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Chapter 27 - Dead Dragon Walking


Draco circled his hips, causing an orgasm to hit me again. I screamed his name again. The man could definitely make love. He had my whole body tingling. He started moving quicker. I felt his hand slide down my body and to my core. He rubbed my clit, his movements speeding up even more. He circled his hips again and my walls clinched down on his cock. Both of us screamed each other’s names, collapsing on the bed afterward, Draco making sure he fell to my side. We were both on our stomachs as we tried to catch our breath.

“Damn, I think my wolf showed you too much,” I remarked, causing both of us to laugh.

“You should have seen what my dragon was putting out there. He’s definitely a pervert, but I do like some of his ideas. He wants me to take you in public.”


Kaleys POV

“Public?” I looked at the side of his face. “ I don’t think so. I’m not having sex in public for anyone,” I mumbled, my heart in my throat at the thought that Draco might want to do it.

“Don’t worry, my beautiful mate, no one is going to see your body but me,” Draco mumbled. It wasn’t long after his words that we fell asleep, draped in each other’s scent.

The next morning we were walking to the living room when I felt something off. I grabbed Draco’s hand and pulled him to the left, knowing the bad energy was coming from the kitchen, once again. I sighed, knowing I would need to call my family to me, but I wanted to see what Draco could do with his magic.

Draco stopped and looked down at me. “How do you know I can help you with this?” He asked through our mind-link.

I chuckled and stroked his cheek. “I just do,” I whispered, taking his lips in a quick kiss. I pulled him along with me until we stepped into the kitchen. The woman we had helped before had a desperate look on her face as she walked over to us. She mouthed ‘help’ to me as I nodded my head and made her go to sleep.

“We made breakfast for you,” another woman smiled as she attempted to hand us our plates.

“Oh, really,” I commented sarcastically. “In this breakfast you made us, what poisons did you put into it?” I crossed my arms over my chest, sliding my right foot back in case someone charged at me.

The woman noticed my movements and flinched. “It’s the usual ingredients for eggs, bacon, and toast.”

I looked at the plate and twirled my finger across the plate, the spell showing me poison. “Here, why don’t you take the first bite.” I waited to see what she would say. There was nothing she could say to show me she was innocent.

“Uh, no thank you.” She stared at me for a second. “I’ve already eaten this morning and I’m full.” Her stomach growled when she finished speaking.

She turned her attention to my mate and smiled up at him, a hint of lust leaked through her pores. I wanted to see what she would do, but my answer was answered quicker than I thought. “Hey, baby, do you want to go fuck?”

What the hell?

“Bitch, please, that’s my mate and isn’t interested,” I pointed out as she continued staring at him. I was ready to throw down on her. This bitch is pissing off the wrong she-wolf/ whatever else I am.

“What she said.” He pointed at me. “I’ve never been interested in you and I never will.”

“I’ll just go check with Alec and see if he wants to fuck. I’m-”

“-If you do, know my sister is not as forgiving as I am, she will beat your ass so bad you children will come out sideways,” I forcefully said, crossing my arms over my chest as I called the potions she had in pockets to me. I read them quickly and had to control my anger.

I could see her slowly reaching down in her pocket. “Looking for these?” I sang as she turned towards me.

“Yes, thank you. I need those to heal a few people. They-”

“-are to kill people, right?. Who is it you want to kill? I know what’s in these vials.” I paused and picked up something else in my pocket. “And, I know what this is, too.” I stared hard into her eyes as she squirmed. I could tell she was about to reach for something else but I was quick as I teleported over to her and knocked her hand away, effectively knocking her out in the process. I reached into her bra and pulled out another capped needle. I made sure to search her whole body as well. I didn’t want to have a surprise later.

“Guards,” Draco yelled as I jumped at his raised voice. I wasn’t expecting him to yell out but I should have been.

“You can come out now, Angel and Consittine,” I softly said. “We need to fix this woman’s mind. I know she’s tired of being spelled.” They nodded their heads and got to work as I stood up and walked over to the other ladies, teleporting the bottle of potions they had on them.

I stopped in front of them and looked into their eyes, almost taken back by the hostile look. It was as if someone had taken their humanity. It was gone. All I could see now was hate and malice. I dropped them with a sleeping spell but could tell one of them fought against it. I moved closer to smell what she was but she sprung up and swung her fist.

Again, what the hell?

