From Here to Love

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Chapter 25 - Force-Field

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“Yeah, dad, we decided if you couldn’t beat them then we should join them,” I said as I stood up. I was taller than both of my dads. I was bigger, too. How I didn’t notice how much more muscled I was when I was showering was a mystery to me.

Our dad laughed and patted me on the shoulder. Hard. I smirked at him and I gave his back a firm pat. He almost fell over but my other dad, Blaine, caught him. “Oops. I don’t know my own strength. So..” I trailed off when I was hit with pain. I went to my knee, noticing Chase did the same thing. I was checking my whole body out. I needed to know what was going on within me.

I gasped and crawled over to Zoe. It was her pain. Pain like nothing I ever felt before. I grabbed her hand and whispered in her ear. I kept whispering, hoping my touch would help with her pain. I made sure to let her know to relax and let whatever was happening to her to flow through her. I didn’t want her to fight the pain would only be worse. My Goddess, her pain was intense. I had never felt as she was. I didn’t know how she was handling it.

She screamed loudly and arched her back, throwing her arms out to her side.

Traces POV

She screamed loudly and arched back, throwing her arms out to her side. I was more afraid than I had ever been. My wolf was whimpering, begging me to help our mate. I could hear Chase’s wolf telling him the same thing. I moved back closer to her, but there was some kind of force-field around her. She was still screaming as loud as she could. I could feel how frightened she was, but. I couldn’t get close to her.

I was thinking of any way we could help her, but my mind was muddled with pain from the mate bond. I felt everything she felt, just not as much as she was. How the hell was she handling all this pain? I whimpered again, not knowing what to do to help her.

Do something, idiot! You are both a witch and a mate, use the damn mind-link, asshole!” My wolf screamed at me, causing me to growl. My wolf was right. I was a damn idiot.

Zoee, calm down and drop your force-field down. I need to help you or this could kill you. Please, please, mate, do I say.” I didn’t know why this pain was so bad. I knew powers could be painful but I didn’t know that they could be this painful or I wouldn’t have marked her so soon without telling her.

I felt the force-field finally come down and we both surged forward, whispering words of comfort, of apologies, of our love. I was praying to our Goddess to help her, to show us how to help her get through all the pain, all the while talking to her. I knew she heard us when she leaned over on her hands and knees and took a huge breath. We kept talking to her a little longer, when we heard something snap. We snapped our heads up and looked at Zoee’s body.

I looked at Chase with wide eyes. I knew what was happening to our mate and why it was so painful. I knew why she put a force-field around herself, not knowing she would need us to help her shift. Here wolf was telling her to protect herself, that she was at her weakest when she shifted. I wasn’t sure why her wolf didn’t know about mates helping each other, but it was a thought for another day.

Mate wolf, we are here to help. We are your mates. Our wolves are Knowledge and Wisdom. We would never hurt you. Can you tell us why you didn’t recognize us?” I asked my mate’s wolf softly, needing to know what happened to her and how we could help our mate.

Our mom put a spell on us to forget about mates. I’m finally coming out of it. I don’t why she suppressed our wolf side, but I’m happy you broke it. My name is Skkill. It’s spelled: S. K. K. I. L. L. Please help us,” my mate’s wolf explained, breaking my heart at the cruel way her mother did her.

Chase and I leaned down to Zoee and explained to her what was going on, wanting her to know we would help her along the way. We were honest with her about her first shift being painful, explaining any shifts after would get easier and easier. We told her about talking to her wolf, Skkill’s, and how her mother hid her wolf under a spell. We wanted to be completely and utterly honest with her.

I stroked her hair when I heard more bones snap. I looked over at Chase and nodded my head. We both shifted and laid down beside her. Every time one of her bones would break I would whine, hearing Chase doing the same thing. I never wanted to see her pain again, but I knew she would have some kind of pain when she received her powers. I hoped my grandmother could see how pain she was in now and take it in account when she gets her powers.

I heard another snap and a howl, watching as she shook out her beautiful white fur. She was a white wolf and witch hybrid. She was the same as we were. She licked my face, quickly licking Chase’s face, too. I gave a wolfy laugh at the look on Chase’s face. I didn’t care if my mate gave me kisses.

Mom, is there a place we can run? I don’t mean outside,” I added the last part quickly, knowing my mother would freak if she thought we wanted to go outside.

“Teleport to the pack. If we need you, you will know and you’re not too far anyway. Just stay within the pack borders and teleport back here. Tell Zoee we said congratulations on her wolf and her new mark,” my mom commented as I snapped my big head over to her. She, of course, had a smirk on her face.

We teleported back to our home and let everyone know we would be running with our mate. I looked at Zoee and nodded my head to the woods. It took her a few minutes to find her feet. I knew it was hard to get used to being on four paws instead of two feet, but our mate did great once she got the hang of it.

We raced through the trees. We would jump on each other and play fight for a while, taking small naps in between. I knew we would need to go back and eat something soon. It took a lot out of Zoee to change. Our romp in the woods would deplete the rest of her energy, something I didn’t want her to do.

"How do I change back to human?" Zoee asked as she looked at us.

I changed and smirked at her. She was looking me up and down. Yes, I could have made sure I had clothes on but I wanted to see what she would do.

"Think of yourself as human. Think about your long legs, your beautiful blue/green eyes, your long hair, your, uh, breasts," I told her.

She smirked at me and changed back, her body naked and beautiful. She covered her breasts with one hands and her privates with her other one. She smirked at us when Chase and I looked back at her face.

I smirked and magically dressed, nodding my head at Zoee. She nodded in return and I teleported us back to the Dragons Cavern. I made sure we were back in the living room and food was on the table. Zoee gave Chase and I a grateful look, kissing our cheeks as she sat down.

“Congratulations, daughter,” I heard my mom tell Zoee as she walked over to us and sat down. “I’m very happy you are my son’s mate.” My mom gave Chase and I a sly look. “So, when can I expect grandchildren?”

“Uh, um, I’m not sure. We h-haven’t completed the m-mate bond,” Zoee told her as she stuttered and blushed.

“Mom, leave her alone. You know she’s not afraid of you, but if you keep talking about grandchildren she might be.” I looked at Kaley and Hailey. “Plus, you will have grandchildren soon, right, Hailey and Kaley?” I asked with a smirk. I, of course, was getting a glare from both of them.

I watched as my moms head snapped to Kaley first and then Hailey as their mates gulped. “You’re pregnant?”

Kaley glared at me. “Well, I…” Kaley trailed off, her face pale.

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