the fuck?” My mom yelled out as she got up and walked over to us. “What happened to my babies?”

“Mom,” I whined. “We are not babies. We told you we would grow up quicker,” I explained in a low tone of voice, a voice I knew would catch my dads’ attention. My dads’ heads snapped over to Chase and I. It didn’t take but a moment for them to walk over to us, too.

“Well, welcome, men. Did you come to join the ‘I’m bigger than my dads’ club?” Zane asked me and Chase as we let out a bark of laughter.

“Yeah, dad, we decided if you couldn’t beat them then we should join them,” I said as I stood up. I was taller than both of my dads. I was bigger, too. How I didn’t notice how much more muscled I was when I was showering was a mystery to me.

Our dad laughed and patted me on the shoulder. Hard. I smirked at him and I gave his back a firm pat. He almost fell over but my other dad, Blaine, caught him. “Oops. I don’t know my own strength. So..” I trailed off when I was hit with pain. I went to my knee, noticing Chase did the same thing. I was checking my whole body out. I needed to know what was going on within me.

I gasped and crawled over to Zoe. It was her pain. Pain like nothing I ever felt before. I grabbed her hand and whispered in her ear. I kept whispering, hoping my touch would help with her pain. I made sure to let her know to relax and let whatever was happening to her to flow through her. I didn’t want her to fight the pain would only be worse. My Goddess, her pain was intense. I wasn’t sure how she was able to take it. I was ready to pass out from her pain. I had never felt as she was. I didn’t know how she was handling it.

She screamed loudly and arched her back, throwing her arms back to her side.

A/N: Longer chapter but a cliffy. Hope you enjoy.

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