It felt as if I was stuck in the movie Freaky Friday, only I was confused about what was going on. I ducked her swing and grabbed the back of her head, slamming her nose into my thigh. I heard her nose break and a strangled cry left her lips. She started coming at me harder and harder. I had had enough, so I jumped up and landed back on her neck, effectively breaking it. I turned to the rest of the room to see if everything was okay. I felt the female move against me, surprising the shit out of me. She should have been dead.

I backpedaled as quickly as I could, making room between us. How is this bitch alive? I knew my eyes showed my confusion and horror. I knew I had to do something quick or I would be gone. I concentrated on her dragon and witch. Her witch was dark. So dark. I looked at her dragon and she shied away. She let me know she didn’t want any part of the woman. She didn’t like her ideas or her craziness. I made sure to tell her to call for her Goddess. We needed to get this done quickly or someone was going to get hurt.

The Goddess showed up and clapped her hands once. All of the traitors hit the floor in seconds. She turned to look at the woman who tried to kill me. “You have not been good. You steal mates, you steal children. I don’t want your dragon, but I do now. I know someone good and pure who will hold your dragon in high eteam. One who will teach their dragon to do right and put others in front of themselves.” She turned and looked at me, a small smile on her face. I nodded my head, knowing what was expected of me. “But, you my dear, will be dead. You will not come back unless the God of humans allows you to.” I felt the dragon join my body and settle down with a sigh. I almost laughed at her silliness.

I heard the Goddess clap her hands once, killing the woman but I shook my head. I walked over and pulled her heart out with my claws. I turned and crushed it, making sure everything was torn up. I didn’t want the bitch to come back. “Sorry, Goddess, I killed her earlier but she seemed to grow stronger. I’ve never seen a dead dragon walk, so it surprised me, too. I just wanted to make sure she couldn’t come back.”

The Goddess grabbed my hand and pulled me off to the side. “Now, how about you burn this bitch?” She asked, causing me to chuckle and fire to release from my fingertips. Her body caught fire as we sat and watched. After every single piece of her was gone I stood up, stumbling to the side at the action. I felt arms surround me, keeping me steady. I looked around the room, noticing some of the kitchen was burnt, toppled over, or cracked. I used a little bit of magic to right the kitchen.

I teleported meals to all the guys who helped us. It was quiet while we ate but I could tell one of the women wanted to ask me something. She was wiggling around in her seat,, her eyes cast to me more than the others. “Ask your question,” I told her, hoping she would get over me being a witch.

“Are you really a witch? Are you a good witch? And, how long did it take you to learn how to make fire with your fingertips?”

I chuckled. “I’ve been a witch my whole life. Just like you, when you need to learn a new way to fight. I had to learn how to do my potions, too. Most of the time I don’t need them, not with as much magic as in my system.” I paused and looked around. “But, please do not say anything. It’s for my safety and yours.”

“Ours?” A man asked as tried to push himself up from the ground. “Ours,” he said again, looking between me and my mate.

“This pack is ours. She is the
Luna of the pack and I expect everyone to treat her as you would me. Nothing gets out to our enemies, understand?” He asked as he looked at each of them in the eyes.

“I understand,″ one of the dragons stated as he turned our backs to check on what everyone was doing.

“She’s been through hell.” Angel said with angry tears in her eyes. “She can’t work anywhere in the castle. He’s programmed her to open up to him every hour. He wanted to catch all the information we had on them. We will need to keep her in a cell until all of this is over with, do you understand?” I shook my head at the sad smile on her face. I walked back to the other women. I knew they would have to go to the cells, too. We needed to find out how he was spelling everyone.

I stood up and walked into my mates arms. “Take them all to the cells, but make sure they are separate, okay? Oh, and do not talk to them or look into their eyes until this mess is done with, go it?” Draco ordered the warriors. They all nodded and handcuffed the women, taking them out of the room.

“Well, then, I shall be going, too. I won’t be able to help any longer, so I wish you luck in your battle,” the Goddess confessed, a sheepish look on her face. I nodded and smiled, knowing she had helped me with everything.

“Good day, Goddess,” I softly said as I bowed low, Draco bowing with me.

A/N: Thanks for reading and I hoped you liked it. Thanks to oddball and N.Y.O.B. I know you two are the first to read everything of mine. Thank you for your comments, suggestions, and for the funny comments, too.

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